NEW — the DoJ just dropped (on a holiday weekend Sunday) a new indictment in the Oath Keepers case, adding four new defendants to the case: Joseph Hackett, Jason Dolan, William Isaacs, all from Florida, plus a person whose name has not been revealed.

More details below
There's no indication who 4th person is. NJ Oath Keeper James Breheny, charged on May 20 isn't named in this indictment.

Obvious question is whether it's Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, who has been a focus on the ongoing investigation…
Prosecutors have referred to him repeatedly as "Person One." Given that they continue to do so heavily in this indictment, without redaction, it would perhaps suggest the 4th person isn't him.
Also, measuring the redactions suggests it's not him either. "Joseph Hackett" has the same number of characters as "Stewart Rhodes" but the redaction appears to be several characters longer.
Beyond that, there are a lot of new details about the case in this indictment:

-Thomas Caldwell of VA used the aliases "CAG", "CAG Spy", and "Spy"
-Laura Steele went by "GenXPatriot"
-Hackett went by "Ahab"
-Dolan went by "Turmoil"
Prosecutors describe in detail a Nov. 9 GoToMeeting where Rhodes urged Oath Keepers to go to DC & engage Antifa. "If things go kinetic, good. If they throw bombs at us & shoot us, great, because that brings the president his reason & rationale for dropping the Insurrection Act”
“I do want some Oath Keepers to stay on the outside, and to stay fully armed & prepared to go in armed, if they have to," Rhodes said. "So our posture’s gonna be that we’re posted outside of DC, um, awaiting the President’s orders."
And Rhodes continued: "We hope he will give us the orders. We want him to declare an insurrection, and to call us up as the militia.”

In response, both Kelly Meggs and Jessica Watkins (indicted Oath Keepers) asked what weapons are legal in Washington, DC
The indictment names a "PERSON TWENTY," which I believe is the largest number yet & suggests that the DoJ is looking at many more people than those that have been charged so far. Person Twenty booked hotel rooms with Roberto Minuta, a tattoo artist who provided VIP security.
It also indicates that Rhodes paid for a room at the Hilton Garden Inn used by PERSON TEN, whom the govt says was named "leader of his group’s operations in
Washington, D.C., on January 6, 2021."

That could seem to indicate material support by Rhodes.
There is extensive documentation of who paid for how many hotels and where, as well as of phone calls made between Oath Keepers on Jan. 6. Someone with a more orderly brain than I can perhaps map all that out and make sense of it?
Here's the full indictment, HMU with any thoughts or observations you might have!…
Small clarification: the grand jury handed this 4th indictment up on Weds, but it only posted on the docket today. (Credit due to eagle-eyed @ryanjreilly )
this local news story about Isaacs’ arrest from Thursday mentions him facing six charges. I have not yet looked at that complaint…
QUESTION: any lawyers out there care to explain why the DoJ would redact the name of someone they are indicting in a conspiracy case? What’s that about?
i'm hearing the most likely explanation is this person hasn't been arrested yet & so the name is redacted to prevent fleeing or destroying evidence.

That might explain why the indictment was signed Weds but not posted until Sunday — they were trying to arrest the person.

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28 May
The DoJ continues to build evidence to support its theory that the Oath Keepers were prepared to use weapons on Jan 6, with leadership (including founder Stewart Rhodes) discussing where to store guns and how to get them into DC on short notice, per a new filing today. Image
On Jan 4, Rhodes wrote in a signal chat: “As we have done on all recent DC Ops, we will also have well armed and equipped QRF teams on standby, outside DC, in the event of a worst case scenario, where the President calls us up as part of the militia to to assist him inside DC."
Then on the morning of Jan. 6, he wrote:

“We will have several well equipped QRFs outside DC. And there are many, many others, from other groups, who will be watching and waiting on the outside in case of worst case scenarios.”

QRF = Quick Reaction Force
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8 May
We discovered something new about the Oath Keepers: although it's a nonprofit, it is NOT an IRS-recognized tax-exempt entity. That means it doesn't have to publish its financials & that donations are NOT tax deductible.…
@jvgarrison @jsvine @SalHernandez
That tax status — being a nonprofit w/o being a 501(c)3 or other charity — is highly unusual b/c it confers few if any tax benefits. But experts say it gives Oath Keepers the "halo effect" of being able to claim its a nonprofit without any of the obligations of transparency.
Oath Keepers seems to use that halo to full effect, using a ".org" domain on its website, soliciting donations to promote its "mission" of supporting & defending the US Constitution & partnering with outside groups that donate to charities as part of their business model.
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28 Apr
NEW: Federal prosecutors in Michigan have filed a new indictment agains the men charged with conspiracy to kidnap Gov. Whitmer. Notably the new charges add for the first time language specifically casting the defendants as having "engaged in domestic terrorism"
The superseding indictment includes three new charges against some of the defendants: Weapons of Mass Destruction Conspiracy, Possession of an Unregistered Destructive Device (related to an IED they allegedly made) and Possession of an Unregistered Short-Barreled Rifle
Those expand it beyond the single kidnapping conspiracy count and "weapon of mass destruction" is very sensational sounding. But the domestic terrorism aspect is perhaps the most notable new element, suggesting a new frame to a case first charged more than 6 months ago.
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27 Apr
NEW: Oath Keeper Joshua James will not go back to jail or have another detention hearing, despite new evidence presented by the DoJ, a federal judge has just ordered.
James was released on April 9 but a week later the DoJ said it found new video evidence he was more violent than previously thought while in the US Capitol.

But Judge Amit Mehta said the Govt "almost surely possessed this evidence at the time of Defendant’s detention hearing" Image
That evidence, Mehta says, should have been presented @ the hearing. The issue: "whether the judicial officer finds that information exists that was not known to the movant at the time of the hearing and that has a material bearing on" whether detention is merited. Image
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17 Apr
BREAKING: the DoJ says it's uncovered new video evidence of Oath Keeper Joshua James assaulting police and screaming “Get out of my Capitol! This is my fucking building!” on Jan 6 and is requesting he be jailed again.

James was released on April 9 after a detention hearing.
Prosecutors said that video from James' phone as well as from two police body cameras show a confrontation with police. James argued in his motion for release that although he entered the Capitol, he had not been engaged in any violence that day.
Another video, apparently recorded by co-defendant Roberto Minuta, shows James "engaging in a confrontation with a line of law enforcement officers forming a barrier between the lobby and the Capitol Rotunda."
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16 Apr
Jon Schaffer, founding member of the band Iced Earth and an Indiana-based Oath Keeper, is at this very moment before a federal judge pleading guilty to two federal crimes for his involvement in the Jan. 6 uprising.

This is the first public conviction in any Oath Keeper case
He is agreeing to provide testimony and information to federal law information as part of his plea agreement as well as to turn over any evidence of crimes or their proceeds in his possession.
He's doing this in hopes that prosecutors will recommended a lesser sentence for the crimes he committed.

Here is the "information" the govt submitted detailing the crimes he's pleaded guilty to…
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