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27 May, 12 tweets, 3 min read
On the vilification of detransitioners:

After having my account unsuspended, with an apology from Twitter for wrongfully suspending me, I decided to scroll through the reaction to the 60 minutes episode that discussed detransition.

And I'm sick to my stomach by it.

“Don't tell detrans stories, because evil “cis” people."

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"Don't tell detrans stories, because evil TERFs."

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"Don't tell "shameful" detrans stories, because it might concern parents."

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"Don't tell detrans stories, because we're an “absurdly tiny fraction.”

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Imagine, for a moment, if people spoke about trans folk the way they speak about detrans folk?

Just imagine saying that we can't talk about how comfortable “cis” people are in their own bodies unless we also cover the “absurdly tiny fraction” of trans people who aren't.

I, and many other detransitioners, receive threats of violence, rape and death simply for sharing our stories.

For having the AUDACITY to SPEAK.

Those who share our stories are attacked as transphobic, and of “using” us to harm trans people.

This is ridiculous, and enough is enough.

Detrans people should not have to put up with this. Nobody should. We should not be shamed or threatened into silence simply for speaking out.

For daring to admit the truth - that transition harmed us.

There are people who transition who benefit from doing so, and they should be able to talk about it.

There are people who transition who later detransition because transition did not benefit them and, in fact, harmed them.

Both scenarios happen and both deserve a voice.

Fair is fair. So, if we want transition success stories, let's have an equal number of stories of people who regret transitioning.

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I will never fully be able to grasp why so many people despise detransition stories being acknowledged, and I will always struggle to accept that there are many so heartless, so captured by ideology, that they'd have detransitioners silenced as mere collateral damage.

I didn't detransition due to transphobia. I was warmly accepted as trans by everyone around me. I didn't experience any hatred – until detransition.

I'm sick of it, and I'm sick of the fear & shame young detrans folk tell me they endure because of such bullies.



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26 Jul
The problem with “communities” is they tend to speak for people they have no business speaking for, ironically drowning out the very voices they purport to amplify.

“They gay community-” unless that sentence ends with “is made up of gay people,” it is false.

“They gay community supports kink at Pride.” No, it doesn't. Some gay people within the community support kink at pride, but many don't.

“They trans community supports trans kids.” No, it doesn't. Some trans people within the community support trans kids, but many don't.

I have never claimed to speak for the “detrans community” because I'm aware that there are many detransitioners who hold different opinions and beliefs from me.

I'm not a spokesperson for the “detrans community,” just as you are not a spokesperson for the “LGBT+ community.”

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