ACAB Daily Digest (May 19, 2021)🧵

[No charges to be filed in Elizabeth City, NC against death squad that executed Andrew Brown, Jr. there in April.]
Related | Andrew Brown's tire as he plainly and unmistakably tried to steer away from the death squad that murdered him after he had already passed them.

#CopsLie Image
CN: dv, domestic, abuse, police, pigs

Former #LiveLeak "star" cop charged for attacking a DV victim in Georgetown, TX | "We don't get your cooperation — this is what happens," Hernandez said at one point.… [h/t @ethanbrown72]
New Orleans, LA | "troopers were [seen] stunning, punching and dragging a Black man as he apologized for leading them on a high-speed chase... [they] initially told (Ronald) Greene’s family he died on impact after crashing into a tree."… [h/t @ethanbrown72]
#CopsLie | "A review of police killings in California showed that law enforcement spokespeople frequently publish highly misleading or sometimes false information about the people they have killed." [by @SamTLevin]…
Latoya James. Murdered by police in Woodbine, Georgia earlier this month within 11 seconds of police raiding her cousin's home at 4:45AM. |
Palestine (#PalestineGeneralStrike) | ‘We are united as a people’: Palestinians celebrate a historic strike, urge supporters to ‘keep momentum going’ [by @yumna_patel]… #GeneralStrike
#PigTech: The USPS | "iCOP’s intelligence bulletins are entered into the intelligence sharing portal of the Department of Homeland Security, where they are disseminated to law enforcement, government, task forces and DHS fusion centers..."…
[Update] San Diego, CA | "An attorney has agreed to represent a homeless Black man (Jesse Evans) who was punched and arrested by two San Diego police officers in La Jolla last week,"…
[UPDATE] Modesto, CA | "'The car was still rolling and he wasn’t driving and the cop shot him...' It took the sheriff’s office almost 15 hours to release details that there were five teens in the car. “There was no reason, we all had our hands in the air.”…
15 hours later, we learn pigs in Modesto shot into a car full of teenagers with their hands up - in a car already immobilized by a PIT maneuver - sending a 17 year old boy to critical care. Original story:

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21 May
ACAB Daily Digest (May 21, 2021)🧵

[📽️h/t @nagawingz]
Palestine | "for the Palestinian struggle, the uprising in what is called for short “48” is one of the most important developments over the past two weeks."… #PalestineGeneralStrike #GeneralStrike #PalestineWins #FreePalestine #FromTheRiverToTheSea
Seattle, WA | "Stops for government-created requirements like car tabs, with nothing but a potential monetary penalty, do not justify the risk to community or to officers," Judge wrote.…
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20 May
ACAB Daily Digest (May 20, 2021)

(Happy belated birthday to Malcolm X [May 19th])
El Salvador (as Bukele's fascist regime concentrates power [and dispenses it eagerly to police and military - while boasting smugly about days without homicides], a serial killer cop has been at work in Chalchuapa):
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20 May
from the river to the sea, you fucking cowards
For USians, this is akin to making a solidarity statement with George Floyd protesters saying "we have nothing to lose but our chains," then retracting just that phrase because a bunch of actual cops hector you about the quote being made famous by Assata Shakur.

Pure cowardice.
If you don't support the inverse of the apartheid regime, I don't know if you can actually say you do "stand in solidarity" with Palestinians? Not my call to make, but it seems obviously antithetical to liberation to me.
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19 May
The for-some-reason unnamed, one-sided source of this story coming out of Los Angeles... Image
I don't know what happened based on the interestingly-edited videos that conveniently all begin en media res, but I did some digging when I started seeing these reports this morning to try to parse how this story was placed in local news and now RawStory.
2017 | "The Israeli-American Coalition for Action... is the lobbying arm of the Israeli-American Coalition, which is backed by wealthy anti-Palestinian donors Adam Milstein and Las Vegas casino magnate Sheldon Adelson."…
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19 May
tech is really bringing people together... ImageImage
1.) Citizen: crime app falsely accused a homeless man of starting a wildfire…
2.) "The (Facebook-owned) WhatsApp groups, with names like “The Jewish Guard” and “The Revenge Troops,” have added hundreds of new members a day over the past week..."…
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24 Jan
CN: police violence, car attack, vehicle attack, mass casualty event, pigs

Different angle on the lethal use of force in Tacoma last night that shows sirens were not engaged at all.
The pig sounded the flat horn once or twice before attempting to murder everyone in his path over fear of a window, but that is not a "siren" in popular understanding - as the police PIO lied about here:
Anyway, BREAKING! #Copslie.
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