I think of it more like, I have a job that let me spend six hours refreshing to find the earliest possible appointment, and then take a few days off to weather the storm.

The people who don’t have that but still want a vaccine need help to get it.
Are we going to incidentally over-reward some people who are just borderline antivaxxers? Sure.

But please don’t forget that a lot of people don’t have jobs where they can just take not work for 1-3 days because of vaccine side effects.
I do wish we just straight-forwardly helped people out dealing with those immediate impacts, but I’ll take it like this.
Just look at vaccination demographics, and remember, it’s not all anti-vaxers. A lot of it is people who are going to need more support to get this done, and so we should provide that support gladly and willingly.
And please don’t forget that the people who need support really have been the ones who are doing all the work in the high school group project that is COVID—people who do shift work, gig work, who work multiple jobs to make ends meet and kept working through the pandemic.
Those of us who had jobs that let us be flexible and work from home and then take 48 hours off post-vaccine?

We really weren’t the ones pulling the heaviest load.

• • •

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3 Jun
Okay, so setting aside the "resolution" part of this... if they ever passed a bill to this effect, it would wildly backfire, because whew, this bill does not say what they think it does.
This is the point I knew they were in deep trouble. Affirms that we will not support or impart any K-12 public e
Look, I don't want to downplay how crappy this move actually is. it's terrible. It's very bad.
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2 Jun
Twitter hates your brain chemistry and will delightedly trash it for engagement metrics.
This is something I’ve been noticing more and more.

It’s felt especially clear to me because over the last month or so, I‘ve imposed Twitter-free times through content-blocking apps. My brain feels incredible.
I am an account that is on the cusp of death-engagement, which means that I notice some pretty obvious patterns in things.
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1 Jun
A brief thread on what I do and don’t consider to be bullying. This isn’t a full discussion, but here we are.
(1) Directly calling someone names that are purposefully designed to be hurtful rather than truthful in order to harm them.
Calling someone racist when you truthfully believe them to be racist? Not bullying.

Calling someone an asshole when they’re mean to you? Also not bullying.

Calling someone a fat ugly bitch because you dislike their Medicare stance? Getting closer.
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31 May
Athletes already have a very strong incentive (even absent fines) for participating in media conferences, and that is that they make more money the more people like them and the more sponsorships they get, so free press is generally useful.
I've seen people say ridiculous stuff like "if you didn't force them to participate in media days nobody would talk to the press" and (a) if everyone has to be forced to participate maybe it's wildly horrific and shouldn't be done? but also (b) you're completely wrong
I know this because I am an author and nobody forces us to talk to the press and we don't have clauses in our contracts fining us if we say no to a media appearance.
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31 May
For everyone saying that Naomi Osaka "made this about her" just remember that the tournament organizers didn't have to...threaten to expel her and make this a huge deal.
They could have done exactly what she suggested, said "the rules say we have to fine you, we will donate the money we receive to a mental health organization and are looking forward to discussing how tennis can best support its players."
A 23 year old woman who admits to having mental health issues doesn't have to do everything absolutely perfectly in order to have those issues addressed, especially when the adults who make the rules can fuck up all over the place.
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31 May
To be fair, this is because Democrats generally do better with higher turnout and there’s no easy way to block Republicans without blocking more Dems.
Don’t get me wrong—I think the franchise is an important goal to many Democrats as an independent goal (me! For instance!) but voter suppression helps the GOP win. Always.
And you might say, well, but the Dems could voter suppress heavily Republican areas!

Sure. But the methods of voter suppression have the largest impact on Democratic demographics, and so they’d be making those areas even more Republican. Not a win.
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