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17 May, 6 tweets, 2 min read
Men are werewolves
As an escort, I'd have dinner with an intelligent, perceptive man - ceo or something - and I'd think, no way he's a werewolf. When we end up in bed, he'll remain himself, conscious, alert.
But no; they transformed every time into an unrecognizable sex creature.
It was really startling for me. I thought I'd get some kind of continuity between the man and the wolf. I thought at least some men wouldn't have wolves at all. I've had sex with a lot of women, and they don't become wolves! But the men became different, felt different.
It was as if their soul left their body, like the perception and intelligence vanished, and they went from a competent suited wallstreet king to a sweaty, slightly pink body hungrily groping you, eyes half lidded, breathing heavy "baby you like that?" directly in your ear.
It's insane. And don't get me wrong - I did enjoy some werewolves - but all of them transform, and the transformations are more startling in men who have to present as a nonsexual to the public. The ones that act as though they've never thought of sex - those are radical shifts.
Being an escort has given me the werewolf eye - every politician, philanthropist, celebrity looking sane and in control, they're just a few short steps away from tit-induced mania. Inside all of them is a flushed man hammering away at a vagina like an autistic kid building legos.
Comedian masturbates in front of coworker? Philanthropist pursues aid? Politician cheats on wife? These aren't abnormal, they are par for the course; little, slightly-more-visible blips in the giant undercurrent of men's repressed sexuality, only newsworthy cause we're in denial.

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1 Apr
ok so i just watched 50 Shades of Grey for the first time and im about to belatedly contribute to The Discourse despite having read none of it : a thread
Christian, a billionaire, falls for Anastasia, a hardware store shelf stocker. This is unrealistic and also unattractive; why is Christian falling for her? I assume he must be lame somehow which is why he can't get more successful women who are his own equal.
But probably this is why it appeals to the 'average joesephina'; a billionaire would never fall for a store clerk, so this is precisely why the movie is appealing.
anyway he then gets obsessive/stalkery in classic Twilight-esque fashion
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27 Mar
The woke people will hate you for disagreeing; we gotta combat this by accepting them despite disagreeing. When they ban you from their circles, let them into yours (given they are respectful and don't insult). Treat them with kindness, don't fight their hate with hate.
and likewise, when the woke eat their own, offer support for the outcast woke, don't mock them with 'payback's a bitch'.
Be like yeah, we know, we've been through it and it sucks. We have a place for you here and you don't even have to believe what we do; just have compassion.
Cause this isn't sustainable if your goal is to suppress and shut up the woke, even if they want to do that to you. If the goal is to reach them, connect to them as humans, you have to remember the purpose is communication, not dominance. Kindness, not winning.
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21 Mar
I'm sorry I'm still not over the massage parlor shootings. This guy explicitly targeted sex workers, both his stated motive and every piece of evidence points to this, yet the discourse is almost entirely about general anti-Asian hate crimes.…
It's infuriating. Sex workers are marginalized by society, prohibited from financial services, put in literal jail, often don't have another choice of employment, and when they get slaughtered, what happens? People focus on another common factor and pretend it was due to THAT.
I am really enraged. Absolutely furious. Even if asian-ness *was* a factor, which it easily might not have been (not all killed were asian, asians tend to populate easily-accessible massage parlors, and he could have easily targeted non-sex-work asians),
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20 Mar
this might come as a shock but I feel kinda uncomfortable talking too directly about sex and what arouses me to the public, and I'm not fully sure why. Some theories:
1 latent sexual shame that can only handle being publicly sexual when it's clearly compartmentalized
2 fear people will lie to me to make me think we're sexually compatible
3 i haven't seen other ppl do it yet
4 people might actually arouse me and thus have control over me (??)
But I also have a desire *to* be totally sexually open. There's a lil deep part of me that feels confused when intimacy has boundaries, like if I'm afraid of showing people something in myself then I'm afraid of seeing the same thing in them, which doesn't feel like love.
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17 Mar
As a general rule, I assume that racism is probably not a motivation for most things.
Not that it *can't* be, only that it's culturally inflated to the point where I automatically adjust downwards.
There's *lots* of other often-worse motivations for things that aren't racism.
Like, I think a lot of what's perceived as racism would be more accurately described as:
*cultural bias
*religious fear
*unintended outcomes of innocent upstream things
*gender role problems
And to reiterate - this doesn't mean I don't think racism exists. I think it absolutely does, where it does it's horribly damaging to the people who suffer from it, and we shouldn't dismiss racism as "oh it's just classism or something" in cases where this isn't true.
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24 Feb
Lots of ppl hate sex workers, which sometimes tempts me to underplay the negative aspects of my job - stuff they'd use to reinforce their position.
But me being dishonest about my reality also reinforces them. I have much more hope in persistent, nuanced honesty.
I want to have the strength to look into the face of someone who hates what I represent and go "you're not wrong about xyz". It's really hard to do! But it's a demonstration that you're treating their mind with respect, that you're not trying to weasel anything into their head.
And the best way to change someone's mind or allow your mind to be changed by them is to demonstrate that you're not enemies and you won't hurt them, that you will refuse to use dishonesty or manipulation to advance your own position, that you want the truth to destroy one of you
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