Watching Global 6 pm news and a statement from an Archbishop of the Catholic Church in BC stating sentiments like: "we appreciate the pain" and "we'll do all we can to help in healing." Hollow words considering the church HID and still HIDES any abusive behaviour toward any of
their congregation let alone the thousands of children who were abused and ?killed in the Residential prison-schools which were nothing other than a way to kill the spirit and culture of generations of Aboriginal peoples in Canada. They KNEW what was happening in these so called,
schools where they forced English on these children, forbade them to even speak their own language with the few visits from parents. It was religious brainwashing too. What needed to happen was to be transparent decades ago. Now the generations of harm has been done. The horrors
are now continuing to those who are still alive and were victims at these ?religious (not very much a caring religion for children is it?) institutions with this recent discovery of all 213 bodies on the Kamloops site.

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30 May
Tonight I was out walking after 6 pm and thinking about the 215 Indigenous children buried in Kamloops on the grounds of the residential prison-school without any family to grieve their deaths. Then I considered how the shoes on the Vancouver Art Gallery which I visited last
evening was such a poignant scene. Chilling to realize every pair of shoes was a child's life which obviously had no worth to the adults entrusted with their care. Then I thought, "What would 215 random children's names be like to read?" Meaning no disrespect to the children's
actual names, I searched for a listing of random boys and girls names and have now the list. I am going to add it here in a thread. It is a list which is added with deep respect for the actual names of these precious boys and girls anonymously buried. EMMA NOAH MIA SEBASTIAN
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29 May
@ElizabethRBess @NeetuGarcha @GlobalBC Yes, agree with all you have written above. When I worked closely with other coordinators of the Stein Festival,(I managed the Medical Care for the 3 1/2 day festival on reserve land with 24,000 attending) I got to know a really nice Aboriginal man in his late 40's - he was 1/2
@ElizabethRBess @NeetuGarcha @GlobalBC the organizer for all the volunteers at the festival except mine who were GP's and RN's. One day we were chatting and I asked him about his life. He explained how he'd been a residential school child, how he was raped by the priest there repeatedly and abused in other ways. 2/3
@ElizabethRBess @NeetuGarcha @GlobalBC No one else was in the large office and I guess he trusted me and felt I would understand (he knew I was an RN) when he told me all that happened to him. When he left the school finally in his late teens, he didn't know his own language, didn't know his parents or family. He 3/4
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27 May
@EBraeden I'm aware you filmed the Neil Winters special show of remembering him weeks ago. At the same time, deeply feeling the script as it also pertained to the beloved Kristoff St. John, who was a friend for 27 years working together. It was great script for each of the cast
involved in this very tender hour of remembrances. Remember how both Bryton and Christel both saying after the sudden loss of Kristoff how he really was like a father to them. With that sentiment in their hearts, they brought much validity to their scenes. I'm sure a few tears
were shed after scenes were filmed and at the end of the day's work. Hard to believe he has been gone for over 2 years now. I've had a black and white photo of Kristoff on the top of my art easel since he passed. I sent him my poem which I wrote for him after the loss of his
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27 May
Story from my life: I never buy chips or pop due to the lack of nutritional value - it's zero. Tonight for some reason I saw a very small bag of cheezies and thought, "It must be at least 30 years since I've eaten a cheezie." So, bought the bag. Opened it once home and ate about
1/3 and didn't really enjoy them due to the salty taste. I have little salt in my diet normally. Checked the bag to see it was 630 mgms or 265 of the contents is salt. But the bag advertises they cheezies are made from real cheddar cheese. Unfortunately that much salt is the
recommended amount of salt in an adult's diet per day. Shocking to consider some people may eat a larger bag of cheezies and not even consider the high salt intake is harmful to their body causing an increase salt content of their blood which then needs excreting by the kidneys.
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23 May
@RickMofina Just began reading your latest novel, "Search For Her." So much happened even before Chapter Three, (no spoilers) I'm thinking once again your novel is going to have me saying to myself, "Just one more chapter." It's happened for all your previous 25 books.
This morning at breakfast I was doomed - in a very good way to finish this novel. How could I read a bit and then leave it not knowing what was going to happen next. So many twists and turns with an ending no one could possibly ever guess. It reminded me of your novel,
Six Seconds which I believe I read over four days. Guess what, I ended up just reading this almost straight through and loved it most of all your other novels, even though many are now second favourites. Thanks for the nod to BC a few times. Not taking it personally of course.
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17 May
@DFisman Folks forget in Feb. the govt. said: only those over 65 can have the AZ vaccine (a true vaccine like the flu shot), then in March, the govt. totally changed their directive to: only those under 55 should have the AZ vaccine. No one even questioned this. With the mRNA, 1/2
@DFisman products, initially 2 weeks to the booster then all of a sudden 16 weeks. Not 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 weeks but 16 weeks. The companies producing these products didn't suggest this governments in Canada did this, backing it up with: it's fine to wait this long. In this article, 2/3
@DFisman there are comments backing up the 4 months delay in the mRNA booster but then later state it's "better" to have the second dose closer to the first and the doses may in fact be given sooner (In Canada). IF 16 week delay is best, then why give the booster sooner? This needs 3/4
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