so i rebelled a bit at having this conversation with a white guy, but it turns out that he had a lot of really great information that makes a ton of sense--
in particular that the single greatest indicator that a person wld participate in attack on capital was their belief in the idea that black and latino people were getting more 'rights' than white people and would be 'replacing' white people and taking white people's 'rights.'
it's at it's core an anti-immigrant sentiment, i think, but it twists and turns its way into every aspect of white supremacy--and this researcher said that the people most inclined to participate were people in biden strongholds, people who think they 'see' replacement happening.
i haven't been able to make sense of why many conservative people i know who are *constantly* whining about detroit always voting blue would even *imagine* that detroit voted for trump-
but they do! people that have lived here their entire lives, never travelled abroad--fuck, never even left michigan--think trump won or got big numbers in detroit and election is stolen. it's been incomprehensible to me.
but having watched that interview, it all makes so much more sense. SE Mi generally and white people in SE Mi specifically have been primed for *decades* with the 'replacement theory'--
and anybody that knows anything abt this area knows that white folks have been willing to murder bcz of that belief--think of vincent chin, an asian american killed by white people who specifically said chin was 'stealing their jobs. or of the school bus bombings that happened-
when court ordered desegregation happened. or the way the suburbs have consistently voted against funding expanded busing (that could bring detroiters into their areas) or the resource grab of the recent bankruptcies-
white folks in SE Mi consistently claim detroit as theirs (detroit v everybody) and steal all of detroit's resources, even as none of them actually live in the city.
and there is a constant rebranding of the narrative on why that resource grab happens--most recently with the bankruptcy 'they don't know how to properly use these resources, all they've done is destroy/bilk the system, it's best that WE keep control, we will do it correctly'
if that justification isn't 'great replacement theory 101' hidden behind 'the great white savior' narrative, i don't know what is.
detroit in the eyes of many white SE Michiganders is an eternally expanding and shifting threat that needs to be controlled--see the racist mayor that said you need to put a fence up around detroit, reservation style, and just throw the occasional resource over the fence.
or the racist white op/ed guy that said you need to put birth control into detroits water system bcz all the 'detroiters' having babies and sitting on welfare are taking all the resources.
and this doesn't get into the great factory narrative--we lost all our great factory jobs (to the mexicans).
the 'threat' isn't the so called 'urban violence' or even 'mexican rapists' or drug gangs' or any of tht--it's 'they're big enough in numbers now, they're taking all our resources/rights."
and as the guy said, it's not that any of these people scared of losing their 'rights' are poor or even working class. they own their own businesses! or they have good jobs! they were wealthy enough to charter private jets!
it's not economic anxiety--it's *racial* anxiety. it's white supremacy. our respectable middle class that we've built decades of policy around are respectably white supremacist.
worth questioning--how did those people become our respectable middle class? was it white supremacy?
another important part of the conversation in the video is that the dude says there's an entire group of people that believe in great replacement theory, believe election was stolen and were willing to participate in violent protests over it.
then follows up saying there's another entire group of people that believe in replacement theory, believe election was stolen but were NOT willing to participate in violent protests--and he follows up with important word--'now.'
i think that is the liz cheney crowd--she did an interview recently where she refused to say that we don't need all these new election laws. she said we needed to 'study' state by state.
her disagreement with the trump crowd rests in the 'violent protest' part, pretty much nothing else.
so what does that mean for how the left works with her? what does that mean for those of us living near or even with people like her? what does that mean for organizers working with multi-racial groups that happen to have replacement theory white folks?

• • •

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