1/12 I want to highlight a problematic title from Fox on Fauci’s emails: “Fauci emails spark flood of backlash: 'Needs to stop playing games'”

Games? The emails are largely a testament to one man’s unfailing patience even as those, who could not distinguish viruses as different
2/12 as a guinea pig is from a rat, undermined his expertise. The article fails to support its claim quoting, “It seems like he was very troubled early on that there was gain of function. He's like ‘What, is gain of function still going on? I thought we paused it.'
3/12 Here we see an elected official’s fondness for a theory that has no basis in reality--that coronavirus is a manmade virus--padded by a source of information trusted by millions of Americans. The unethical, misportrayal will further weaken public trust...
4/12 ...needed to weather a crisis. Our adversaries have noticed how swiftly America, the Great®, felled beneath a virus that required communication, cooperation, and selfness to defeat. liebertpub.com/doi/full/10.10…
5/12 The article goes on to quote the senator saying, “...I think he was very concerned – although he doesn't say it in the email – concerned that he continued to fund it through NIH even though there weren't doing gain of function." (typo?) We have...
6/12 ...a conspiracy theory without evidence receiving coverage and credence from the same outlet that may well have indirectly hampered the US pandemic response, and our national security, with its continually reckless coverage npr.org/local/309/2020…
7/12 Research from @mmfa: “From January 25 through April 23, 2021, Fox News personalities and guests misinformed viewers about the science of the coronavirus in at least 325 segments.”
8/12 “Of the 325 segments that attacked coronavirus science: 47% politicized health measures designed to slow the spread of the virus. 39% dismissed the efficacy of health measures. 37% implicitly or explicitly alleged health experts or govt officials could not be trusted...”
9/12 27% undermined vaccine(s)... 13% misrepresented basic facts about...coronavirus. 5% dismissed, misrepresented, or politicized coronavirus data.” mediamatters.org/fox-news/fox-h…

The data from Media Matters led me to examine Fox’s historical coverage of Fauci.
10/12 He worked well with Bush and Cheney; Bush liked him so much he put a medal on him. What I found in snapshots is a testament to the power of journalism—both good and bad. novelscience.substack.com/p/fox-news-att…
11/12 Speech is free, but it is not without real-world consequence. Elected officials know this or they would not spend money on strategic communication and coordinate messaging. One cannot argue prayer is an appropriate response to gun violence and deny the power of words.
12/12 The most conservative idea is that of personal responsibility, so I am not criticizing conservative values—I am asking people to live them. Discussion of freedom without reason, accountability, responsibility is to sow madness. Indeed, we have reaped what has been sown.

• • •

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24 May
1/44 There appears to be some intentional disinformation surrounding the coronavirus. A lab leak is not out of the question; everyone agrees more investigation is needed. Still, the virus shows no signs of manipulation.
2/44 The man-made virus story was dead-on-arrival back in January of 2020.

Why then do we have senators taking time to ask about funding to a lab that could easily be looked up some other time?
3/44 Especially when we know it feeds into conspiracy theories that are currently tearing apart families around the country.

It also stoked a disinformation arms race last year that likely hurt the US. atlanticcouncil.org/weaponized-cov…
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Our minds respond predictably to uncertainty. We struggle to take in new information. We may be more paranoid and not knowing anything for sure can leave us desperate for certainty.
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3/ That is why for every major outbreak (and crises in general), conspiracy theories crop up and--inexplicably--we suffer something like amnesia, where forget we have heard this all before. When it's happening though, it can be scary and feel impossible to know what is true.
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1/8 I give thee: "How to Have a Discussion with Dad," a new infographic guide for adult children who live with a FOX-affected parent. Follow these 7 steps and talking about controversial topics with your dad will be as easy as letting your eyes gloss over.
#humor #disinformation
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1/n Increasingly @wsj has published misleading, inaccurate articles that divide us and erode trust in credible intelligence. "Anonymous sources...smear Republicans with false claims of collusion. Three corrections later, has the media learned anything?" wsj.com/articles/the-r…
1.5/n I trust the @WSJopinion editors have access to the Rubio Report, the 5th installment in the investigation into Russian interference. Since this article indicates perhaps not, here is a section you should read. justsecurity.org/75766/us-treas…
2/n narrative appeared in campaign material. The intelligence bulletin warned about Russian efforts to influence the election, which is to say, anyone familiar with the last 100 years of disinformation efforts... forbes.com/sites/alisondu…
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3 May
1/6 Update on my investigation into the origin of modern vaccine disinfo, specifically infertility narratives and conspiracy beliefs. I traced it back to what seems to be the origin. It's multiple locations separated by time and space. The narrative similarity suggested a common
2/6 origin or experience. I was able to isolate groups in these locations at this time, which would have had access to the public that would allow someone to disseminate this rumor authoritatively. In all locations, I found one group, but
3/6 there was a problem with one location. They were there but it wasn't early enough. There's no way disinformation could have spread on that timeline in the year I was looking at, so I was stumped. I thought I'd found a single source for the disinfo but the evidence never lies.
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1 May
1/35 In 2017, the tax-exempt Koch Foundation and Koch Institute donated over $2 million to conservative media outlets, including $980,000 to the Daily Caller Foundation, the tax-exempt entity that underwrites Tucker Carlson’s The Daily Caller. doi.org/10.1017/978110…
2/35 Now, why would the Koch brothers be spending money on that? Probably for the same reason the far more reclusive billionaire Robert Mercer invested in Breitbart. bloomberg.com/news/features/…
3/35 With the rise of movements defending specific groups a la FDR and LBJ: labor, civil rights, consumer, environmental, and women’s movements, too much power had slipped into the hands of people who made excessive demands (fairness) of government and corporations.
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