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17 May, 78 tweets, 38 min read
yoonmin au—

when their careers started, yoongi’s and jimin’s companies created a fake feud between them. yoongi and jimin have been dating in secret for years because their rivalry is too famous. after a slip-up, though, the couple will try for their fans to discover the truth. ImageImageImageImage
• idol jimin, rapper yoongi, and their contrasting aesthetics. chaotic fake rivals, secretly lovers whose fandoms hate each other.

• cliches are good. cliches are fun.

• this is a commission out of my drafts! the commissioner picked it up for me to finish writing it.
first, the official version ImageImage
🔞👀 ImageImageImage
part three ImageImageImage
the main characters ImageImage
and the fans ImageImage
they don’t like each other ImageImage
but there are some intellectuals ImageImageImage
and the third character 🐱 Image
🐱 ImageImage
evidence ImageImageImage
wake up from a dream 😔 ImageImageImage
concert ImageImageImageImage
😔 ImageImageImageImage
😤 ImageImageImage
our local yoonminie ImageImage
they believe ImageImage
rumors ImageImageImage
👀 ImageImageImage
🔥 ImageImage
but... ImageImageImage
🐱💖 ImageImageImageImage
he finished reading Image
good boys ImageImage
reactions ImageImage
💆🏻‍♂️ ImageImage
waiting ImageImage
reinforcements are here ImageImageImage
🔥🔞👀 ImageImageImage
🥺 ImageImage
✍🏻 ImageImage
hopeful ImageImage
two kind of fans: ImageImage
getting into it ImageImageImageImage
happy beans ImageImage
sorry Image
😡 ImageImage
simp Image
bad boy yoongi ImageImageImageImage
while jimin thinks, things get out of control ImageImage
in yoongi’s defense ImageImageImage
💡 Image
guidance ImageImage
he got himself in trouble ImageImage
sigh Image
they are not having it ImageImage
👀 ImageImageImageImage
🐱💖 ImageImage
our favorite yoonminie ImageImageImage
chaos ImageImageImage
and our main characters? ImageImageImage
they’re here ImageImage
kept everyone waiting ImageImageImage
confrontation Image
the results ImageImage
shocking Image
🥰 ImageImage
anticipation ImageImage
ready Image
they are here Image
we’re streaming ImageImageImage
:) ImageImage
👬 ImageImageImage
we’re back here ImageImage
part three ImageImageImageImage
🤬 ImageImageImageImage
💖 Image
😊 ImageImageImage
🐱💖🐱 ImageImage
🐱the end🐱 ImageImage
oh right, the lyrics from the songs in the au are a mash-up of part of these songs, and I changed and added some stuff to them to fit the story, but yeah, here they are if you're interested in listening to them Image

• • •

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26 Jul
yoonmin au—

yoongi works at a bakery shop, and he’s always delivering sweets to the tattoo shop next door, owned by two best friends. yoongi hopes the pair of tattoo artists aren’t together because he might be harboring a crush on the smallest of them, the one named jimin. ImageImage
• mutual pining and fluff. yoongi is shy until he's not, jimin is confident and clingy. they go on dates, they babysit, they draw on each other's skin.

• this is a commission out of my drafts. it’s an original idea and the commissioner picked it up for me to finish writing it.
Yoongi is opening the bakery shop. He hates when it’s his turn to do it because he has to leave his apartment when the sun isn’t out yet, and the cold weather leaves him in a bad mood. But, three times a week, he’s in charge of doing it. On these days, he feels sleepy and blue.
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21 Jul
whenever yoongi and jimin go on a vacation together, it works as a reminder of why they don't travel often

today's prompt is vacation, and like last year's yoonmin week, i want to write small drabbles for all of my yoonmins! so you can quote this with one of my aus, and I will write a small drabble in the same scenario: 'vacation went wrong, but we're still having a good time.'
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12 Jul
nam2seok— werewolf au

shifters mate with shifters. shifters wait for a bond to form between them before they court. shifters bond with only one person; they are monogamous creatures. so how namjoon, a werewolf, found himself courting two humans, who are already a couple? ImageImage
commission for nam2seok's side story in my werewolf au

> side established relationships in love yoonmin and taekook
> polyamorous negotiations. mutual pining. wolf pack dynamics. mature scenes.
> read the original first. it's set a month after this extra:
When Namjoon returned to his pack, after giving Yoongi and Jimin their mating gifts, he found a letter for him between Yoongi’s and Jungkook’s letters and gifts for the pack.

Jungkook and Yoongi hadn’t told him that they had written something for him, and it's sweet.
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6 Jul
taekook au—

taehyung and jungkook are part of two rival gangs, as bodyguards of two important members. they also used to be friends with benefits, but they deny it because of their rivalry. however, when their bosses start dating, jungkook and taehyung must see each other again. ImageImageImageImage
• chaotic, don't take them seriously. fluff, friends with benefits to hate sex with mutual pining to boyfriends (??)
• the softest gang au ever made is back.
• this is a commission for the taekook side story in my gang yoonmin au. read that one first:
remember them? ImageImage
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5 Jul
el lenguaje es un invento y mensajes como este es discriminación lingüística que en el fondo es xenofobia, clasismo y racismo, pero no puedes esperar que los gringos reflexionen sobre eso 😴
para las personas que nacemos en países que no son de habla inglesa, hablar ingles es un privilegio. aprender inglés y hablarlo perfectamente es un privilegio de clase, y hay un desconocimiento muy claro sobre lo que simboliza el ingles en países como los nuestros
que xuxa si escribimos el inglés mal, o si escribimos nuestros propios lenguajes "mal" el lenguaje "perfecto" y "correcto" es solo una estructura de poder para dividir mas a las personas. y mensajes como este lo que buscan es dividir a los autores que no hablamos ingles "bien".
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