🧵Okay, I’ve been asked for more info on my talk with @CBPSanDiego officer yesterday. So, here it is. I noticed this agent had spotted my shirt when I was about two people from him in the inspection line. He kept staring at me, shaking his head. So, when it was my turn, I gave
2) him my passport card. Without a word he flicked his hand towards a camera. I said, “I’m sorry, I don’t understand you.” He replied, “The camera.” Now you should now that I always am polite & calm with officers & agents. Always. I am also a white, nearly 50 year old
3) former Border Patrol agent who is not afraid of them. I carry a fair amount of privilege. I said, “Oh no sir. I chose to opt out.” @CBP is constantly taking video & pics as we stand there waiting. Then they have the nerve to want more. It’s invasive and unnecessary.
4) He replied, “Why would you chose to opt out?”
“You already have my picture in your database as evidenced by my picture on my passport.”
“But I can’t see your face because of your mask.”
So, I pulled down my mask.”
“Move over to the camera,” he said.
5) “”No. I prefer to opt out. It’s within my right according to your policy.”
- “Where are you going?”
- “Home.”
- “Where’s home?”
- “San Diego.”
- “How long have you been living in North Carolina?”
- “As it clearly says on my passport, I don’t live in North Carolina. I was
6) “born in North Carolina,” I said calmly.
- “In what city?”
- “Winston Salem.”
- “What were you doing in Mexico?”
- “Escorting asylum seekers to their asylum appointments?”
- “What are you a lawyer?”
- “No.”
- “ We’ll what are you?”
- “I’m an American.”
7) Then he threw my passport card on the counter and I saw he’d clicked the gate open. As I walked through and paused to put my card in my wallet, he said, “You’re what’s wrong with America.” I didn’t want to argue, but I also wasn’t going to let him intimidate me.
8) That’s a part of my privilege too. There’s no point in filing a complaint. These are the same officers that beat a man to death and separate families. I don’t care what he thinks about me or my politics. I have never had such questions asked of me. I’m not upset at being
9) asked them. These are just a small taste the ridiculous things POC are asked. All white people should go through the same interrogations. They would better understand how invasive this is. No he shouldn’t have picked on me bc of my shirt, but he did bc he could. That’s it.
10) Oh yeah, this was the shirt I wore. You can get it here: @WTFAMERICA20171 goodtrubble.com
11) Recognize that same conversation would have had a different outcome if I was a POC. My skin color, age and even my weight tells him in white language that I am not someone he wants to play to hard with even though he was whiter than me.

• • •

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