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Lockdowns DO work- but not at successfully stopping a virus. That was never what this was about. They ARE successful for destroying economies. The global debt bubble is of massive concern. And everyone needs to prepare for what’s coming. And no, it’s not about another variant.
The virus is as statistically as deadly as a bad flu; in fact this is why the U.K. gov website downgraded the threat last year. Research FACTS, and you will find the data- on all credible gov sites. Not conspiracy- no matter how loud the paid for shills cry. Image
Covid is the excuse; the smoke screen to bring about the great reset. Despite the echo chamber of fear: There’s no pandemic. It’s the media who made you scared. They aren’t here to report facts, please get this. They are paid to distract and advertise. Let me explain...
Everyone knows QE started in 2008 following the banking crisis which was made up of bad lending markets, exploitable derivatives and a lot of fraud. Manipulation, not free markets. The system broke. And has been running on life support since.
Since the virus nonsense started, money supply has gone up 20-25% under the guise of “COVID relief” and rather than call it what it really is- A GLOBAL BANKING CRISIS, they shove the mutant variant and death toll narrative- proper with paid for science and manipulated data.
The media picks and chooses their favorite fear mongering tactic day after day to keep YOU docile: you’re not being paid to stay at home and “save lives” you’re being paid to be COMPLICIT: To not question. You’re being paid to bury your head in fear. Please read this again.
The printing called Quantitative easing is just another play on words to disguise what’s actually happening- printing money in an economy with no sustainable productivity is fraud: inflationary and destructive.
One need only check a history book to know that this printing ends with a COLLAPSE of the currency- as well as ALL the economies attached to it.
We left the gold standard in 1971 thereby debasing our currency as FIAT. It’s not real money because it’s not backed by anything. In fact - only 3% of this Fiat is notes and coins - the other 97% is debt based.
DEBT Keeps the world propped up in this Ponzi scheme. It’s what makes money from nothing. One need only read history on fractional reserve banking and the true history of the Federal reserve bank (a private bank) to understand how fraud works in the system:
In 2008 we saw bail outs- where the scheme was “fixed” with a bandaid. In 2014, however the U.K. and others saw what was called a “bail IN” which is another way it legally allowing them to take your money in a crisis. Please research this...
The banks have full authority to take your money. Sure the gov will claim to guarantee those deposits but ask history how often it was to get that money back when it does happen. Perhaps those in 2008 who lost everything can testify their loss in life savings.
When you increase money supply, you’re inviting inflation in. Why does inflation matter? It is a hidden tax passed on to us the public to pay for this. Inflation is a quiet but effective way for government to transfer resources from the people to itself with out raising taxes.
As they inflate debt, they also inflate your purchasing power. So it doesn’t matter how hard you work- it will never be enough to overcome the surging prices of goods. If the economy is all debt, with out credit- the economy is DOOMED to fail.
If credit isn’t available, supply chains get disrupted and products aren’t produced. More money printed chasing the same # of items, or even fewer items, will surge prices. Ask history.
This is the invisible inflation happening NOW: has anyone noticed the prices of houses? How about lumber? Steel? Oil? Silver? What about FOOD? Notice little by little it goes up. And up. And UP.
The plan is to collapse the economy so there’s NO independent businesses- making EVERYONE dependent on the state. Furlough is psychological predation for UBI- universal basic income. And no, it’s not at all the “good will” it will be presented as.
The plan is to provide people a generous universal banking credit- so it appears appetising, and appeals to the battle fatigue that is the constant state of anxiety to earn money when lives are shut down on purpose. It keeps everyone in place.
And just like “two weeks flattening the curve” and “get jabbed for freedom”- the goal posts will inevitably change. They will reduce it and inflate it away.
A group of billionaires are deciding how the ENTIRE WORLD should live and they have the ears of government- those that CLAIM they represent the people. Remember the same billionaires who’s wealth has increased 28%+ during this crisis, at the expense of small business.
When you hear the words “build back better” this isn’t some original concept. It’s a script from the playbook: direct from DAVOS and the IMF. Remember it’s the unelected billionaires who are telling you, “you will own nothing and be happy.”
The idea is to limit all personal property and ownership. This is the biggest wealth heist in history. And again the media won’t tell you because they’ve been instructed to keep selling the scares. Fear buys.
The game is rigged for us to lose: fuelled by money printing and doomed to crash.The old world isn’t coming back-bc it was PLANNED this way. The virus was used to break the supply chain.The supply chain has broken. And when we are operational again, the consumer will pay for it.
The Fiat system is dying; I encourage everyone to study history -many a Fiat system has failed due to debasement of currency- we have to know this so we can fight back on the erosion of our personal freedoms and privacy. Today’s the day to wake up to what’s really happening. ❤️
Of course Twitter had made a mess of my thread as I read over it and wrote this very differently than what’s been posted- ofc [conveniently] half my tweets aren’t even showing up. So apologies for the gaps- Theres SO Much info to try to explain.
Damn Twitter thread- LOL. To clarity “it” is UBI- the gov plan is to reduce UBI and inflate it away. Think about it- if everyone gets X amount every month- what happens to prices? Think logically.

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Feb 28, 2022
You are not anonymous @writerjackwhite Jonathon Pile. 🤡

Your “friends” once again are outing you. Do not think for a second I don’t see what you’re doing. You are a disgusting man.

And Just like all bad bullies, you will be held to account for your abuse and harassment
The freak show known as Jonathan Pile, formerly @libdemfightbac who thinks he’s a public figure bc he campaigned for HS2 is on Twitter is now posting under a new anonymous account @writerjackwhite: And once again harassing me, posting MY photograph
Jonathan Pile thinks that under this new account he is anonymous again but he obviously is scared of being discovered - So Let’s call him out. Go see for yourself. He’s garbage. This man is a vile pig. A troll at best, who feeds off parasitic information and shares it online. 🤡
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Jul 19, 2021
Bail INS vs Bail OUTs: Can the bank really steal your money?

The simple answer, YES banks absolutely CAN take your money. It's more or less legalised theft of your savings.

The truth of bail in’s are far worse than bail outs.
There are certain illusions the media and government want you to believe about what is happening, and then there Is reality. I am merely trying to shine a light on the differences between the two.
The bail in, is a whole new level of corruption. The bank can legally take possession of your deposit and savings and turn it into worthless banking stock. The bank can now legally obtain a money judgment and have the funds in your bank account frozen, or seize them outright.
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Jun 25, 2021
I have already mentioned my fascination and love of precious metals. Gold and Silver have been in the battle, almost unnoticeably this year. Why? Because the media props you up with the narrative called “bitcoin."
And like many things making headlines it's a very weaponised narrative: contrived and put forth as what they call “digital gold.” As I've said before, Bitcoin is no more gold anymore than fiat is real money.
I have written quite a bit around the debasement of currency and have started to touch on the [corrupt] organisations who oversee legislation for monetary policy.
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Jun 10, 2021
Something is off. Nothing is normal. And no its not because of the virus. The first step in the solution is to stop depending on the same people with the same mentality to fix the problem they first started to begin with.
The people we watch day in and day out in Washington DC and Parliament do not know how to fix anything.And even if they could, why on earth would you listen to them? All they can do is keep up the "scheme".
So expecting them to fix or answer honestly in this mess, is nonsense. They are all complicit in it. Despite these “unprecedented times” none of them have ever acted in our best interests. If nothing else, the last 18 months should give credence to that.
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Jun 7, 2021
Every day in this rat trap, is another day moving towards the inevitable global banking collapse of the worlds fiat monetary system. The game is rigged, as I have said before.
I have had a lot of messages and will respond as best I can to all questions but today I have prepared a piece around Universal Basic Income, the furlough, that is placating the people. It too will collapse, like a house of cards that is the banking system, and the rest of gov.
Furlough keeps everyone in place.You’re not being paid to stay at home and “stay safe.”
You’re being paid NOT TO REVOLT.

YES, please read again: You’re being paid to stay complicit.
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