Correct. Of course, conflation of the left & the devil goes back centuries but the 1960s counterculture provoked a massive recrudescence of this type of paranoia. And the charismatic movement, starting in the late 1950s, was the seedbed of the 70s Christian backlash.
And, the Charismatic movement traces back, in turn, to the dual [faith] healing and renewal (or revival) movements of the late 1940s, within American Christianity. One thing that's very striking about magazines from the Healing movement - they were obsessed with UFOs.
Both movements were characterized by outbreaks of mass hysteria, which makes all the more sense given the bottled up stresses of the great depression followed by WW2, then the nuclear age (of anxiety) and the Cold War.
In context, hysterical release wasn't so unreasonable.
The charismatic movement, and it's evil twin the satanic panic phenomenon (which continues to this day) were in considerable part related to the dominant culture's feverish embrace of modernity at all cost.
Much of right-wing (Christianity dominated) American political culture projected all darkness (imagined, its own, whatever) onto the USSR & global communism which along w/hippies, feminism, drug culture, rock & roll, etc. all got imagined into a feverish, inchoate demonic mess.
And so it goes.

• • •

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17 May
Amy Coney Barrett's People of Praise cult has literally claimed its members can learn to raise the dead - as in magically reanimate corpses. This screen shot is from the People of Praise website, 2008
2) Barrett has been identified as Catholic, but that's misleading, based on this archived web page. The Catholic Church does not promote these ideas. They come out of the 3rd Wave (of the Holy Spirit) movement, a hyper-charismatic variant of Christianity estimated, by 2000...
3) encompass some 295 million believers globally. Out of the 3rd Wave has arisen the New Apostolic Reformation movement, which is an effort to organize the anarchic 3rd Wave tendency.

There's something else you should know too...
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13 May
Trump's ability to assert obvious lies -through ceaseless repetition, in the face of obvious evidence to the contrary- resonates so strongly with American Christian religious zealots because it is the apotheosis of "presuppositionalism"; let me tell you about this very fancy word
This big, obscure word is *essential* to understanding what's been happening, in politics, to America over the last 4 decades. Here's what it means (there are 2 branches of definitions of the word. We'll follow the Cornelius Van Til definition...
3. Van Til was a somewhat prominent theologian (to the extent a theologian can be). I can can guarantee his ideas have touched you life, if you know it or not. To quoth Wikipedia, Presuppositionalism means, "that the Christian must at all times presuppose...
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12 May
This is part of an historic pattern going back many decades, in which certain US military personnel (retired & current) have promoted conspiracy theories that undermine & attack the legitimacy of the US government.
In the 60s, General Edwin Walker was fired by Kennedy for indoctrinating his troops with John Birch Society propaganda. In the 1980s, anti-government propaganda helped launch the militia movement. In the 1990s, Colonel (Ret.) E.H. Ammerman promoted the idea that the Clintons...
3)..were in the Illuminati (Hillary outranked Bill) & in league with Satan. They were going to sign over US sovereignty to the UN, after which Chinese, German & UN troops would enslave the American people & Mexicans would rampage across the border raping & killing.
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11 May
America was built on the tears of starvation wages. Plus Rock and Roll power chords. And tons of cheap cheese.
America was built on Pinkertons machine-gunning striking coal miners.
America was built on the rape of a continent, upon slavery, prison labor, and the crunch of police batons cracking skulls.
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10 May
Let me add some of my own perspective. I've studied American Protestant evangelical leadership, esp. through elite formations such as "The Gathering","The Fellowship", & the "Faith Angle Forum" (all interrelated.) With Trump, there came a very sharp rift. A substantial minority..
2)..who were horrified, for reasons both strategic & tactical, by Trump' overt racism & overt lying, broke w/the Trumpists. Many of the top intellectuals left with this minority faction. They did not necessarily cede the long term project of global Christian hegemony...
3)..but are deeply aware that overt racism is highly toxic to the project, because the demographic weight of world Christianity has, for over a half century now, been shifting to the Global South. Its future lies in Africa, Asia, and South America. Overt racism is a non-starter.
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5 May
Hmm... this bit from my extended thread almost exactly 1 year before the attempted "Capital coup" is even more interesting in retrospect, with Federals now investigating an Oath Keepers conspiracy in the coup attempt.
2) And also that the head of the Oath Keepers was in direct phone contact w/the VP of CSPOA on January 5th, and stated "we have no choice. We're in a war. He needs to see the reality, he's in a war and it's better to wage it while he's the Commander-In-Chief..."
3) A subsequent visual investigation from the New York Times showed the Oath Keepers head was in close proximity, multiple times, to members the organized Oath Keeper squad that, military style, breached the Capitol.
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