1/ I want no part of this tainted, crowded rainbow. I don’t want to be part of your schemes or secret plans or pile ons or complaints or hanging up on charities or silencing women or telling lesbians to sleep with men or vice versa. I won’t celebrate your corporate approval..
2/ Your secret meetings with government officials, your petulant edicts comparing people who dare to disagree with you to Nazis. I want no part of your cushy jobs or pet news papers or networks who speak for you. I don’t want to be part of a movement that says asexual is a thing
3/ Or teaches children to care about external gender presentations that would be old fashioned in the 60. I reject your bourgeoise obsession with pronouns and looking for offence where there is none, your silly, pointless campaigns.
4/ Spare me your lies and clever word games where you pretend conversion therapy means the same thing as asking a child to think twice before they are surgically or chemically altered. Spare me your rotten clever schemes of changing language because you cannot change minds.
5/ Do not count me among your troops while you harass decent women out of jobs, while you castigate gay men who created your organisations, while you draw your forces against the one charity that represents us. Count me not in your bovine troops.
6/ I am not part of your narrow prescription that teaches children their bodies are wrong instead of teaching them a society that does not accept them is wrong. I am not part of your drive to silence and no platform and deny people a voice, I do not fear debate.
7/ I will not stand shoulder to shoulder with the ghouls you have created and released, I will not condone pictures of guns on social media and messages about “terfs”, I want no part of your drag Queen story hour or relentless focus on children.
8/ I am gay rights from 10 years ago. Before the madness, before gender identity, before you told me I should feel guilty for having a “genital preference”. I have not moved one inch. You have launched yourself across the veil of madness. You who say lesbians must date men...
9/ Gay men must sleep with women, speech should not be free, vicious attacks are somehow the act of innocent victims, you would would have people arrested and sacked for your corporate sway and hollowing out of human experience.
10/ You are now grown into a monster. A lunging, uncontrolled, unmeasured, unreasonable leviathan, a thing made of fangs and claws. You are in your death throes and each day your lashing out and screams become more desperate.
11/ This is your demise and your lunacy is you do not see it. Our victory will be slow but it will be complete. Do not count me among your troops, I have long since been a member of armies against you.

• • •

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4 Jun
1/ Today has been difficult. A gun obsessed person threatens women on social media. A mother is arrested and charged for having opinions.

But Pride can and will be different.

We will win this because we are winning this, where there was a renaissance will be re-enlightenment
2/ The vast, shaking edifice or word play and bourgeoise pronoun parlour games will be seen for the sophistry and western foolishness it is. In place of email signatures will be inquiries to actual deeds, not words.
3/ We will teach children and adults who need to hear it that they are not born wrong, they were born beautiful and perfect and no programme or medical intervention can make them better than what they are.
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2 Jun
1/ It really does take some gall to systematically complain and object to LGB Alliance’s application for charity status, then complain to the charity commission because you didn’t get your way and then to launch a court case and simultaneously complain that you are being harassed
2/ Similarly, it’s cavalier with the facts to say the least to give an interview where you say you don’t represent all gay people while in your court case saying that you should.
3/ It’s nothing but a strutting exercise of power to say that gay people who disagree with you are as bad as antisemites in the face of the EHRC telling you that is an obnoxious and unlawful view.
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26 May
1/ Thread: And so, to battle. After a weekend in which the EHRC leaves the stonewall scheme after a week in which the diversity scheme was found to offer unlawful legal advice, after a year in which Stonewall blocked lesbian and gay men who dissent...
2/ In a year in which it had nothing to say to the predominantly gay detransitioners, those uncomfortable invisible people with no place on the ever expanding rainbow. Nothing to say to trans people who don’t want the word transexual deleted from the Equality Act.
3/ Nothing to say to gay men or lesbians who take honest, decent disagreement other than to misrepresent them as full or “hate”, nothing to say to Essex University who it impliedly accuses of relying on “misinformation”. Into the bunker it descends, away from reality and decency
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24 May
1/ Thread: The gay rights movement is the mad king, Lear or George III or Caligula, take your pick. Common to all of them it now sets itself against the real world and makes an enemy of not of it’s natural opponents but the very fabric of reality itself. The Kingdom of the mad
2/ In this kingdom men are women, woman are men, adults behave like children, children must make adult decisions like whether to take puberty blockers and be infertile. Scrutiny is “creepy”, dissent is “hate” and gay rights are a white man’s toy adorned with pronouns,faux offence
3/ The two kings and emperor once retreated to royal sanctums and placed hands about their ears and bolted the doors. So too do their spiritual successors blocking the troublesome lesbians, the gay men more recently arguing the points, the decent straights and bis
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22 May
1/ Thread: I may have natally emerged from one (for which I am eternally grateful, but the hard wiring of my being means I can never be aroused by one. I’m not transphobic or hateful. I’m just not able to be aroused by a vagina like lesbians can’t be aroused be penises.
2/ We all wished it were other, how easy my life would be if I were straight or bisexual. I remember praying rosaries in the car to school aged about 12 wishing I had not been aroused by the Kay’s catalogue men’s underwear section. Am sure lesbians have the equivalent.
3/ I am stuck with my biology. For me, the pistons only move and make motion at male bodies. Male smells. Male actions as a result of male socialisation. Male ways of being and male personalities. This is not hate. It’s love. I’m built on a love of males.
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21 May
1/ Thread: If you are my accusing priest and your confessional has but “phobe” and “ists” as my sins turn back because you have not a chance of capturing my real sins. You have but two words in your silly fake bible with your silly fake words like “Cis” or “genital fetish”
2/ You priests with your green hair and your corporate approval and your strange speech codes and your anime artwork and your computer game obsessions and your endless, pathetic, undignified begging for cash online.
3/ You have but two suffixes, your “phobe” and “ist”. I am more than you because I have about me and can know in you the seven deadly sins. You blue haired hooded torturer come to me but let us have our confession together. Let us have some fidelity to the 7 deadly sins.
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