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yoonmin au—

yoongi hosts a university radio show where he gives romantic advice. he’s known around campus for his sensitivity, yet jimin, his roommate, doesn’t buy it. he knows -more than anyone- that yoongi is bad at relationships until a call to his show changes everything. ImageImage
• fluff and bantering. friends to lovers. very oblivious. very very oblivious. you will probably get mad with how bad at feelings these two are.

• this is a commission out of my drafts. it’s an original idea, and the commissioner picked it up for me to finish writing it.
A large cup of coffee. A comfortable sweater on Jimin’s body. His laptop. And this notes. That’s all he needs while he studies in the university’s cafeteria.

Jimin checks the hour, seven pm. He wonders if he should return home and study there but decides against it in the end.
Without noticing it, he opens a new tab. He enters the Communication and Media Faculty page, but before he can search for the link he wants, Jimin overhears a conversation next to him. He wasn’t paying attention, but he heard a word that made him glance at the table next to him.
“Why don’t you put Min Yoongi’s show?” Jimin stares at his screen.

Next to Jimin, three girls are studying as well. “You’re gonna get distracted,” another girl says.

“Come on. Yoongi sunbae sounds like the voice-over in a lo-fi song; it’s soothing, and it helps me study."
Jimin raises an eyebrow. “I'll write faster, plus there's always new gossip on his show.”

“As long as you don't get distracted. Where do I look for the show? In the university’s webpage?”

“No. It’s on the Communication & Media Faculty page.” Jimin closes the tab he had opened.
How unlucky, now he'll have to overhear Yoongi's show.

Jimin is typing when a faint voice reaches him. A voice he’s more than familiar with after many mornings of hearing him groggily complain about needing coffee. “I know most of you are trying to stay awake before midterms-”
The girls are not using headphones, they're just listening to Yoongi's show with a low volume, but Jimin is close enough to catch him. He speaks even lower than usual during his show. “But love doesn't take a break during exams season, and we have a long queue of couple drama."
So stupid. Yoongi's show has the most idiotic concept ever. "Stay tuned because we’ll start reading your comments after a pause, and later tonight, we'll reach your new favorite segment. The call advisor. You can call on the number that appears on the Faculty's webpage."
"Now that the sun has set, remember that falling in love feels both like sleeping and being awake. I’m Min Yoongi, and you’re listening to passager in transit,” Yoongi mumbles before a song starts.

Jimin rolls his eyes at the stupid logline from Yoongi’s foolish show.
Jimin raises the laptop's volume, so his headphones can filter the sounds from outside in favor of his playlist.

The girls next to him don’t change Yoongi’s radio show, and even if Jimin went onto the Faculty's webpage some minutes ago, he isn't in the mood of hearing Yoongi.
He's never in the mood. But especially not right now when he has a text from him saying he forgot to do the dishes. Again.

Yoongi is an excellent roommate; for the most part, he's quiet, and he cooks, and he's organized and funny, but he does drive Jimin crazy sometimes.
Jimin met Yoongi through a mutual friend. Jungkook confessed to Yoongi's best friend through the comment option in his show because he didn't know a better way to reach Hoseok. It was when the show had just started.

Jimin has seen the way (college) fame has changed Min Yoongi.
Jimin went from seeing Yoongi excited about having ten listeners to helping Yoongi get ready to do an interview about hosting a successful radio show. They became roommates at some point in the middle of that.

And now that he's famous, he always forgets to do the dishes.
And Jimin has gotten to know him more than anyone, and he knows Yoongi shouldn't even be hosting a love advice show. He hasn't gotten laid in months! Never manages to score a second date! Nothing. In theory, he might talk nicely, but in practice, the man is a mess!
Of course, some minutes later, when the words on his laptop stop making sense, Jimin doesn't take off his headphones to hear the radio show. It's just a coincidence that the girls next to him haven't changed Yoongi's station.

Sadly, Jimin catches Yoongi giving advice.
“I think you have to be honest with your feelings," Yoongi is almost whispering. Always saying clichés. "I understand you don't want to break up, but you must communicate those doubts to your partner. If they understand your worries, it'll make your relationship stronger.”
Jimin laughs to himself; Yoongi sure has a lot to say for someone who never dates and who hasn’t had a serious relationship in years. However, Yoongi continues talking about being honest with one’s feelings, and Jimin tries to focus on his paper even if it’s hard.
One of the girls listening laughs too, but it’s different from Jimin’s laughter; it’s even shy. “He must be such a good boyfriend,” she wonders out loud.

Her friend looks up just as Jimin tenses. “I don’t trust any man, no matter how nice his words are or how nice his voice is.”
The other girl laughs, and a third one adds, “but Yoongi Sunbaenim seems different. Aside from the voice that gives him most of the appeal, he’s totally husband material.”

Jimin raises an eyebrow unconsciously, shocked by the statement.

“Husband? Not just boyfriend?”
“You have to listen to him. That man is all for commitment to one person; he’s not here to play.” Jimin wonders why they think that. He wonders if those girls know him in person.

“Yes! I agree! He always has something to say, and he’s so gentle and in touch with his emotions.”

The first girl speaks again. “I’ve never had a boyfriend who said let’s sit down and talk about our feelings like he suggests on the show.”

The third girl sighs, and Jimin supports her. “Maybe that's because you only date idiots. My ex-girlfriends knew how to talk.”
"Oh, come on! Just because they were girls didn't mean you haven't dead idiots too! Do I need to remind you-" The first girl retaliates. Jimin starts playing his music again; he doesn't want to overhear anymore.

The girls are laughing, but Jimin keeps thinking about Yoongi.
Yoongi has tricked everyone in this University, but Jimin knows the truth. He knows Yoongi better. Yoongi is not husband material, nor boyfriend material. He just has a sexy voice, and that's it.

Around the time the show ends, Jimin gathers his stuff and leaves the cafeteria.
Jimin is hugging himself because it’s cold. With comfortable grey sweatpants, messy hair, and carrying his laptop, Jimin is an examplar college student. He walks to the campus’ exit to go home, but he takes the long route, taking a turn near the Communication and Media faculty.
When he walks past the building, Jimin crosses paths with Yoongi leaving the radio studio. Unfortunate coincidence! Yoongi is just walking outside, drowning in a black sweatshirt, face covered with a black mask.

"Jimin!” Yoongi calls out his name once they see each other.
Jimin stops walking because it's impossible to ignore him when he called Jimin's name. “Hyung,” Jimin murmurs, but Yoongi is too far away to hear him.

Jimin waits for him to catch up, and once they’re standing next to the other, they nod before they start walking together.
“Aren’t you cold?” Yoongi asks. "That shirt looks thin."

“I had coffee, and that kept me warm. I was heading home already.”

Yoongi tsks and searches for something on his backpack. “Here. I have a scarf.” Yoongi gets very cold, so he always carries them around.
"But you have to give it back."

"I always give them back!" Jimin complains.

"Last time you didn't, and I had to take it from your room."

"You walked into my room?" Jimin whines, but Yoongi ignores him, and he takes a step closer to wraps Jimin in the blue scarf.
After smelling it, Jimin pulls it away. It stinks of Yoongi's cologne. “You're coming back from studying?” Yoongi pulls his face mask down his face, revealing rosy cheeks.

“Yup. I was working on an essay, but I got your text and didn’t want to get back to the apartment.”
“I didn't feel like seeing your mess in the sink. If I saw it, I would want to wash, and I’m not doing your duties.” Jimin glares at him. “Not again.”

Yoongi chuckles, making his cheeks look fuller around the face mask on his chin. “Damn, you caught me. That was the tactic.”
“I was counting on how much it upsets you to see dirty dishes.”

“I knew that was your tactic, but it’s your turn this week. And I’m a very strict roommate.”

Yoongi sighs before offering Jimin a gentle smile. Jimin looks away and waits for Yoongi to lift his face mask again.
They return to their tiny home, and Yoongi says he will prepare dinner for Jimin as reparation for attempting to trick Jimin into cleaning. “Okay, I can get behind that.”

Jimin sits on their kitchen table, and Yoongi gets to work. “You’re on a lucky day, Park Jimin.”

“Am I?”
“We have everything to make kimchi jjigae,” Yoongi says when he closes the fridge.

Jimin smiles widely. “That sounds good. Yours is almost as good as my mom’s,” Jimin admits with a happy sigh. “I’ll help with the dishes while you cook!” Jimin offers, suddenly in a good mood.
Yoongi stares at him when Jimin stands up, and then he breaks into bright laughter. "What?"

“That was another tactic,” Yoongi admits.

It takes a moment for Jimin to notice that in the end, he's cleaning dishes for Yoongi. “Ah! You’re so annoying!” Jimin complains.
Even if Jimin pouts and Yoongi laughs, Jimin cleans the dishes with Yoongi cooking next to him. Jimin thinks of the girls saying Yoongi could be a good boyfriend -husband- and he can't believe it. Yoongi is so cruel.

"Is this good, Jimin?" Yoongi offers him a little spoon.
Jimin opens his mouth, and Yoongi sighs before feeding him. Jimin hums after tasting the stew, Yoongi is a great cook, but he always needs Jimin's advice. "More salt, hyung," Jimin mumbles with a low voice. Yoongi nods and follows Jimin's suggestion. "It's good."

When they sit down to eat, Jimin stuffs himself with rice and talks while chewing because he knows it makes Yoongi upset. “I heard your show tonight.”

Yoongi doesn't look at Jimin; he just sips from his soup. “You did?”

“Well, someone was listening to it, so I overheard.”
“You gave crappy advice," JImin says.

Yoongi puts his bowl down on the table. “Under what criteria do you think you have a saying on the quality of my love advice?" Jimin rolls his eyes at Yoongi's words. "Am I supposed to believe you would give better advice than me?”

Yoongi looks at Jimin with a blank face before glancing at his bowl. “Impossible. You give the worse relationship advice.”

They have this conversation a lot. “How do you know that?”

“You do. You're terrible at anything love-related,” Yoongi says and steals Jimin's rice.
"I’ve dated more people than you,” Jimin counters.

“And everyone you've dated since I've known you have dumped you.”

Jimin gasps. “Rude! And everyone dumps you too.”

Yoongi looks at Jimin in disbelief. “Twice. It only happened twice. I'm usually the dumper, not the dumped!"
Jimin shrugs. "You just take a step back before they can reject you because you don't want to get rejected."

"Since when are you studying psychology? I thought performing arts was your major."

"Since when you're studying cliche relationship counseling? Your major is music."
Yoongi scrunches his nose, and he even puts his hand in a fist, and Jimin feels content and how much he has annoyed him. “Can we have dinner in peace for one week? Just one week, please. I won’t give you food if you disrespect me like this.”

“Alright, I'll stay quiet.”
They have dinner in peace, and Jimin talks about midterms and everything he has to do. As usual, talking to Yoongi distracts him so much that time flies by quickly. Finally, when Jimin sees the hour, he sighs, thanks Yoongi for the great food, and says he’ll take a shower.
Jimin takes long in the shower, and by the time he walks outside, damp hair and a loose blue shirt too big on his frame -probably he stole it from Yoongi long ago, but he doesn’t remember anymore. He’s distracted with his phone, and his chest clashes with something—someone.
He runs into a sleepy Yoongi, who is now pretending to wince while rubbing his arm, acting as if Jimin hurt him deeply. “Oops, sorry,” Jimin apologizes. It wasn’t an intense clash but nonetheless.

“It’s fine. I thought you were out of the shower and sleeping already."
“It’s late,” Yoongi murmurs while looking at Jimin’s body. “Your hair is wet, and now you’re going to sleep with wet hair, and you might catch a cold.”

Jimin purses his lips. “It’s late, and you’re awake.”

“I don’t have a midterm deadline early tomorrow,” Yoongi says.
Jimin groans at the reminder. “You’re right. I should probably be in bed.”

“You should go to bed. But dry your hair first.” Yoongi doesn’t wait for Jimin to say anything; he just leans and grabs the towel around Jimin’s shoulders so he can ruffle Jimin's hair and dry it.
"Don’t do that!" Jimin starts whining, grabbing Yoongi's wrists. "It makes my hair look horrible!”

"You can add product tomorrow. You’ll get sick if you sleep like this.”

Jimin sighs and lets Yoongi do what he wants. He takes a step away with a pout once Yoongi finishes.
“Good night, Yoongi hyung.”

“Night," Yoongi says, but none of them move. Yoongi scratches his neck. "Hey, in case I don’t get to see you tomorrow in the morning because I’ll probably be sleeping. Good luck in your midterms."

Jimin beams at him. “Good luck to you too.”
Jimin closes the door of his room and sighs. He should have told Yoongi that he’ll never get a boyfriend if he acts like a worried father around everyone. It's not attractive at all.
When Jimin wakes up, he has to hurry to get to campus on time, but he prepares coffee for Yoongi. Because he looked sleepy yesterday and because Jimin prepares coffee for Yoongi whenever he looks tired (every day). Yoongi should sleep better; he doesn't take care of himself.
Jimin prints his essay and curses his teaches for asking for a physical version of something that he could give in only in digital. And once he leaves it on the teacher's desk, Jimin flails. Officially midterms have started for him, and he's not ready for it at all.
He and Yoongi study together during the weekend. Yoongi sits on the table and Jimin on the couch of their apartment. They work in silence, and Yoongi prepares food for them, and Jimin forces Yoongi to take a break at some point before he stresses himself too much.
Yoongi only has three exams, while Jimin has five (he already gave his essay on Friday). But they spend all Saturday night playing video games even though they'll regret it a lot on Monday.

"You'll still host the show on Thursday?" Jimin wonders. "During midterms week?"

They stare at each other. "Don't say love doesn't take a break during midterms; that was such a shitty line."

Yoongi snorts. "I thought it was good. I finish exams on Wednesday, so I'm all good. You?"

"On Friday," Jimin sighs. "One each day, as if I was in high school again."
Yoongi grimaces. "Terrible."

"I won't be able to celebrate your last midterm; you'll have to wait until Friday when I'm free, and then we can celebrate together."

"That sounds good," Yoongi mumbles. "We should go get fancy coffee instead of the crap you prepare."

The first day of midterms goes by quickly. On Wednesday, after Yoongi's exam, Jimin picked him up from his classroom and walked home together. But then Yoongi went out with his friends, and Jimin stayed studying.

For some reason, he started Thursday in a bad mood.
“Listen to Yoongi’s show today,” Hoseok says as he sits next to Jimin in the grass outside the Performing Arts faculty.

Jimin puts down his phone and squints his eyes. The sun is too bright for a winter’s day. Midterm's curse. “Why would I do that when I have an exam tomorrow?”
“I was in the queue for an oral exam, waiting for my turn, and I heard someone in class saying they were going to call tonight with the biggest drama ever."

Jimin snorts. “I don’t care about someone else’s drama. Especially not during midterms. I care about our project.”
“But hear me out, it’s so complicated, they believe Yoongi won’t have an answer.-”

At that, Jimin turns to see Hoseok. He bites on his lower lip. “He won’t have an answer?”


Jimin is quiet. “That would be the first time he doesn’t have any advice,” he whispers.
“And that will be fun, wouldn’t it? You’ve said you always wanted that. To expose him for being a fake love whisperer that has tricked everyone.” Hoseok lies down on the grass. Jimin thinks it’d be fun too. He’d think it’d be funny if more people find out the truth behind Yoongi.
How will people react when they find out their relaxed, mature, and intelligent radio host doesn’t have much relationship experience and was dumped. Twice. However, at the same time, Jimin doesn’t want someone to make Yoongi uncomfortable since his show brings much joy to him.
He might feel awkward if he doesn’t have an answer.

Even if Jimin likes to joke about everyone finding out Yoongi’s fake ass, he doesn’t want Yoongi to feel bad. “Stand up, hyung; let’s go for lunch before going to the library. We need to finish that project for tomorrow.”
They almost finish the project until Jungkook comes and clings onto Hoseok, distracting him. In the end, Jimin decides they'll revise it in the morning. When they part ways, Hoseok beams at him while Jungkook nods. “Don’t forget to listen to Yoongi’s radio show!”
Jimin is working on the last bits of the project in his room, but he keeps dozing off. A week of exams has been rough. When he checks the hour, he sees Yoongi’s show is about to start. Jimin tunes in, but after some minutes, he falls asleep because Yoongi’s voice is soothing.
In the end, Jimin doesn’t listen to the show, and he doesn't find out about the drama.

Jimin walks out of his room when he hears Yoongi opening the door of their apartment. Jimin scratches his tummy, watching Yoongi take off his coat and shoes. He doesn’t seem in a good mood.
Jimin glances at him, worried. “You good?”

“Yeah, I'm good." Yoongi points at the kitchen. "I’m going to skip dinner. Is that okay?” They stare at the other, and Yoongi grimaces. “Fuck. I should have told you before so you wouldn’t have waited for me.”

“It’s fine, hyung.”
"I won't have to pretend I like your horrible food tonight," Jimin teases, but Yoongi doesn't roll his eyes nor argue back. He just chuckles.

“There’s leftover rice from yesterday, I think,” Yoongi says.

Something is definitely up with him. “Okay. I’ll heat it," Jimin murmurs.
Jimin watches Yoongi walk past him to reach his room, and Jimin opens his mouth, lifts his hand to grab Yoongi's sleeve and stop him but then puts his hand down against his body. “You sure you don’t want something? Maybe tea”

Yoongi doesn't even look at Jimin. “No, I’m good.”
“Ah, well, I’m going to be here studying,” Jimin says.

Yoongi nods and closes the door of his room. Jimin doesn’t say anything, but he prepares coffee before Yoongi wakes up in the morning. Jimin even prepares him a quick sandwich and leaves a tangerine next to it.
“I think it was the first time he didn’t give advice.”

Jimin is revising what Hoseok wrote for their project when he hears some people talking in the study room. Jimin glances at them, a girl and two boys, to tell them to keep quiet, but what he hears afterward makes him mute.
“I was studying while listening, and I thought my laptop broke because the sound stopped, and then I realized he has just gone quiet!” The boy chuckles.

“How weird. I thought Sunbae would scold them like usual and be like- ‘Have you told this person all this?’”
The kid makes a terrible impression of Yoongi. “Or say something like ‘the most important key to romantic love is communication,’ but he stayed quiet!”

“I wonder why he didn’t say anything.”

“He said something! He muttered about not having any good advice for the person.”
Jimin can’t believe what he’s listening to right now. Yoongi admitted during one of his radio shows that he couldn’t advise a person. Something that has never happened before!

“You know what it seemed to me? He got flustered.”

The girl perks up. “You felt that too?”
“Yeah, he did!”

Jimin doesn’t know who is saying what. “I feel like he went through a similar situation, and that’s why he got so shy.”

The girl laughs. “Hey, that’s very sweet! But, he never talks about his previous relationships. So, I wonder if he even likes someone.”
Jimin turns around, wanting to listen more clearly and wanting to ask them what exactly happened in Yoongi’s show, but the group of friends is already leaving the study room, and Jimin is left with questions.

They were just coming up with theories. But Yoongi was in a bad mood.
Jimin can't believe he fell asleep and didn't listen to it.

Someone had an anecdote that left Yoongi speechless, and it was so bad people are theorizing about it. Jimin is curious about the call because what kind of love dilemma could make people wonder about Yoongi's love life?
Jimin wants to know why Yoongi was dumbfounded, and he goes onto the Communication & Media faculty’s page to see if he can still listen to the show, but there’s no way to access old radio shows. It only says to wait for next week's show. Jimin sighs, but he’s not defeated.
He sends Hoseok a text, asking if he heard Yoongi’s show. Hoseok replies with a pervy face, and Jimin says he didn’t listen to it, to which Hoseok replies with a crying face. Jimin asks him what the drama was that left Yoongi with no answer. But Hoseok stops responding.
After a minute, Hoseok tells him he's finishing his part of the project, reminding Jimin that he has something more important to focus on at the moment. Then, Hoseok sends another text saying they should finish soon because he has a date with Jungkook, and Jimin sighs.
Jimin gives up with Hoseok as his source of gossip, and he considers asking Yoongi what happened during the show, but knowing his roommate, he’ll probably pretend as nothing happened. Yesterday, he didn’t tell Jimin why he was in a bad mood, so maybe he's embarrassed.
When Jimin remembers Yoongi might still be feeling bad, he opens Twitter, searches for a kitten video, and sends it to Yoongi.

Yoongi replies with a smiley face, and Jimin isn’t sure that’s enough. Jimin is about to ask him if everything is okay, but Yoongi starts typing.
Jimin doesn’t get a message, though; Yoongi sends a selfie. He's at a store, wearing a beanie, and he has a pimple on his cheek, and he’s pouting, and Jimin is very endeared. Yoongi says the cashier machine broke down in their closest convenience store, and he's in a long queue.
Jimin stares at the photo a bit too long, and then he takes a selfie himself to send Yoongi. He pouts, too, and takes three just in case. Then, he sends his favorite one and waits for an answer. Jimin feels self-conscious when he gets no response; maybe he looked ugly.
Jimin stares at the 'seen' sign under his photo, his face looks silly, and he has eye bags. Perhaps he should have used a filter or edited a bit before sending it, or maybe he should have smiled- a notification from Yoongi stops his thoughts. “Cute!” And then a thumbs up.
Jimin smiles at the comment even if the thumbs up is the most awkward yet the most Yoongi thing Jimin has ever seen. Yoongi's following text says: “Good luck. I'm buying beer to celebrate your last exam.” Jimin sighs when he reads Yoongi’s message. He needs to finish the project.
He doesn’t know if he should ask Yoongi about the show, Jimin doesn’t have time to distract himself, and he doesn’t know if Yoongi wants to talk about it. So Jimin sends ten dancing emojis, and after Yoongi replies with the emoji that rolls their eyes, Jimin locks his phone.
Jimin will focus on his midterms, and then he'll think about Yoongi.

Jimin makes sure his and Hoseok's part on their project is cohesive, and after Hoseok does some changes and decides on adding one more item, the sky is turning grey, and they send the project.
Yoongi is waiting with beer to celebrate, so Jimin wants to return quickly to their apartment. He concentrates more on campus but now that exams are over, he wants to get out of here fast.

However, as usual, he takes the long route through the Communication & Media faculty.
He won't cross paths with Yoongi, but he comes this way and walks inside the building out of custom. Then, he goes towards the center, where there’s a tree and benches with many people studying.

If Hoseok doesn't give him the gossip, Jimin will use a more traditional approach.
Jimin starts asking around if people heard Yoongi’s show, just random people waiting in the center or by the halls. Jimin approaches them with his most gentle smile. “Hey, excuse me- This might sound like a weird question, but did you hear Min Yoongi’s radio show yesterday?”
No one has (because of midterms) until Jimin is in front of two girls waiting by the stairs. “I did!” One of the girls says. “What is it?”

Jimin gulps. “Well, I heard someone called for advice yesterday, and he said he couldn’t help them, right?”

She nods. “Yes.”
“Oh, and what was the anecdote about? The love dilemma,” Jimin mumbles.

“Ah, it was such a long story but very simple? I don’t know why he didn’t answer. It was about this kid who liked their friend.” Jimin stares at her. “But they didn’t want to ruin their friendship?”
“They spent almost the whole show talking about how much they liked their friend, just listing a bunch of nice things about them, and listing everything they did together, and it was all very couple-like, and the caller didn’t realize that clearly, their friend liked them too."
Jimin squints his eyes. Why would Yoongi have trouble replying to that?

"It was very simple and dull, there wasn't really a conflict, but Yoongi ssi didn’t know what to say.”


Finally, the other girl answers. "Maybe he didn't answer because it was just too obvious?"
"You know Yoongi, he was probably expecting a real problem." Jimin stands straight. These girls know Yoongi.

"Maybe. Because honestly, the whole drama would have been solved with an easy 'just confess to your friend,' but Yoongi ssi didn't say that."

Jimin nods slowly.
"And why are you wondering?" The girl asks.

Jimin perks up. "Umh, well, I know the person who called," he lies. "But I didn't get to listen to the show, and they won't tell me what they said, so I was curious."

"Oh," the girls look at each other. "Maybe the call was about you."
Jimin doesn't want them to know he's Yoongi's roommate and that he's going around campus asking about him because they'll think he's weird. Heck- he's weird. What is he doing? Jimin should just return home.

Jimin giggles awkwardly after their teasing. "Yeah, maybe it was!"
When Jimin opens the door of their apartment, he finds that Yoongi is already there. White shirt clinging to his body and soft black hair after a shower. He looks cuddly. “Hey.” Yoongi watches Jimin as he takes off his shoes at the entrance.

“Hi, hyung. What are you doing?”
“I'm cooking.” It smells delicious, Jimin could have guessed.

Jimin walks to the kitchen and cleans his hands while watching Yoongi frying pieces of meat. “What are you preparing, hyung?”

“Why don't you guess?”

Just with a glance of ingredients, Jimin gets giddy. “Tonkatsu.”
Jimin beams at him. “You’re the best.”

“Thank you," Yoongi mumbles. "When I went to buy the beer, I saw that the pork was on discount, so I thought maybe I should get some for you."

"Discount? I was there yesterday, and it was so expensive."

"How odd, it was cheap today."
"Mmh," Jimin dries his hands and goes to search for the beer on the fridge.

"Well, there were breadcrumbs leftovers from last time I prepared shrimp, and that's why I thought I could make this."

Jimin hums. "Lucky me, it's my favorite dish."

"Yeah, what a coincidence."
Jimin grabs a cold beer and hops towards Yoongi. "Thank you, hyung," he softly sighs before he presses the can to Yoongi's nape.

"Aish! Jimin! Don't do that!" Yoongi complains, and he squirms away while Jimin laughs. He leaves the beer can next to Yoongi and opens the other one.
"Thank you for the beer!" Jimin says before sipping from it. "I needed this after exams."

Yoongi glares at him. "You owe me a whiskey."

"A whiskey? That's so expensive! I'll get you a lollipop, a box of juice and a handwritten letter. I'm being generous." Yoongi rolls his eyes.
"How was your project?"

"Good," Jimin says while watching Yoongi cook. He frowns when concentrated. "We'll find out if we did well in three months when our teacher feels like giving back our grades." Yoongi laughs, and then he licks his lips. Jimin falls quiet.
Jimin straightens. "Drink your beer! I'm drinking alone, and it feels sad!" Yoongi glances at the can next to him.

"My hands are busy."

Jimin leaves his can and grabs Yoongi's so he can open it. "Okay, I'll help you drink." Jimin lifts the beer and gets it on Yoongi's face.
Yoongi tries to squirm from Jimin's attack while still holding tightly ono the pan. "Jimin, why are you annoying?" Yoongi whines. "Can you stay still for one minute?"

"Drink!" Jimin presses the can to Yoongi's lips, and Yoongi swallows as much as he can. Jimin gulps.
Jimin's eyes fall on the bobbing of Yoongi's Adam apple, and then Yoongi lets go of the pan's handle to grip Jimin's wrist. He makes Jimin pull away. "You're a bully. I'm cooking your favorite, and you pester me like this."

"You love it."

Yoongi looks away with a scoff.
Yoongi's hand covers all of Jimin's wrist, and he squeezes before letting go. Jimin feels warm; maybe he should have let the beers get a bit colder inside the fridge. “Hey, Jimin. Can I ask you something?”

“Mmh, sure." Jimin returns to his can and takes a long sip.
Yoongi flips the pieces of meat; they smell delicious and look golden. “So someone told me I have a tiny stalker that has been asking everyone at the faculty if they heard my radio show.”

Jimin’s eyes widen in shock. The girls were traitors! “What? Really? That's so creepy.”
Yoongi looks calm when he turns off the stove. “Mmh, he was walking around the faculty asking about me, asking if people had heard yesterday's show and stuff. Some people told me he’s a pretty boy, with blond hair and puppy eyes.”

Jimin looks away in despair. “Oh my god.”
“And full lips,” Yoongi continues. “Around my height,” he gestures to his head: Jimin whines, and Yoongi laughs. “You caused quite the commotion at the faculty. Someone in a group chat asked me if my stalker was single.” Jimin only stares at Yoongi, filled with embarrassment.
Yoongi smirks before he reaches for a dish. He stops in front of Jimin and opens the cabinet next to him. “What did you say to that question? That your stalker is single and ready to mingle?”

“No, I told them he’s a lost cause in love, so they shouldn’t even try.”
“Look who’s talking. Mr. Haven’t had a date in two years; I'm going to be single forever.” Jimin and Yoongi return to their usual banter. It makes Yoongi laugh, and Jimin feels content with that. At least it eases the tension between them, and Yoongi starts serving the food.
When Yoongi leaves the dish on the counter, he stares at Jimin for a little too long, in a way that isn’t normal. “What is it?” Jimin mumbles; he doesn’t like that Yoongi is looking at him so intensely.

“Why were you so intent on listening to my radio?”

Jimin looks around.
He feels cornered, but he tries to be honest. “I heard what happened. With the anecdote and your silence.”


“I guess I wanted to know what left you speechless,” Jimin explains. "Because you always pull some crappy advice out of your ass, no matter what. I was curious."
"Plus, you seemed upset when you got home yesterday, so I thought it must have been awkward that there was a love issue you couldn't solve, and I don't know— I suppose I also wanted to see if I could find a solution for you? Like, I'm sure I could have given advice."
Yoongi chuckles dryly. “It wasn’t such a big deal. Just a silly call.” He moves to serve rice, and Jimin follows him with his gaze.

“You seem upset now,” Jimin murmurs.

“I’m a little upset, I guess.”

Jimin steps closer. “What happened? We can talk about it if you’d like.”
If there’s something Yoongi always says in his show is to talk about one’s feelings, so maybe they should listen to his advice. Yoongi sighs, and he won’t look at Jimin, not even when he whispers, “maybe you could give me advice about it since I didn’t know what to answer.”
Jimin’s mouth falls open; he didn’t expect Yoongi to say that. “Is this real? You are asking me for advice?”

“I just did? Why are you acting surprised?”

Jimin shrieks. “Are you, the love whisperer, asking me, the single king, for advice? You're admitting you're a fraud!”
Yoongi rolls his eyes. “Don’t make me regret bringing it up, Jimin!”

Jimin moves forward to grab Yoongi's hands. Yoongi looks at the floor. “I’d love to give you advice. I love that you admitted that I’m the genius between us two.”

Yoongi doesn’t argue and doesn’t correct him.
“I have a recording of the show at the studio. So let’s go tomorrow early.”

“Let’s go right now!” Jimin whines.

“It’s too late to go,” Yoongi mumbles.

Jimin starts bouncing. “Come on. I don’t have exams tomorrow! I just finished them. It’ll be my celebration!”
"I want to have the honor of listening to you go speechless!"

It doesn’t need more convincing than that. “Okay fine. Let’s go. But we have to eat first."

"Of course! You've made my favorite!" Jimin gasps. How could Yoongi think he'd go without eating Yoongi's food.
The food is great as expected, and Jimin keeps asking questions about the show until Yoongi tells him to eat in silence, and Jimin obeys.

Jimin didn't think a day like this would come, Yoongi's bad-at-feelings nature was exposed, and not only that, but he asked Jimin for advice.
"I'm ready to go!" Jimin says after cleaning the dishes, and Yoongi glances at him up and down.

"It's cold; you should wear something warmer."

He's literally a protective dad. "Oh! I still have your scarf from last time!"

"I told you, you always keep them!" Yoongi sighs.
With Yoongi's scarf around his neck, Jimin shows off his new outfit. "Do you approve of this?"

Yoongi stares at him, twirling, and then laughs. "Yeah, that's better." While Jimin went for the scarf, Yoongi put on a black sweatshirt and a grey beanie too. He looks soft.
"Let's go."

As they walk towards campus, the back of their hands brush, and Jimin worries because Yoongi's hands are cold. He should have worn gloves. After a beat, Jimin grabs Yoongi's hand and gasps. "You're freezing!"

Yoongi looks at their clasped hands. "Yeah."
Jimin lifts Yoongi's hand and holds it between his, rubbing them together. "What are you doing?" Yoongi scowls.

"Warming you up." It's obvious. Why is Yoongi asking?"

Yoongi squints his eyes and then shakes his head, squirming away from Jimin. "I'll warm up in the studio."
They don't hold hands again on their way to the University.

The campus is kind of empty at night, but some students are still preparing for Saturday's exams. Yoongi greets security in the Communication faculty, and he and Jimin go upstairs until they enter the radio station.
Jimin has seen the studio before because sometimes Yoongi forgets his lunch at home, and Jimin has to bring it, but every time he's surprised by how small it is.

It's funny to think Yoongi manages to reach such a large audience with something he does in such a small room.
There’s a desk with a computer, with two chairs around it, in case Yoongi has guests on his shows, and behind the desk, there’s a banner with the University’s logo. “You can sit on my chair," Yoongi says.

“Oh, the big one?”

“Yes." Yoongi is pressing some buttons on the wall.
Jimin plops on the chair, and because it has wheels, he slides in small circles, pushing back while holding onto the desk's edge. He looks up to catch Yoongi looking at him with an amused (?) expression.

“I feel important sitting here. I'm a campus celebrity," Jimin giggles.
Yoongi snorts as Jimin grabs the microphone on the desk to make a terrible impression of Yoongi’s radio host show. “So late at night, remember that falling in love feels like sleeping and being awake,” Jimin says, and Yoongi rolls his eyes. "This is Min Yoongi," Jimin laughs.
Yoongi circles the desk behind Jimin, and Jimin follows him with his gaze while still talking against the microphone. "And you're listening to passenger in transit," Jimin mumbles, eyes on Yoongi's subtle smile. Yoongi hovers around Jimin, turning on the computer.
Yoongi searches for a file while Jimin plays with the buttons from the big sound mixer on the desk, sliding the controllers up and down quickly. Yoongi tsks and puts his hand on top of Jimin's, covering it completely. "Why can't you stay still for a second?" Yoongi pouts.
Jimin doesn't know, but he doesn't like staying in place or quiet around Yoongi. "What does this do?" Jimin tries to move his hand, but Yoongi presses harder, forcing Jimin not to move.

"You don't care," Yoongi says.

"Lies! I want to know!" Their eyes meet, and Yoongi sighs.
"It's just volume, and from here I can control the different channels, the volume of each microphone, and also the fades, so for example, I want the songs to fade in as my voice fades out, I have to do that here," Yoongi explains. Jimin likes hearing Yoongi explaining stuff.
He guesses that's why so many people from the University listen to his show; he has a sexy voice.

Yoongi lets go of Jimin's hand, and Jimin glances at him. "Okay, I have yesterday's show ready for you to hear."

"Okay!" But before Yoongi presses play, he grabs the headphones.
He puts them on Jimin's head carefully. "You're not listening?" Jimin asks as he fixes the big headphones.

"Nope. It was enough having to live it yesterday," Yoongi sighs. "Now, you listen. And then you give me your advice."

"Alright," Jimin mumbles. Yoongi presses play.
Jimin can hear Yoongi advancing the track until he reaches one moment, and then Yoongi takes a step back and supports himself on the wall next to them, letting Jimin hear the show. "So why don't you tell us your story?" Yoongi asks on the show.

The other voice coughs.
“Well, my problem started months ago when I realized I have a crush on my friend; they’re younger than me, and they're funny and sweet, and they’re so gorgeous, most beautiful person I've ever met,” Jimin toys with the scarf around his neck. "We spend a lot of time together."
“Ah, I could go on hours talking about them. I think my friends are a little tired too because I mention them so often," the caller chuckles. Jimin glances at Yoongi. "But I’ll get to the important part. We met through mutual friends and became close. Very close."
"We have like- little gestures, one for the other. We walk home together and buy each other's favorite snacks, and we share clothes. Sometimes they surprise me with breakfast, and I've cooked lunch for them.” Jimin can feel himself growing warmer and warmer with each word.
“But sometimes, I wonder if those gestures are just a display of friendship.” Yoongi is frowning without looking at Jimin. “I don’t want to ruin our friendship, so I don’t think I’ll ever make a move, but it's getting hard because I think they get more beautiful each day.”
"We banter a lot as friends do, so I think it confuses me as to what's happening between us. They like teasing me, and I like teasing them, not in a romantic way, we can be mean with our jokes sometimes, but it's always with good intention!" the caller is quick to explain.
"Uh, I like seeing them with my clothes, I like hearing them laugh, I like when we play video games together, and I like talking to them," the caller says, and Jimin plays with his fingers now, too aware of the similarities. "But, I don't know if it's friendship or love."
"Uh, what do you think, Yoongi ssi?" The caller whispers.

Before Jimin can hear Yoongi stuttering because he has no answer, Yoongi stops the recording. Jimin is a little flustered when Yoongi turns to see him.

“What do you think?” Yoongi turns to Jimin, and Jimin blushes.
"What do I think about it?" Jimin mumbles.

"Mmh? What's your advice to them?"

Yoongi moves closer, hovering close to Jimin to stare at the screen, but before he can close the tab, Jimin speaks. "Is there more?" Yoongi glances at Jimin. "Did they say more about their friend?"
Yoongi grimaces. "I stopped it before I went speechless, right?"

"Well, I want to hear you go speechless!" Jimin says, and he presses the headphones to his ears. "Press play again, please." Yoongi is about to fast forward his (lack of) answer, but Jimin pulls at his shirt.
Their eyes meet. "I want to hear what you say."

"I don't say anything."

"I want to hear either way!"

Yoongi clenches his jaw, and he presses play, crossing his arms over his chest when he stands straight. Yoongi's voice fills the headphones, and Jimin's heart races fast.
"Uh," Yoongi says in the show. There's a long silence, uncharacteristic of Yoongi. "I see, and you and your friend- umh, I don't know." Yoongi chuckles nervously, and Jimin feels empathy because he's feeling kind of nervous too. "Do you believe it could be love?"
The caller hums. "I don't know; that's why I'm calling."

Yoongi laughs, pitchy and cute. "Haha, right."

"I think it could be, but they- my friend- there's something they don't like about me, and they repeat it a lot, and that makes me think they can't be in love with me."
"It's all jokes, as I said before! There's even some, umh, sexual tension when we tease each other," the caller murmurs, and Jimin tenses, blushing more. "But I think sometimes they really meant it when they criticize me? I think they might find me boring or sad? I don't know."
"It's normal not to like everything about a person, but when they complain about certain words I say, I think they can't like me."

Jimin gulps, suddenly too conscious about how much he repeats that he hates-

"I don't think I have advice for you tonight," Yoongi murmurs.
Jimin is the one to pause the track before Yoongi rambles some more. He doesn't know if the caller said more, but he doesn't want to hear more. Jimin takes off the headphones and looks up at Yoongi. "Do you think I find you boring?"

Yoongi's eyes widen. "What?"
"Do you?"

"Uh, no," Yoongi says after a moment. "I make you laugh, don't I?" He chuckles, and Jimin frowns. "Why are you asking? Because they said- the caller thought umh-"

"The call," Jimin mumbles. "It made me think of you. Some parts of it. Just some parts."

"Not the falling in love part or the pining and the sexual tension," Jimin laughs nervously. "Of course not that part."

"Of course," Yoongi agrees.

"But umh, the gestures and especially the last part! That one got me thinking because I always say I hate your show."

"I don't want you to think I don't like you just because I say you're a fraud. I don't really mean it; I like your advice and your voice, and I think it's amazing how so many people love listening to you, and I'm happy it makes you happy. You're not sad or boring."
Yoongi smiles softly, and he pats Jimin's hair as if he would be petting a cat. Jimin scrunches his nose. "I know I'm not, but thank you for reminding me. Sometimes the jokes get too far." Jimin pouts. "I also thought of you-" their eyes meet. "In that last part."

"Of course."
"It got me thinking, if you found me boring or not, or sad or not. I think that's why I got home in such a bad mood," Yoongi explains. "But umh, then I found out you were running around campus asking about my show, and I thought, there's no way Jimin finds me boring."
Jimin giggles. "I don't. You're funny."

"You're funny too," Yoongi says. And Jimin thinks of the introduction of the call and how the caller said their friend was funny and sweet. Jimin coughs.

"It's funny how we saw something about ourselves in the call," Jimin murmurs.
“Yeah,” Yoongi chuckles. "There were a lot of similarities."

"Yeah!" Jimin nods quickly, and then he points at himself. “Like, for example, I’m the funny, sweet, gorgeous, and beautiful friend!”

He makes Yoongi laugh hard. “No, you’re full of yourself. That’s what you are.”
“You just said I'm funny!” Jimin whines as Yoongi closes the file. He supports himself on the desk, hands gripping the edge, and he looks down on Jimin.

“A little," Yoongi shrugs.

“Just a little?” Jimin pokes Yoongi's side because he's ticklish.

“You’re funny. Moving on.”
“I’m sweet too?” Yoongi grimaces, but after a second, he nods. “And gorgeous?” Jimin bats his eyelashes.

Yoongi rolls his eyes. “Well- If there was no one left in the world but us, I think I could consider you pretty.” Jimin gasps.

"So mean!" he pokes Yoongi's side harder.
When Yoongi finishes laughing, Jimin stares at him. “And there were other similarities aside from the end, like the friendship gestures which are exactly the same as ours, and meeting because of mutual friends. And hanging out a lot.”

"Yeah, as if the caller knew us."
Once Yoongi says it out loud, suddenly it makes sense! Clearly, that's why Jimin was so confused by the call! "Yoongi hyung!"


"Hoseok told me to listen to your show earlier that day! He was so insistent with it! And then when I told him I didn't listen, he ignored me!"
“Wait," Yoongi shakes his head. "Why would he call with something like this? He would have to convince someone to call!"

“It’s a prank on us!” Jimin frowns. “It has to be him. He told me to listen to the show, and he sent me pervy faces when I asked about it today.”
“Why would he do that? Why would he pretend a call? He knows my calls help people." Yoongi scowls, "my show helped him get a boyfriend!”

“I don’t know why he would do that, but I know it’s his doing.”

“Should we confront him?” Yoongi wonders.

“Yes! Yes! We should.”
"I'm going to call him! Because he was acting weird about your show yesterday!" Jimin says. He searches for his phone and puts it on speaker. Yoongi grabs a chair and drags it next to Jimin so they can sit together. They hear the phone ring, and after a long second, he picks up.
But it's not Hoseok's voice on the phone; it's Jungkook. "Jimin? What's up?"

"Where’s your boyfriend?” Jimin asks.

"Wow, not even a hi? How are you?"

"Hi, Jungkook," Yoongi murmurs. "How are you?"

"Oh, hey Yoongi hyung."

"Can you get Hoseok on the phone!" Jimin whines.
Jimin glares at Yoongi for being soft with Jungkook, but then Hoseok's voice reaches them. “I’m in the middle of a date!” After a silence, he mumbles, “what do you want?”

“You were playing a prank on Yoongi and me!” Jimin accuses.


“It wasn’t advice!” Yoongi speaks.
"You know people call me with real problems; I could have picked up someone else’s call and given them advice!”

Hoseok gasps. "God! You’re upset because Yoongi could have given advice to someone else? Not because of the content of the call?”

"So it was you!" Jimin shrieks.
That makes sense; Hoseok pranking them; that's why Jimin felt weird and why Yoongi felt nervous. Hoseok sighs. "You're unbelievable."

"Why did you prank us?" Jimin asks.

Hoseok sighs, and then Jungkook's voice is back on the phone, “did it work, though?”

“Did you notice how painfully oblivious you both are? Did Yoongi hyung realize why he couldn’t advise that person?”


“Have you gotten together?” Hoseok goes straight to the point.

Jimin's eyes widen, and Yoongi starts coughing. “What? No!” Jimin splutters.
Hoseok sighs, and Jungkook groans, “how can you not see? Everyone knows!”

“There’s nothing to see!” Yoongi bites back.

“Yoongi hyung, you should be good at his! You got Hoseok and me together!” Jungkook keeps going.

"I told you it was a bad idea," Hoseok whispers.
“I helped you get together because you both were painfully obvious!" Yoongi says.

“You’re painfully obvious!” Jungkook says. "Everyone breaks up with you because they can tell you're into the other!"

“What? No!” Jimin whines and turns to see Yoongi, but Yoongi is tomato red.
"It happened twice!" Yoongi mumbles, and Jimin gasps. Yoongi was only dumped twice! Jimin is staring at Yoongi when Hoseok speaks one last time.

“You know what, I'm sorry we meddled; it was wrong, but we thought since Yoongi always helps others -including us- we wanted to help."
"We thought this could help you because radio is the only language Yoongi speaks, but we won't meddle again. I'm sorry, and if you want to yell at me in person, please do so tomorrow morning because I want to finish my date." Hoseok hangs up, and Yoongi and Jimin fall quiet.
Some seconds pass between them: the phone is still on the desk. Finally, Yoongi and Jimin glance at each other but quickly look away. “It happened twice?” Jimin murmurs.

“I didn't tell you because it was dumb, but I told Jungkook, and he betrayed me.”

"What happened?"
"The first time, I was cooking for them because Hoseok is wrong; cooking is my love language, not the radio," Yoongi says, and Jimin feels like the room has gotten warmer. "And I said, 'Jimin, can you tell me if it's good?' Instead of their name."

Jimin's mouth falls open.
"Oh no, I knew you were bad at feelings, but that's so bad. I would have broken up with you too!"

"It was a slip-up!" Yoongi justifies himself. "I'm always cooking at our place, and you always try it, so it was just a slip-up!"

"You told them that?"

"Yeah," Yoongi frowns.
"What did they say?"

"That I should probably just continue cooking for you since that's what I'm thinking about when I'm with them," Yoongi grimaces. Jimin looks at the floor.

"And you continued cooking for me," Jimin mumbles.

"Yeah," Yoongi scratches his neck.
"And the second time?" Jimin murmurs, he plays with the buttons from the audio mixer again, and one more time, Yoongi covers Jimin's hand with his, stopping Jimin from moving around.

"I talked too much about you, and it made them feel insecure."

"Oh," Jimin mumbles.
"I usually never score a second date because it has happened that my dates tell me that I need to get over my ex, and I've asked them which ex? And they've told me the guy you talked about all night, and I would say 'that's my roommate!'" Jimin admits aloud for the first time.
"So we're responsible for the other's terrible love life?" Yoongi murmurs. He strokes his thumb against Jimin's hand, and Jimin licks his lips.

It's the call, and the revelation, and the excuses; Jimin turns to see Yoongi. "I think we should talk, hyung."

"Yeah, we should."
"You always say in your shows that communication is important," Jimin mumbles.

"Yeah," Yoongi says. They're sitting very close together, and they're holding hands, and Jimin feels very fuzzy and warm, and he thinks he knows why.

"Umh, why don't we reflect a little?"
“Reflect?" Yoongi uses that word in his show a lot.

"Well, the call -Hoseok- mentioned the gestures we have for each other, and how- umh, they can be more romantic than friendly, sometimes," Jimin feels shy when he says it out loud. "I guess we could reflect on those things?”
“Maybe,” Yoongi whispers, but he looks away.

Jimin searches for his eyes. “Aish Yoongi! you’re the one with a radio show about love; what should we do?”

He grimaces. “Okay, how about we open up about why we do things for the other?"

Jimin squirms. “But it makes me shy!”
“Jimin! Even if it's hard and a bit awkward, I think we need to talk," Yoongi murmurs.

“Okay! Okay! Don't go all radio host on me! I'll start... I sometimes listen to your shows even if I pretend I don’t because I like hearing you talk, and it helps me sleep.”

Yoongi snorts.
“I pretend I don't care when you tell me you don't listen to my show or when you say I sounded stupid." Jimin pouts a little, and Yoongi elbows him lightly. "I know you don't mean it, but I do care. I care a lot because I care about what you think of me.”

Jimin gulps.
He twists his body, so he's facing Yoongi. “I prepare coffee for you every morning because I want to see you smile, and even when I won’t see you in the morning, I do it because I know it will make you happy." Yoongi scrunches his nose, and Jimin swears his cheeks get rosy.
"When you're sad, I don't know how to comfort you because we're clearly not good with words," Jimin keeps talking. Yoongi laughs, and he looks into Jimin's eyes. "Maybe because you're always cooking for me, when I want you to feel better, I just add some food to your breakfast."
“I always pretend the ingredients I buy are the only ones on the convenience store," Yoongi starts. "But actually, I buy food to prepare your favorite meals.” Jimin’s eyes widen. “Sometimes, I even go to another supermarket to find everything I need.”

“Oh God,” Jimin whines.
“I don’t wear warm clothes even if it's cold because I know you’ll lend me something.”

“I always carry a scarf for you because I like it when you wear mine.”

“I study at campus even if I could study home because I like crossing paths with you and walk back home together.”
Yoongi smiles widely. “Today, I sent you a selfie hoping you would send me one too because I was feeling bad, and I wanted to see your face.”

Jimin whines. "I was nervous when you didn't reply because I thought I looked bad and always want you to think I'm pretty."
"You always want that? Then why do you always fall asleep on my shoulder when we watch movies with the ugliest faces?" Jimin gasps and pushes Yoongi away, but Yoongi only uses it to get closer to him. "I didn't reply right away because I was looking at you," Yoongi admits.
Jimin doesn't think twice when he brings his hands to Yoongi's neck; Yoongi doesn't flinch at the touch; on the contrary, he only gets closer, and Jimin's heart is going to burst. Yoongi is so pretty, and he makes Jimin so happy. "You're always on my mind," Jimin murmurs.
"I think I tried to tell myself that it's because I find you annoying," Jimin speaks softly. "And I guess, I told myself that because we're friends and roommates, and I don't want to ruin that."

"I don't want to ruin it either, but," Yoongi whispers. Jimin looks at his lips.
"When I heard that call, and I didn't know it was about us, I still knew. I have the same questions. And if everything between us is more love than friendship, then there's no friendship left for us to ruin because there's only love-"

Jimin leans in to press their lips together.
Yoongi lets out a surprised yelp, but then he lifts his hands to cup Jimin's face; he opens his mouth and kisses Jimin back. It's a small kiss, a careful and gentle slide of lips, and then they detach from the other. Jimin can't help but smile, it feels so silly but he's happy.
"Why are we so stupid?" Jimin asks.

"I don't know, but I don't think I want to stop kissing you," Yoongi says, and he leans in again to catch Jimin's lips between his, and Jimin giggles during the kiss, and it's impossible for him to even peck Yoongi because of his smile.
"You've thought about kissing me before?" Jimin asks because he's curious.

"If you're asking me, it's because you've thought about kissing me before."

Jimin rolls his eyes guiltily. "I've thought about it."

"And even thinking about it, we never did," Yoongi murmurs.
"I thought it was normal to think about kissing your roommate because we live together."

Yoongi laughs. "You're unbelievable."

"And you?"

"I thought it was normal to think about kissing your friend if they're absurdly attractive." Jimin wiggles his eyebrows suggestively.
"Absurdly attractive?" Jimin fixes his hair while fishing for more compliments. "Well, thank you, Yoongi hyung. Is there something else you'd like to confess?"

"Stop fishing for compliments," Yoongi mumbles, and Jimin's eyes widen. Yoongi knows him and still wants to kiss him.
"There is something I want to confess, though," Yoongi says and leans in to whisper against Jimin's lips. "I like you, Jimin." It's evident because of everything they do, but it's different hearing it in words. It's so much better. "I like you a lot," Yoongi kisses him.
Jimin melts into the kiss, and he likes Yoongi so much; he loves his corny radio host persona, and his laughter and his little mannerisms and the way Yoongi looks at Jimin so softly, how he touches Jimin so gently and kisses him so lovingly.

"I like you too, Yoongi hyung."
Yoongi offers him a gummy smile, and Jimin throws himself in his arms, hugging him like he has wanted to do for so long. "We should go home, now," Yoongi murmurs against Jimin's hair, rubbing his back.

"Yeah, let's go home," Jimin agrees before stealing another kiss.
It's the same as usual, they walk home together, and Jimin laughs because Yoongi mixes some words while talking fast, and his voice cracks, and when Jimin almost trips, Yoongi grabs him tightly by the wait and steadies him, and they both get flustered for a long moment.
It's the same as usual, but when they close the door of their apartment, Jimin kisses Yoongi very hard.

"Well, I know everyone is busy with finals, but today I have a guest on the show," Yoongi says. "My roommate has been asking me to let him expose me to all my listeners, and I've found out it's impossible for me to say no to him." Jimin giggles when Yoongi looks at him.
"So, for our final show of the semester, this is Jimin, and he's going to let you all know how your host is actually very bad at feelings because he knows it more than anyone else."

Jimin laughs against the microphone. "You're a little bit good at feelings, hyung."
Yoongi lowers the controller connected to his microphone until it's mute and no one tuning in on the show can hear him. "Don't giggle too much, or people will fall for you, and I don't want that."

Jimin's eyes widen, and he leans in to lower the volume of his microphone.
"I want to have fans too! Everyone on campus thirsts over your voice," Jimin whines.

Yoongi shakes his head. "And that's why you're my guest today, to let everyone know how terrible I am." Jimin rolls his eyes, and then Yoongi raises the volume of both their microphones.
"Well, now, Jimin and I are going to discuss everything you should do and shouldn't do when you fall in love with your roommate or best friend," Yoongi says.

Even if Yoongi glares at him, Jimin giggles throughout the whole show. This is definitely his favorite episode.
🎙️the end🎙️

• • •

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26 Jul
yoonmin au—

yoongi works at a bakery shop, and he’s always delivering sweets to the tattoo shop next door, owned by two best friends. yoongi hopes the pair of tattoo artists aren’t together because he might be harboring a crush on the smallest of them, the one named jimin. ImageImage
• mutual pining and fluff. yoongi is shy until he's not, jimin is confident and clingy. they go on dates, they babysit, they draw on each other's skin.

• this is a commission out of my drafts. it’s an original idea and the commissioner picked it up for me to finish writing it.
Yoongi is opening the bakery shop. He hates when it’s his turn to do it because he has to leave his apartment when the sun isn’t out yet, and the cold weather leaves him in a bad mood. But, three times a week, he’s in charge of doing it. On these days, he feels sleepy and blue.
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21 Jul
whenever yoongi and jimin go on a vacation together, it works as a reminder of why they don't travel often

today's prompt is vacation, and like last year's yoonmin week, i want to write small drabbles for all of my yoonmins! so you can quote this with one of my aus, and I will write a small drabble in the same scenario: 'vacation went wrong, but we're still having a good time.'
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12 Jul
nam2seok— werewolf au

shifters mate with shifters. shifters wait for a bond to form between them before they court. shifters bond with only one person; they are monogamous creatures. so how namjoon, a werewolf, found himself courting two humans, who are already a couple? ImageImage
commission for nam2seok's side story in my werewolf au

> side established relationships in love yoonmin and taekook
> polyamorous negotiations. mutual pining. wolf pack dynamics. mature scenes.
> read the original first. it's set a month after this extra:
When Namjoon returned to his pack, after giving Yoongi and Jimin their mating gifts, he found a letter for him between Yoongi’s and Jungkook’s letters and gifts for the pack.

Jungkook and Yoongi hadn’t told him that they had written something for him, and it's sweet.
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6 Jul
taekook au—

taehyung and jungkook are part of two rival gangs, as bodyguards of two important members. they also used to be friends with benefits, but they deny it because of their rivalry. however, when their bosses start dating, jungkook and taehyung must see each other again. ImageImageImageImage
• chaotic, don't take them seriously. fluff, friends with benefits to hate sex with mutual pining to boyfriends (??)
• the softest gang au ever made is back.
• this is a commission for the taekook side story in my gang yoonmin au. read that one first:
remember them? ImageImage
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5 Jul
el lenguaje es un invento y mensajes como este es discriminación lingüística que en el fondo es xenofobia, clasismo y racismo, pero no puedes esperar que los gringos reflexionen sobre eso 😴
para las personas que nacemos en países que no son de habla inglesa, hablar ingles es un privilegio. aprender inglés y hablarlo perfectamente es un privilegio de clase, y hay un desconocimiento muy claro sobre lo que simboliza el ingles en países como los nuestros
que xuxa si escribimos el inglés mal, o si escribimos nuestros propios lenguajes "mal" el lenguaje "perfecto" y "correcto" es solo una estructura de poder para dividir mas a las personas. y mensajes como este lo que buscan es dividir a los autores que no hablamos ingles "bien".
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