Okay let’s do this one last time.
My name is Skye (still step too cuz I consider that gender neutral) and for the past day I’ve been the one and only trans girl man. The story of how I went from a recluse transphobic neo Nazi to, well, a trans girl is a long one so here we go.
Note this will be a discombobulated mess because it’s me we’re talking about.
I guess it all started when a young libertarian turned socialist Matthew started to fall down a rabbit hole of depression and insecurity. I wanted answers and socialism just wasn’t cutting it
So naturally I turned to twitter because I’m a smart person and all I was seeing from the left was, what I saw as, anti white. Primarily the “white ass opinion” crowd. I was confused and angry. Why do these people not like white people? White and I haven’t done anything.
I needed answers and one person gave me some that put me on a year long self destructive path. This person will be referred to as “Tim” for the rest of this thread. Now Tim seemed like a cool dude. We shared many interests like Pokémon and Nintendo. But he offered me something...
Else. The scapegoats I’ve been looking for. The answers I’ve been looking for. It started as just “the left the left and the right just don’t like white people” and from there he added more and more things on top of it. Within months I went from simply a “white advocate” to a...
...Holocaust denying neo nazi. Not to mention a racist trans/homophobe. But along the way I never thought I was doing anything wrong. He showed me studies, graphs, speeches that made since, podcasts where the people talking sounded smart. He had me. And I kinda let it happen.
My rationality was always “well I’m progressive economically I just want what’s best for the white race. It’s the Jews that are keeping us down.” And Tim gave me that approval every step of the way.
So how did I get out? Well this is the part where things get discombobulated
I’ll primarily focus on two people even though there were others. The first one is someone named mint heart. I met mint back in 2018 and we slowly became the closest of friends to the point we consider each other sisters. Now mint is an lgbt poc. I think you can already tell...
..where this is going. Yeah I was hurting her I just didn’t know it. Me being an idiot tried to force tim and mint to get along. Didn’t work out. Some of the things Tim said to her was the final straw for at the very least our friendship. And when i did something reprehensible...
...to her and she cut me off that’s when I fully realized I have to change something. I’ve become a monster basically. That’s where the second person comes in. Their name is Patch. I knew patch always cared about me and was always willing to help in my de radicalization process..
So I figured this was the perfect opportunity to get the hell out. So I took everything I thought I knew and threw it at them. And they helped me through all of it. They helped me realize “yes where people white their own problems but if you just raise your gaze you’ll realize...
...many other peoples are suffering as well. The solution is unity.”
Now you might be thinking “great you went from a Nazi to a statist leftist. How does the trans stuff fit into this?”
Well I’m glad you asked fake person I’m imagining.
One of the things Tim did was, frankly, stunt me. Stunted my development as a person, stunted my ability to get help with my mental problems, and the most important one for this thread, made me turn my back on the lgbt community there by...
Halting my questioning of my sexuality and gender. “You’re not bisexual you’re just ill because you’ve been consuming porn and that’s messing with your mind. Lgbt is what the capitalists (and Jews) want.” Now I still think porn is bad but for different reasons but...
...that’s what I was convinced of at the time.
When I was free from his abuser (how he abused me is a WHOLE other thing) I decided to open thag box up again and I was NOT prepared.
It started simple, you know, oh I’m a bisexual I like some guys too. Then it all started with...
One question to Patch:
“How will I know if I’m more than just bi”

After a day of that I realized something “huh. This picture mint drew of my oc gender bent makes me feel calm and comfortable. Does this mean anything?” Well turns out it did.
Heh. Squadala. Anyway.
I’m very great full for patch’s help contextualize my feelings. I thought “I’m not dysphoric I don’t have a desire to medically modify myself I can’t be trans” and that’s how i found out what a true-scum is.
And with the massive boost of confidence from my approving therapist Matthew is now on a vacation to Italy
And Skye is here to stay.
Thank you for your time and happy #PrideMonth2021
Where people white have their own problem?
G-get it it’s an into the spiderverse reference
*my abuser

• • •

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