Any employer or university using coercive methods to force staff or students to be vaccinated should be financially liable if anything goes wrong.

The world decided this was wrong and established the Nuremberg Code /1…
We don’t abandon those ideas because you are scared. It is not the fault of your employees or students that the corporate media and our vaunted Health Experts™️ have engaged in panic porn for a year and a half /2
Nor is it okay for “muh private company/institution” to engage in this coercive behavior. COVID Vaccines are still therapies under investigation. No researcher would be allowed to give financial coercion under these circumstances /3
Neither should any government, business, or institution. That includes these stupid lotteries. When that one student or employee offers proof of immunity or a doctor’s note and a school or employer rejects it forcing vaccination to access education or employment, /4
and something bad happens now or five years from now they need their asses sued off. Force the issue. Make them say no & keep your documentation. This insanity of politicized science & media complicity can NEVER happen again. /5
And the only way it never happens again is if a few of these fine institutions pay $$$ dearly. If you want a test for T cell immunity go here: /6
Then discuss the results with YOUR doctor and determine the right path forward for someone with YOUR individual risk. Then make these coercive asshats say no. Then get a lawyer.

We don’t coerce people into investigational medical treatments ever. Period. /end

• • •

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If we were following “teh science” this should not even be under discussion. There is not a single study showing natural or vaccinated immunity is waning in a significant way. Not. One. /1
Is this just adding fodder to the pressure for Biden to strip U.S. companies who developed mRNA of the intellectual property protections?

Since we have NEVER before vaccinated the recovered without clearly understanding the immune response or put so much pressure on low risk /2
Individuals to take a vaccine for what is likely a seasonal bug, this all seems very strange. Giving a medical treatment is based on efficacy & benefit. This is absent in vaccinating large portions of the population /3
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