#Ukraine was a "Nexus" Image
Eric Ciaram-lla

Alexandra Chulpa

Joseph Misfud

Devon Archer

Maria Yovanovitch

Hunter B-den

John McCain

John Kerry

George Soros
#DemocratCorruptionNetworks were Scared Sh-tless as Trump was pushing for an Investigation into the Corruption Deals linked to the Obama-Soros Coup in Ukraine

(Everyone gets Paid Out) Image
2004 #ColorRevolution (Bush)


Fall 2013 #EuroMaiden Coup (Obama)

Nuland Networks at State Department Image
Obama assigned the Ukraine Portfolio to Biden

This was before Biden's brain went to mush

Biden was deeply involved in the Corruption Nexus that emerged from the Ukraine Coup Image
Ukraine is a Corrupt Country in the Best of Times

Coups are Messy Business

Coups are Very Messy when they are on the border of Russia and include a strategic Naval Base in Crimea
There are very powerful networks on BOTH sides of the aisle (and across the pond) that favored striking back against Russia

The Ukraine Coup was the chosen Op
Investigating the Corrupt Dealings that were involved in the Coup would expose the Biden Family Corruption, the Common Corruption Practice of the DC Swamp, and many deeply connected into the #InternationalBankingCartel

Red Flags went OFF when Trump started to poke around
The Prosecutor that was Targeted by Biden (and other Democrat and European networks) was NOT just a threat to Biden's Son (Hunter), but he was a threat to the broader corruption nexus used to orchestrate the Coup and Carve Up the Pie post Coup.
The #Soros Networks had extraordinary influence inside the Obama Presidency and Deep State Operatives were able to Hide and Sabotage many parts of the Trump Agenda

Obama's State Dept worked to Protect #Soros networks

"US Embassy pressed Ukraine to drop probe of George Soros"
Russia was forced to move on Crimea to secure their strategic Naval Base

And following the Coup Russia has supported destabilization Ops in Eastern Ukraine with an eye towards a Secure Land Route into Crimea Image
The World is a Mess

Our European Partners Refuse to Pay Into the NATO Alliance and Germany is expanding the #NaturalGas dependence on Russia via the #NordStream2 Project
The America First Foreign Policy Bias requires Our Partners to ACT LIKE PARTNERS

It requires strategic Ops to have CLEAR BENEFITS to the American People and our primary National Security networks around the world

• • •

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