Fauci was VERY NERVOUS about the #ChinaVirus leak out of the Wuhan Bio-Lab

The Late January Email from Kristian Andersen set OFF ALARM BELLS

Fauci fully understood the implications and he had to NEUTRALIZE the problem
One of the "Tasks" assigned to his Deputy may have been to organize a Research Team that would work to Neutralize the Lab Origin Narrative Early

Scientific Claims would be made in Trusted Journals and by Reputable People

Divert Attention and Dismiss Lab as NOT Likely
Start Pulling the Threads on the Cover-Up

Fauci's Deputy -->

Then Ask... "Why?"

Why would there need to be a Cover-up?

Why would this Lab have set off ALARM BELLS for Fauci?

Why did he have to JUMP INTO ACTION?
Why was Fauci working with #CNN and #BillGates to DAMAGE President Trump into the Election?

Why was he Covering Up the #ChinaVirus Lab Leak hypothesis?

Why did Fauci support the cover-up of the Cuomo Nursing Home DEATHS?
Why was #Fauci "Celebrated" by the #LiberalMedia and #SocialMedia networks?

Why was the #ChinaVirus Fear PsyOp used as cover for the #MailInVoter CHANGES in Key Swing States?

Why was Facebook's #MarkZuckerberg involved in the Election Ops against President Trump in Key States?
Why did the #SocialMedia platforms need to NEUTRALIZE President Trump after November 3rd?

Who "setup" the Iconic Images of the Events at the US Capitol on January 6th?

Why was the Insurrection Narrative hyped by the Media?

Who planted the Bombs the night before? And Why?
Why was the pre-Event Security Relaxed on January 6th?

Why would an event that would be a Govt Decapitation Opportunity be left Vulnerable?
{VP + Speaker + Senate + House + incoming VP}

Why would the Capitol Police be CELEBRATED after the Failures?

What was the Role of the FBI?

If the FBI really has "White Supremacist" groups Flagged as the #1 Threat in the country...
Wouldn't they have Assets focused on this Threat?
Wouldn't they have a Higher Level of Concern at the US Capitol given the YUGE Crowds expected?
Did the FBI have Assets embedded within the "Proud Boys" and "Oath Keeper" Networks that the #LiberalMedia have Flagged as Right-Wing Extremist Groups?
Where did #ChrisWray launch his career as Assistant US Attorney? And who was the President in 1997?

Where was the Private Law Firm that Wray was stationed at when he was outside of a Gov't Role?
Who is the guy on the LEFT of #JimMattis?

Which State was he deeply-connected into?
Did anything "fishy" happen in that State?
The #DeepState was working to "Contain and Neutralize" President Trump for 4 years....

But they would NEVER seek to Rig an Election. Elections are Sacred.
The Will of the People must be respected.



The RINOs and "Never Trump" Republicans that Identify themselves in the Media are a BIG PROBLEM

But those that remain HIDDEN and "pretend" to be Allies while Secretly working to Neutralize the Movement are FAR MORE DANGEROUS

The #DemocratCorruptionNetworks are in TOTAL CONTROL

And the "Controlled Opposition" RINOs are playing their Role.
Try to keep the Radicals from Doing Something Too Crazy.
Spewing Political Nonsense into the Cameras while allowing the country to be DESTROYED
The American People need to TAKE BACK THE COUNTRY

But the Mission is much bigger than Throwing Out the Democrats in 2022

The Cancer has Spread

Removing it will require Hunting It Everywhere including #BigTech, the #LiberalMedia, and #Hollywood networks
The #DeepState Govt Operatives will NEED TO BE HUNTED AND REMOVED

And these Networks will need to be Neutralized Completely. Otherwise they will Run and Hide to Plot a New Attack on the United States of America
The Scale and Scope of this Mission cannot be Over-stated

But this is THE MISSION of our Lifetime

And it must start LOCALLY

Get Organized
Build the Movement

Do NOT get caught up in Petty Differences or Tribal Issues -- the enemy will use this to Divide & Weaken the Movement
The #Globalist Networks must control the United States from within

And the Globalists are Anti-American

The Rise of President Trump has EXPOSED them

The Attacks on President Trump began in 2015 just as he Emerged as a Candidate

They continued for 4 years and 2 Impeachments
And they culminated in a #RIGGEDELECTION under the cover of a #ChinaVirus Outbreak linked to a Bio-Lab in Wuhan China which was "connected" into multiple networks including the US, Canada, France, and UK
They used the Events at the US Capitol to Frame an Insurrection

The #LiberalMedia needed their Iconic CLOSING ACT to show that anyone that supports President Trump's #MakeAmericaGreatAgain Movement and Opposes the Davos Globalists must be a CRAZY FREAK

Cui Bono ?
This is MUCH BIGGER than #Fauci

Fauci is a Weak Man.
Fauci is just a Patsy in the Game.

The Real Gams is Much BIGGER.
The #FauciEmails are just the 1st Thread

Fauci's Cover-up is just 1 part of the Game

Yes... Fauci Lied.
Yes... Fauci supported the Cover-ups
Yes.... Fauci was sabotaging President Trump

But Fauci is a very small player in the game

Hunt the Big Players!

• • •

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