Whew, Salon is Columbusing onto what feminist bloggers were writing about New Atheism a decade ago and it is.... a LOOK.
I'm not linking to that piece at Salon which "discovers" that Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Michael Sherman et al are problems, but here's a (literally) decade-old piece from Liss McEwan about Dawkins and his Elevatorgate and "Dear Muslima" garbage: shakesville.com/2011/07/point-…
And not all of the links work, but here's a roundup from Geek Feminism at the same time about those incidents which gives a sense of the many different people talking about this: geekfeminismdotorg.wordpress.com/2011/07/12/sex…
Advice for all seasons: Listening to women when they identify problematic men would save a lot of trouble down the road. Lather, rinse, repeat. /fin
PS This is another piece from Liss about the way New Atheism's spaces were unwelcoming to her as a woman. It's from 2013. shakesville.com/2013/03/this-f…

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More from @Shaker_aphra

9 Jun
So what major media outlet will be the one to figure out the astroturfing that is driving these "grassroots" anti-CRT protests at local school board meetings?
Read 17 tweets
9 Jun
I've seen a lot of accounts complaining that they weren't taught about Tulsa and other race massacres in school.

Well, if you want accurate and inclusive history in schools, you'd better get down to your local school board meeting. The racists are there, and they're organized.
And I say this particularly to white folks. Make noise. Push back against this anti-CRT nonsense in legislatures and at school board meetings. Or the problem is only going to get worse.
Conservatives are *good* at this. And they're going to set back the teaching of accurate, inclusive history by many years unless there is pushback. School boards need to know/hear there's another side.
Read 4 tweets
9 Jun
One of the tragedies of our queer history is the way so many of our elders died of violence, depression-induced suicide, AIDS, or other causes related directly to our oppression.

It would be cool if younger queers let the survivors celebrate Pride however they want.
I totally get the impulse to bash "rainbow washing" and other corporate nonsense, but even I (a Gen X-er)am old enough to recall AIDS, gay panic defense, and queer stuff being total commercial anathema.

If elders want to celebrate Pride via rainbow commercialism, let 'em.
I'm not old enough to personally remember when queers were subjected to chemical waterboarding and other tortures as part of compulsory medical "treatment" but there are people alive who do.

And if their labels/pronouns/words aren't those of a younger generation... so what?
Read 5 tweets
9 Jun
In my freaking freshman year of undergrad encountered a nonwhite male prof who did this to multiple students while his trusting fiancee/wife, was out of town. At a small Midwestern liberal arts college where people talked.
He's got a cushy full prof job in New England now.
In my next year of undergrad learned of a white male prof who did this to male students, and another white dude w/ female students. That was just undergrad. At a small school.

Then grad school, hoo boy.
Some of my followers know about this. cbc.ca/news/canada/no…
Read 4 tweets
8 Jun
Imagine thinking this is an appropriate response to stories about professors blatantly sexually harassing students under the guise of "socializing."

Imagine having that little empathy for survivors.

White male privilege is a hell of a drug.
When we talk about "rape culture," this is one of the things we mean: dynamics that enable rape and other sexual abuse are normalized and defended. White men, slightly inconvenienced by having to be considerate about others, pouting re: "a moral panic about power dynamics."
We're talking about situations that lead survivors to flunk out of classes and potentially out of college. To have to avoid professors (and therefore all the classes they teach.)

We're talking about denying education to some students, largely female.
Read 8 tweets
6 May
A lot of things would be different if Jim-Bob Duggar had been treated from the outset like the dystopian Handmaid's Tale nightmare that he is, rather than some quirky, benevolent conserva-dad. I lived in AR when he ran for Senate. This wasn't secret:

His plan for abortion was to completely outlaw it, execute the rapist, force women to have their rapists' child, ensuring a supply of babies for adoptive parents. That's not stuff you give someone a tv gig for.
And when we learned he was espousing that platform while covering up his son's sexual abuse, it should have been game over. He has NDAs for adult family members. This is not cute, heartwarming, or quirky. Nothing about his malevolent control is. It's an abuse cult.
Read 6 tweets

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