This thread will be used for my musings on how to defeat @katiehobbs and assure she never becomes the governor of Arizona. She will have a sycophantic media on her side, and the support of her party's radicals, but together we, the people can send a message. Image
Who is @katiehobbs?
She is a social worker by education
A product of @EmergeAmerica
An org that trains women on how to run for public office, while many alums join school boards (imagine that),
Hobbs is there greatest achievement, & has held public office since 2010
@katiehobbs burst on to the political scene, immediately declaring her ardent support for unconditional abortion, described her pride over being endorsed by @PPFA, & a desire to implement comprehensive sex education in our schools,
@katiehobbs was elected to the AZ House in 2010, beating fellow Dem Lela Alston by just 718 votes, she'd represent District 15 from 2011-13, & served on the following committees: Government, Health & Human Services, & transportation. She would quickly pivot to the Senate
@katiehobbs ran for state senate on this platform: improving AZ schools, creating jobs & equal opportunity for all. During the campaign she attacked Republican tax cuts & accused them of attacking women. She handily beat Rep Augustine Bartning to become senator for District 24
Let's go faster. @katiehobbs was comfortably re-elected in 2014 & ran unopposed in 2016.
Now this is fun: she had 10 committee assignments over three legislative sessions including ELECTIONS & AUDITS through 2013-14. What a journey, folks.
@katiehobbs served as State Senate minority leader from 2015-19, before running for SOS. Her platform includes this, "our national politics have become dangerously polarized & divisive our state officials should be dedicated to serving the best interests of the people of AZ."
@katiehobbs ran unopposed during the 2016 Democratic primar, & defeated Rep Steve Gaynor by just 20,252 votes. Many voters went to sleep that night believing Gaynor had won, & were surprised at this unexpected morning reversal. This race contained a Rep write-in candidate
On Nov 8th 2016, Donald Trump was elected president, & @katiehobbs promptly abandoned any pretense of bipartisanship, & added professional rage tweeter to her resume. She embraced liberal extremism, endorsed BLM, added pronouns to her bio, & called all Republican Nazis. ImageImage
3 major issues around @katiehobbs

Her campaign received over 10,00,000 from 2 NY based BLM activists

In 2015, she fired an aide named Talyona Adams, after Adams requested pay & benefits equal to white male counterparts. Adams would receive her job & over a million in damages

While investigation is ongoing we know that at some point, @katiehobbs, @Adrian_Fontes & @maricopacounty BOS delegated the running of AZ elections to 2 Dominion contractors in the county employ, she continues to obstruct any investigation as to the nature of this agreement.

After overwhelming demand from AZ grassroots activists, @AZSenateGOP ok'd @ArizonaAudit to examine irregularities surrounding Biden's unlikely victory in @maricopacounty. @katiehobbs coined the term #Fraudit & wages daily verbal assaults on both auditors & her constituents.

It would be an understatement to say @katiehobbs receives favorable media. This is speculation on my part, but local reporters like @brahmresnik appear to echo her talking points, & @azdemparty narrative at large in efforts to undermine #AZAudit. This likely will not change.

On June 2, 2021, @katiehobbs announced her candidacy for governor, & some random schmuck on Twitter named @SRGfromLD23, with no real political background, decided to dedicate his time to putting a stop to it. So, what would he do? Let's get nuts!

Brief addendum:

All election related information collected from here:

Taylona Adams stuff here:…

Proof of BLM donations here:

(Screenshot thanks to @redwildcat) Image
@katiehobbs wants us to think she's changed, (watch her announcement video for a laugh), she's a uniter, not a divider. That she'll represent all of AZ, not just the fringe. Want to see how stupid she thinks we are? Look, what she did to her Twitter bio the day she announced Image

@katiehobbs is a classic politician, morally flexible, with lies waiting to escape from her mouth. She thrives off division, she wants you scared of your neighbors, wants you on red alert in fear of a mythical "Neo-Nazi" threat. Why? Because scared people are more easily led
It's not hard to see where this goes, last year a handful of Dem Governors willingly committed economic suicide to destroy "Trumps' Neo-Nazi threat." They welcomed BLM & Antifa to roleplay a Marxist race war, & set their cities on fire. @katiehobbs is cut from the same cloth.
Populist Conservatism is on the rise, the only way to derail it is to stigmatize it & the people who support it. Thus, the "insurrection," the "rise of white supremacy." As we speak innocent people are rotting in DC jails. Why? Because they don't think like @katiehobbs & Joe

@katiehobbs will spread fear to best serve progressive policy. She will champion CRT under the pretense of equity, attack the 2A, (Nazis love their guns), remind us the police don't keep us THAT safe, Spreading this message won't be particularly hard with a compliant media.

• • •

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6 Jun

Why does @ArizonaAudit exist? A (hopefully) brief history

A few days after "election day" Biden was declared the first Democrat to win @maricopacounty since Truman

Noting the numerous odd circumstances around the 2020 election, constituents requested an Audit

Here's how people like me attempted to do this. First, we contacted the AZ legislator requesting they call a session to examine these irregularities. We were informed due to "covid reasons" the LEG needed to be called back by @dougducey & @speakerbowers for a special session.

These calls were amplified by Donald Trump himself, & were initially humored by @dougducey (& ignored by @speakerbowers), this continued for weeks until it became clear that Ducey was simply stalling in an effort to avoid having to deal with this issue before certification.
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