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24 May, 44 tweets, 14 min read
1/44 There appears to be some intentional disinformation surrounding the coronavirus. A lab leak is not out of the question; everyone agrees more investigation is needed. Still, the virus shows no signs of manipulation.
2/44 The man-made virus story was dead-on-arrival back in January of 2020.

Why then do we have senators taking time to ask about funding to a lab that could easily be looked up some other time?
3/44 Especially when we know it feeds into conspiracy theories that are currently tearing apart families around the country.

It also stoked a disinformation arms race last year that likely hurt the US. atlanticcouncil.org/weaponized-cov…
4/44 Let's look at the bigger picture. Who continues to make these claims and where is it coming from? Who benefits from it? Why would anyone want the public to believe this? Who does it hurt?
5/44 Here are some sources of amplification. This article: Chinese Military Discussed Weaponizing COVID In 2015 'To Cause Enemy's Medical System To Collapse' by zero hedge a noted purveyor of disinformation and Kremlin-amplifier.
6/44 For discussion on Wuhan, it appears we have some major drivers of that conversation, though no one capable of assessing claims about the virus.
7/44 The tweets on Wuhan show the lead author of a Sept 2020 paper, Yan. The paper asserted that the Chinese government had “intentionally” released the virus into the world. The paper was not peer-reviewed and did not support the claims.
8/44 Here is a sound review of the claims in the Yan et al study. centerforhealthsecurity.org/our-work/pubs_…

The Rule of Law Society and the Rule of Law Foundation, groups founded by Bannon and G News owner Guo Wengui, are the institutions associated with Yan’s paper.
9/44 Guo is a billionaire member of President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club and a controversial figure who commands considerable media manipulation capacity. miamiherald.com/news/politics-…
10/44 He has recently been found intimidating critics of the CCP, which makes his claims to be against it somewhat puzzling.
11/44 Here Yan is retweeted by people in the Guo network. You can read about the Guo network here. washingtonpost.com/technology/202…
12/44 In 2020 we saw a New York Post cover Yan's study despite the fact experts disagreed with it. This raises questions now that we know reporters were told to write stories that were false.
13/44 Her co-host in the clip from today was an original driver of the bioweapons claims starting Jan 25, 2020 on a podcast with the author of the Washington Times article that jan on Jan 26.
14/44 Wash Times later walked back the claim in the article but anyone who read it wouldn't know unless they came back.
15/44 The New York Post and Guo factor into other past disinformation efforts. A show hosted by Guo’s friend Lude, stated “there will be evidence of collusion between the Biden family and the CCP in the next three weeks,” during a show that aired Sept 25, 2020.
16/44 Lude is pictured here with Giuliani, Bannon, and Yan, in a pic on or before 9/12/20
17/44 Reporters shared this clip from 9/28: "The material about Hunter Biden came through Trump camp: Giuliani and Bannon. Against @Newsurvey Bannon said on 9/28 (then not broadcast) that this was coming:"
18/44 On October 14, 2020, the New York Post ran a now-infamous disinformation story. Platforms blocked the story knowing that the intelligence community warned ahead of time something like this was likely coming because the US was being targeted.
19/44 Official accounts like @JudiciaryGOP tweeted about it alleging censorship, as did elected officials who almost certainly had the experience and knowledge to know there was good reason to question the story.
20/44 The Senate Judiciary Committee should have had access to intelligence that would have strongly suggested a possible disinformation effort.

There have been countless public intelligence reports.
21/44 You also have this
“Regarding reports that I received an FBI briefing warning me that I was a target of Russian disinformation, I can confirm I received such a briefing in August of 2020.”—Sen Ron Johnson (R-WI)
22/44 @Judiciary GOP shared a link to Congressman Jim Jordon’s website to circumvent Twitter’s ban on the New York Post link. The Judiciary Twitter account sought to undermine the platform’s rights.
23/44 In doing so it also may have assisted an adversary intent on undermining faith in our elections.

The lack of prudence shown by the JUDICIARY account, along with leveraging the event to provoke a feeling of oppression among followers, is disquieting.
24/44 As the former assistant secretary of counterterrorism and threat prevention at the Department of Homeland Security for the Trump administration explained:
25/44 “(Trump) uses rhetoric to scare people. This is a known psychological tactic that if you get people to fear, they tend to follow you to the solution of ‘How are we going to save ourselves?’ And his answer is, ‘It’s me.
26/44 If you vote for me, I will save you.’

The behavior is difficult to reconcile with something unintentional. Indeed, it is difficult to reconcile with democracy.
27/44 On Congressman a blog post discussed the alleged personal laptop of Hunter Biden saying: "Other material extracted from the computer ...show Hunter, who’s admitted struggling with addiction problems, smoking crack…as well as ...sexually explicit images."
28/44 Substance use disorders are real afflictions not uncommon among those who experience significant childhood trauma like one might expect for a child who witnesses the death of his mother and infant sister.
29/44 Hacking and leaking documents with real and fake documents mixed in, for someone to find about a political opponent is a signature soviet tactic. They did some variation of it long before there were computers too. See far right pillar.
30/44 Some warnings were withheld from the public for unclear reasons which expressly stated there were efforts to interfere in the 2020 election. This notice was never released.
31/44 The claims later appeared in campaign ads. businessinsider.com/new-trump-ad-b…
32/44 The most concerning aspect of the @JudiciaryGOP’s effort—one it appears to have undertaken with other elected officials—was its, intentional or not, politically advantageous misrepresentation of an effort to halt foreign influence as censorship. novelscience.substack.com/p/have-conserv…
33/44 Multiple instances where the claim of censorship is amplified around misleading claims, have happened in the past year but most especially following Jan 6th.
34/44 Dr Seuss during a hearing on the capitol attack, was another instance. novelscience.substack.com/p/coordinated-…
35/44 Coordinated use of #BidenBorderCrisis misled the public about the situation, especially in light of Mr. Azar's refusal to expand capacity until Jan 15, despite the crisis starting in the summer/fall of 2020, there are questions we should be asking. novelscience.substack.com/p/data-to-see-…
36/44 Some of those claims of censorship have been deleted now. Notably both the GOP Judiciary account and Rep. Green deleted these tweets at the same time on the same day—23 weeks after posting them.
37/44 Did they fail to recognize an information operation, which is concerning because who is guarding the information upon which our national security hinges, or did they know and mislead the public about what was happening in a way that generates fear. theconversation.com/the-politics-o…
38/44 With the amplified Wuhan discussion, that seems likely to be a part of the plan outlined in a strategy guide from April of 2020 which told them not to defend the former President but to deflect to public health and China. static.politico.com/80/54/2f321938…
39/44 Public health warned them. Ron Klain warned them that this was already here on Feb 5. medium.com/novelscience/t…
40/44 Following the release of the strategy guide we saw an especially coincidental or coordinated campaign focusing on China at a time when we needed every leader, every American focused on our country.
41/44 The time to find what started a fire is not while people are still in the burning house. novelscience.substack.com/p/tweets-relat…
42/44 Science has always been interested in finding the truth. No one wants that truth more than people who study infectious diseases. If evidence ever shows that a lab leak happened, there is no interest in denying it. It is also not acceptable to make claims we cannot prove.
43/44 Why would anyone be so vested in the narrative if it wasn't true? Well, as said above, fear is a powerful tool for influencing the public. A shared enemy enforced a group identity.

The truth must fit all evidence. That is always the case.
44/44 It is difficult to conclude that the insistence that this came from a lab and the deflection away from the US pandemic response, isn't related to strategy. That's what the guide says to do.

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23 May

Our minds respond predictably to uncertainty. We struggle to take in new information. We may be more paranoid and not knowing anything for sure can leave us desperate for certainty.
2/ Links to past m/disinformation stories: novelscience.substack.com/p/some-things-…
3/ That is why for every major outbreak (and crises in general), conspiracy theories crop up and--inexplicably--we suffer something like amnesia, where forget we have heard this all before. When it's happening though, it can be scary and feel impossible to know what is true.
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10 May
1/8 I give thee: "How to Have a Discussion with Dad," a new infographic guide for adult children who live with a FOX-affected parent. Follow these 7 steps and talking about controversial topics with your dad will be as easy as letting your eyes gloss over.
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3 May
1/n Increasingly @wsj has published misleading, inaccurate articles that divide us and erode trust in credible intelligence. "Anonymous sources...smear Republicans with false claims of collusion. Three corrections later, has the media learned anything?" wsj.com/articles/the-r…
1.5/n I trust the @WSJopinion editors have access to the Rubio Report, the 5th installment in the investigation into Russian interference. Since this article indicates perhaps not, here is a section you should read. justsecurity.org/75766/us-treas…
2/n narrative appeared in campaign material. The intelligence bulletin warned about Russian efforts to influence the election, which is to say, anyone familiar with the last 100 years of disinformation efforts... forbes.com/sites/alisondu…
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3 May
1/6 Update on my investigation into the origin of modern vaccine disinfo, specifically infertility narratives and conspiracy beliefs. I traced it back to what seems to be the origin. It's multiple locations separated by time and space. The narrative similarity suggested a common
2/6 origin or experience. I was able to isolate groups in these locations at this time, which would have had access to the public that would allow someone to disseminate this rumor authoritatively. In all locations, I found one group, but
3/6 there was a problem with one location. They were there but it wasn't early enough. There's no way disinformation could have spread on that timeline in the year I was looking at, so I was stumped. I thought I'd found a single source for the disinfo but the evidence never lies.
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1 May
1/35 In 2017, the tax-exempt Koch Foundation and Koch Institute donated over $2 million to conservative media outlets, including $980,000 to the Daily Caller Foundation, the tax-exempt entity that underwrites Tucker Carlson’s The Daily Caller. doi.org/10.1017/978110…
2/35 Now, why would the Koch brothers be spending money on that? Probably for the same reason the far more reclusive billionaire Robert Mercer invested in Breitbart. bloomberg.com/news/features/…
3/35 With the rise of movements defending specific groups a la FDR and LBJ: labor, civil rights, consumer, environmental, and women’s movements, too much power had slipped into the hands of people who made excessive demands (fairness) of government and corporations.
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29 Apr
1/14 I know 2020 we had big problems so some less pressing ones went unnoticed. This one must be addressed. EPA scientists found a toxic chemical damaging fetal hearts. In Feb of 2020, the White House edited the report on that chemical.
3/14 After scientists submitted the final risk report in Dec of 2020 the report received a considerable edit.
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