The latest criticism of the release of Fauci's FOIA'd e-mails is that it's 'disrespectful'

The 'respect' complaints miss some fundamental points:

1. Respect is earned, not owed
2. To get respect, you generally must give it

Re: both masks & Fauci, neither bar was met...
Re: Masks as 'respect'

To the second point above, forcing people to cover their airways - via mandates or shaming - w/o evidence of benefit or acknowledgement of harm is a disrespectful manipulation of all affected people.

Portraying masks as respectful is brazen hypocrisy.
Re: Fauci's emails

Fauci is accountable to his employer - the American people - & scrutinizing the comms that led to massive societal disruption is our right. Admiration is irrelevant.

& his mishandling of the messaging was disrespectful to the public who expected transparency.
Maybe this "respect" admonishment is effective in circles where thoughtless agreement is a foregone conclusion and open non-conformity equals a fate worse than death...

But to everyone else, it just looks like transparently fallacious (and increasingly desperate) hand-waving.

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4 Jun
Today, @ICANdecide 's Twitter account was suspended for announcing the pending release of 3K pages of brand NEW FOIA'd Fauci emails obtained from HHS via a lawsuit they filed in May 2020.

Here are those e-mails and some highlights in the thread:…
April 2, 2020 (001778) –

"Fauci and Bill Gates have phone call where they agreed to a “collaborative” and “synergistic approach to COVID-19 on the part of NIAID/NIH, BARDS and the BMGF (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation).”
"April 22, 2020 (002471-2472) –

"The National Academy of Science representative confirming to Dr. Francis Collins, head of NIH, that “WHO, Gates Foundation and European Commission have been leading and planning” the “global coordinating effort to accelerate vaccines, ...
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4 Jun
Sorry, this is just wrong 🤷‍♀️

All the marketing pivots in the world won’t fix the underlying prob when that prob is violated trust

Misleading ppl — esp on an issue this weighty — is brand suicide

You have no persuasive power when ppl don’t trust you...…
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2 Jun
Fauci should resign — irrespective of his emails.

Fauci didn’t just fail the low-risk people who endured the collateral damage of his policies & reccs.

He failed the at-risk & fearful, too...

In a crisis, it is critical that Public Health communicates accurate info about risk & provides strategies and tools that empower people to protect themselves.

Fauci offered none of these.

Instead, he left people defenseless and terrified...
It was cruel to tell people that they would die unless every single stranger they encountered complied w/ draconian restrictions that carried significant individual cost.

And it’s equally cruel to ask that of others.

Anyone reasonable could see that it was impossible...
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2 Jun
The Fauci e-mails: primary source…
I think this one is interesting (it’s part of a thread) b/c Fauci is stingy w/ his attn.

A 2015 article (link below) re: GoF requires urgent review.

The article was corrected in May (4mo. later) but Idk the significance of the correction.

What’s even more interesting is that almost every other email in this thread is completely redacted, aside from the now infamous ‘prevaricate’ one.

Another notable element is one of the invitees to the urgent conference call which appears to relate to GoF is Christian Drosten...
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31 May
This piece requires a response:

American wartime soldiers served to *protect* our way of life, not to compromise it at the slightest indication of personal risk & certainly not to capitalize on the opportunities wartime restrictions presented...

Advocating for data transparency & questioning the necessity of restrictions that strike at the very identity of our nation - clawing at the hands gripping our country’s throat - those *are* patriotic acts.

And you don’t get to tell the people whose lives & livelihoods...

were asphyxiated by untested, ill-advised, ineffective mandates that they haven’t sacrificed enough.

You don’t get to position yourself as righteous and when the policies you support exacerbated and accelerated their loss. And you sure don’t get to bully them...

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27 May
I gave birth to a preemie in December 2009.

Her early appearance during winter put her at high risk for RVs & our family shielded her as best we could.

Never once did we consider asking the world to stop spinning or expect strangers to take responsibility for her health...
She was hospitalized three times in her first two years for respiratory infections.

And — again — not once did I feel anger toward whomever might’ve passed the illness to her. Assigning blame never even occurred to me.

Hell, it may very well have been me.

I’ll never know...
But the odds were always in her favor and life marching on is good for everyone.

Looking at her now, you’d never guess she was a preemie...5’8” at 11y.o!

But — and this is important — not only did I never expect strangers to be responsible for her health...
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