Our European Partners were INVOLVED in the #ElectionFraud Ops of 2020 that INSTALLED Biden-Kamala
This will be MESSY
Trump's Nationalism Movement in the United States is seen as a THREAT to the Globalist Agenda

After leaving Office #Obama Organized Shadow Govt to Oppose Trump

European Banking Families are Primary Players in the #ClimateChange Corruption Networks

The #ChinaVirus Leak from the Wuhan Bio-Lab had "Great Timing"


The #ChinaVirus Fear PsyOp by the #LiberalMedia Networks provided the cover for Election Fraud Operations in Multiple Swing States
Q: Who has been Organizing and Financing the Social Unrest Movements in the United States?

#BLM Marxist Radicals

Q: Why did the Globalist Corps and #LiberalMedia support BLM into the 2020 Election Cycle?
Q: Who got to Kemp in Georgia and Ducey in Arizona?
Q: Why was Chief Justice Roberts OPPOSED to President Trump's Nationalism Agenda?

Who "compromised" Roberts?
Why was he the Bush pick?
Q: What happened with the unusual Car Accident and Fire in Georgia that killed the boyfriend of the Georgia Governor's Daughter?

Was she supposed to be in the car?

Was someone sending a message?
Q: Why were RINO Networks working to BLOCK the Trump Agenda? Who owns them?
Q: Why was the UK, Australia, Canada, ITALY, and Ukraine involved in the Russia, Russia, Russia Witch-Hunt & 1st Impeachment (Ukraine) to Constrain President Trump's Foreign Policy Options?
Q: Why was the Obama/Soros #DeepState holdovers & ex-Admin Operatives constantly working to SABOTAGE President Trump and the America First Nationalism Agenda?

Who was Organizing and Financing the Operations?
Q: Who setup the US Capitol Event to create the Closing Act Images, Video, and Narrative to END the Trump Presidency and frame ANYONE that supports Trump as a Crazy, Radical, Racist Neanderthal?
Q: Why are the American People NOT ALLOWED to ask the hard questions?

Who owns and controls the #BigTech Social Media platforms?

Who owns and controls the #LiberalMedia (and controlled opposition media)?
Q: Why was #JeffreyEpstein networked into some of the Most Powerful People in Our Country?

Why was the Op allowed to continue after 2006 Palm Beach investigation?

Why did Obama travel to Ohio to warn #LesWexner?
Q: What happens in #NewMexico?
Why would Epstein maintain a Ranch in New Mexico?

Maybe he just loved the South-West weather.

Or maybe...
Q: What happens as the #ChinaVirus Fear fades and the American People start to ask some HARD QUESTIONS about what has been really going on?

What will be the New Distraction Event to distract and divide the Attention of the American People?
Q: What happens to the US relationship with Our European "Partners" when it becomes clear that the Globalist Agenda is not just Anti-Trump but fundamentally Anti-American?

How do we remove the Cancer and build a new path forward?
Q: How do we EXPOSE and REMOVE the #DeepState Globalists that have Penetrated Critical Parts of OUR GOVERNMENT?

How do we prevent the Globalist Networks from SABOTAGING the Next Round of #MakeAmericaGreatAgain ?
Q: How do we bring more Americans along into the Nationalism Movement?

How do we STOP the #LiberalMedia from driving Tribal Divisions to fracture the American People and create a sense of Learned Helpless-ness that neutralizes the People?
Q: How do we Aggressively Re-Position the United States to Challenge Xi and the ChiCom Networks in the NEW COLD WAR?

How do we REMOVE ChiCom Influence from Our Media, Sports, Govt, Corps, and Banking?
Q: How do we align the Christian Nationalism Movement in the United States with Good People in Europe, Brazil, and Mexico?
Q: How do we Accelerate Next-Gen R&D Projects to Counter China?

Which projects can be developed across a network of "Trusted" Partners with Low Risk of Foreign Espionage Ops compromising the most sensitive Ops?
(US + UK + Israel + Japan)
Q: How do we Prepare Our People, Our Cities, Our Military, and Our Logistics Networks to Weather the Storm of the NEXT Bio-Warfare ATTACK ?
Q: How do we Reduce Our Cyber Vulnerabilities to Reduce Our Exposure to Cyber Attacks?

How do we develop Rapid Response and Rapid Healing Ops to Maintain Basic Activity even if a Major Cyber Strike does Significant DAMAGE?
Q: How do we Prepare Our LOCAL People and Cities for an Extended POWER-OFF Scenario that lasts WEEKS?
Q: How do we take-down the Political Correctness and "Censorship" Culture that has dominated our #LiberalMedia, Universities, Govt, & Globalist Corps for DECADES?

How do we shift to a "Reality" focused, Practical Agenda for ALL AMERICANS ?
We've Got a Lot of Work Ahead

But remember...


This is NOT the End
This is the Beginning

Together... #WeFight

• • •

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More from @TheRiseOfTrump

26 May

#MarkZuckerberg Networks were working to OPPOSE President Trump's #AmericaFirst Agenda for 4 years and were ACTIVE in Several Key Swing States during the #MailInVoter Fraud Ops under the Cover of the #ChinaVirus FEAR PSYOP run by the #LiberalMedia & #BigTech
#Facebook is part of the #Globalist Cabal that has been SELLING OUT the American People for DECADES

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26 May
Uh oh...

$AMC to Sell Video Games


$GME to Show Movies
Remember kids...

the Gamma Isn't Going to SQUEEZE itself

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25 May
#BioWarfare Preparedness should be a Top Priority

But this would include Incentives to De-Centralize away from the Over-Crowded Mass Transit Cities and the #DemocratCorruptionNetworks strongly OPPOSE this

Single Points of Failure are Attack Points during a War

The model of a De-Centralized (or Less Centralized) Mesh Network with Redundant Capabilities is Vital to Weathering the Storm of a Blitzkrieg Attack
The Nature of War is Changing

Old Warfare Methods are still available

But there are NEW Methods that are available

Access is variable

Some methods only available to big players
But increasingly the IED Terrorist Model is expanding to New Tools
Read 7 tweets
25 May

#mRNA Vaccine Platforms

- Novel technology with potential

- Acute Safety Profile = So far... very good.

- Long-Term Safety Profile = Check back in a few years. But also compare to long-term sequelae of Natural Infection which are also NOT known.
- Efficacy Profile: Over-hyped to support adoption, but data are promising.

Over 50 with BMI above 25 seem to have the Most Acute Benefits given the Rate of Complications during Acute Illness

+ Front-Line is High Risk of Exposure
- Men & Women Prior to having Children ?

Theoretical Risks to Fertility in both Men and Women may be linked to Natural Infection.

Could Vaccines also trigger a similar risk? Maybe.

But neither Vax nor Virus are well understood b/c there is NO long-term experience
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25 May
Of the many primate lentiviruses that have been identified, SIVcpz has been of particular interest because of its close genetic relationship to HIV-1
SIVcpz was detected at multiple sites throughout the ranges of both central and eastern chimpanzees in an area ranging from Cameroon to Tanzania, but there was no evidence of infection in western and Nigeria-Cameroonian chimpanzees, nor in bonobos
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