I supported Donald Trump in 2020 and will be supporting @BrianKempGA in 2022. He led on reopening going before DeSantis. Our economy bounced back, and is growing. Our kids went back to school. He signed the election integrity law that eliminated the largest source of election /1
rigging which was private grant funding in Fulton County in combination with pandemic exceptions. It gave Joe Biden 100,000 more votes in Fulton County than Clinton received in 2016. He still only won the state by less than 12K . A privately funded Biden turnout machine /2
overcame President Trump’s increased support throughout the state by a very narrow margin. Those loopholes are closed as they should be to ensure equal protection & equal access. It is also what Abrams & Dems are apoplectic about. They built a machine they thought ensured her /3
vindication in 2022. Governor Kemp & @GaRepublicans better get off the stick & start explaining this now. We need to take back the Senate seat held by Warnock & have some awesome candidates in the primary. I am leaning toward @kelvinking4ga who is super impressive. /4
We only take this state back if we have massive turnout & take indy’s who are suffering the effects of the horrid Biden far left agenda that Warnock votes for lockstep. Even when it takes funds away from Georgia. /5
We only do this if @BrianKempGA & @GaRepublicans square the 2020 mess by explaining what really happened. NOW. Then let’s move forward together for a prosperous & safe Georgia. /end

• • •

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4 Jun
Reupping this thought:

The intel agents who collected & analyzed the data about the possibility of a lab leak are probably still with the CIA.

@maggieNYT & others like her have sources in the perm bureaucracy. Their excuse is “But Trump!!!” It is garbage. /1
They lied to you for one reason. To defeat Orange Man Bad. Using Orange Man Bad as cover. As if Trump himself was collecting & analyzing intel. 😂

So now they gaslight you with that excuse as if it excuses them. It doesn’t. /2
The fact is a layer down from Presidential appointees, the players rarely change. That is how Anthony Fauci, or the Mendacious Midget™️ as I call him, accumulate enough power to ruin your life, /3
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1 Jun
If you want to understand our current moment in easy to understand language with some interesting through lines I can’t recommend these three videos from @ConceptualJames & @SovMichael /1

They are beyond worth your time & consideration. I have also watched the conference from 2019 that included @HPluckrose & @peterboghossian that is referenced. Also worth it. /2

These brilliant people have helped me digest what I am seeing & helped me steel my own spine. Let them reinforce yours. You won’t regret it. /3
Read 4 tweets
29 May
The Nature article says even people with mild COVID develop robust immunity. Before you or your child take the vaxx, get a T-detect /1

RSV is a virus that is one of the most common causes of hospitalization in children. There is no vaccine. Most children encounter it between 0 & 3. After the 1st infection, subsequent infections are cold like symptoms. /2
If children are encountering COVID and largely not becoming sick at all, and don’t transmit it to adults, why the hell are we talking about vaxxing them? Resist this & let their natural immunity shine. If you had measles, you are immune for a lifetime. /3
Read 4 tweets
27 May
YOU WERE LIED TO - a thread
For all of you just coming around to the lab leak theory, almost everything you are now hearing from "intelligence sources" was neatly captured in an investigative documentary by @JoshJPhilipp LAST APRIL. cc:@JanJekielek /1
It also contains information you haven't heard (yet). Especially about the links within China. If you haven't watched it, you absolutely should. At about an hour it is well worth your time. And welcome to the party! /2
It becomes highly suspicious that NBC decided to do this hit piece on them. Not really surprising that a China focused media outlet took a significant interest in a President that took on the CPP and a virus that originated there. /3
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26 May
Any employer or university using coercive methods to force staff or students to be vaccinated should be financially liable if anything goes wrong.

The world decided this was wrong and established the Nuremberg Code /1

We don’t abandon those ideas because you are scared. It is not the fault of your employees or students that the corporate media and our vaunted Health Experts™️ have engaged in panic porn for a year and a half /2
Nor is it okay for “muh private company/institution” to engage in this coercive behavior. COVID Vaccines are still therapies under investigation. No researcher would be allowed to give financial coercion under these circumstances /3
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24 May
Today is Day 125 of the Biden administration. We are 8.65% of the way through the 1st term of this shit show.

After not remaining mum last week Corn Husk’s intern tweeted this/1
Weird since the Democrats let antisemites roam the halls of Congress & put out some of the most insane both sidesism talking points so those who wish to destroy Israel could tweet. /2
There has been no rise in violence against Muslims. Calling Hamas a terrorists organization is not Islamophobia, it is a fact based in reality. Supporting Israel’s right to self defense is also not Islamophobia. This messaging is equivalent to blaming the victim /3
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