I hate all of these metaphors, TBH.

It's more like having an HOA that takes care of maintenance for a fee, but also is a complete pain in the ass if you want to paint your house purple, versus living in a community with no such rules.
Some people prefer living in HOA land. Some people don't. Sometimes HOAs can be super-fucking racist, and that shouldn't be allowed.
But sometimes communities without HOA like rules can ALSO be super-fucking racist, so it's not like this is a thing that is specific to HOAs.
People who have a genuine desire to paint their house purple and/or run applications that aren't approved by the Powers That Be should absolutely make choices about living and or computing platforms on that basis.
How to handle things like racism, though, shouldn't be left to an HOA or a computer company. The answer should be no, not anywhere.
The vast majority of people who buy Apple mobile devices do not want or need to jailbreak their devices to run unauthorized code, even if it is their primary computing platform.
I am a no on HOAs for me personally--I'm glad I didn't have to submit plans for my solar design for approval to some other body, for instance!
But I'm a yes on HOAs (as long as they're not shitty and racist) for other people, because I prefer that the people who all want to be cops about other people's property all live together in a place that isn't near me.
I personally prefer Apple's computational platform version of the HOA because I would rather apps *not* commandeer my personal information without my knowledge.

I *like* most of Apple's rules and don't want to have to do the research on everything else.

• • •

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8 Jun
One thing that is really obvious once you notice it and EVEN MORE obvious every time thereafter is how different the rules are for different kinds of people.
Look at who needs to be forced to work and who will grow from the experience of early labor.

Compare with those who are presumed to benefit from easy access to that labor.
And people just say it right out! “But how will we make people work?”

If I said, “What if we solved the current labor crunch by not letting people give their adult children money any longer, that’ll force rich 18 year olds to actually work during college” people would flip.
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7 Jun
Hey, I'm a signer on this very important project.

While COVID numbers look great in the US, there are many parts of the world that are still struggling. We need open IP.
Some IP groups (e.g., the RIAA) claim that opening COVID IP to save lives in a global pandemic will somehow hurt artists of all stripes because.... ???

Something that sounds like "we must crush people in the iron fist of IP rights ALL the time or they will learn freedom."
The IP rights at issue are *not* just vaccine IP. It's the ability to share medical information about COVID treatment. The ability to run meta-analysis on other studies. And so forth.
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6 Jun
It’s been 24 hours, and Twitter has decided that I am interested in pudding, Call of Duty, Amy Coney Barrett, and Kaori Sakamoto.

One out of 4, Twitter. One out of 4.
correct interest: Kaori Sakamoto
Since I’m seeing this show up, I suspect that the CoD interest showed up because I liked a tweet that said that some people use Twitter discourse like playing Call of Duty—a way to get out aggression.
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5 Jun
Okay, so I was *trying* to figure out if there is ANYTHING in settings that would make it so that I don’t constantly have to set tweets to “latest tweets” just to keep the hellscape from infecting my brain.

I didn’t find, it, but I did find...
...this incredibly frightening Twitter “Interests” section. Screenshot of the Twitter s...
I have made it a point to NEVER tell Twitter my interests. But does Twitter care? No. Twitter has made up a list of interests for me, and.... what are you doing, Twitter.
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4 Jun
I think of it more like, I have a job that let me spend six hours refreshing to find the earliest possible appointment, and then take a few days off to weather the storm.

The people who don’t have that but still want a vaccine need help to get it.
Are we going to incidentally over-reward some people who are just borderline antivaxxers? Sure.

But please don’t forget that a lot of people don’t have jobs where they can just take not work for 1-3 days because of vaccine side effects.
I do wish we just straight-forwardly helped people out dealing with those immediate impacts, but I’ll take it like this.
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3 Jun
Okay, so setting aside the "resolution" part of this... if they ever passed a bill to this effect, it would wildly backfire, because whew, this bill does not say what they think it does.
This is the point I knew they were in deep trouble. Affirms that we will not support or impart any K-12 public e
Look, I don't want to downplay how crappy this move actually is. it's terrible. It's very bad.
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