White settlers who came to Texas in the 1830s received 80 acres of land for every enslaved person they brought with them. I'm assuming this will be covered in the 1836 Project, yes?
A significant motivating factor for the Texas Revolution was that the Mexican government had declared slavery illegal, which rubbed the Anglo settlers the wrong way, because freedom. tshaonline.org/handbook/entri…
Section 9 of the 1836 Texas State Constitution. All persons of color who were slaves for life previous to th
In 1840 there were ~11,000 enslaved people in Texas.
In 1850 there were ~58,000 enslaved people in Texas.
In 1860 there were ~182,000 enslaved people in Texas, which comprised about 30% of the state's total population.
This is the language Gov. Abbott’s predecessors used in 1861 to justify their decision to secede from the Union.
Some language in the bill. Curious to see how the legacy of the booming antebellum economy based on slave labor will be covered in that pamphlet of theirs celebrating the founding of the state.
Some data pertaining to the percentage of Texas’ leaders’ wealth in 1860 that took the form of human beings.
With very few exceptions, to be prosperous and powerful in Texas before 1860 meant that you owned and exploited the labor of enslaved people.
In the 1850s about 1/4 of white Texas families owned enslaved people. But enslavers held 73% of the state's wealth and dominated Texas society, law, and politics.
I haven't even mentioned the violent dispossession of Native Americans in the nineteenth century, which was another important aspect of Texas's development into an "economically prosperous" state for white people. statesman.com/story/news/his…
None of the white people who currently live in Texas are responsible for these actions that were taken over 140 years ago. But it is the responsibility of a state's leaders to speak honestly about its past. Whitewashing history serves only to perpetuate historical injustices.
Teaching rising generations the truth about history won't magically make everything better. But it will at least enable us to move forward together with a relatively shared and accurate understanding of where we've been.
Just in case anyone thought Texas right wingers don't have a long, long history of these sorts of shenanigans.
Here’s an excellent thread with more information on the history of slavery in Texas.

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7 Jun
African-American activist Louis Lomax spoke at Oregon State University a few weeks after Goldwater lost the 1964 election. His assessment of what Goldwater and his supporters had made of the GOP was pretty blunt.
Lomax was far from the only person to comment on how Goldwater's people had transformed the party of Lincoln into a "white man's party." This is from Bob Novak, hardly a flaming liberal.
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7 Jun
In October of 1964 David Noebel, one of Billy James Hargis's deputies, gave a talk in Salem, OR where he outlined the communist brainwashing being perpetrated by rock n' rollers like The Beatles. He also extemporized about "the nest of perverts" in Washington DC.
Worth noting that both Richard Viguerie, key innovator of GOP direct mail in the 1970s and 1980s, and GOP Congresswoman Michele Bachmann were influenced by Noebel.
Here's how Salem's other newspaper, The Capitol Journal, reported on Noebel's October 1964 talk.
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7 Jun
Conservatism in the early 1960s drew much of its energy from white opposition to the Brown v. Board decision & the civil rights movement, but prominent conservatives tried hard to frame themselves as "not racists." The crowds (& speakers) at their events didn't always cooperate.
I mean, Hargis invited one of the nation's leading segregationists, R. Carter Pittman, to speak, and then wants folks to not notice when the crowd stands up and enthusiastically applauds Pittman's speech about "the inequality of the races."
That critical op-ed about the racism of Hargis's supporters appeared in the Medford Mail Tribune on 12 March 1962. Medford is in Southern Oregon &, both then and now, was hardly a hotbed of woke leftism. Calling out the racism of Hargis's followers was not all that controversial.
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5 Jun
Where did the apocalyptic & reactionary brew of racism, anti-immigrant bile, gun fetishism, red baiting, & antisemitic conspiracy theories that defines MAGA political culture come from? Let's look at a June 24, 1965 Portland newspaper edited by "Christian Patriot" Walter Huss.
On page 1 we learn that any attempt to abrogate the 2nd Amendment is part of the Communist, one world government attempt to destroy America. Note, this is 12 years before the NRA was taken over by gun rights extremists.
On p.2 we learn that people fighting for racial justice, like MLK, are really commies and not to be trusted. Same goes for their celebrity enablers like Pete Seeger.
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5 Jun
The far right gang, funded by conservative billionaires, who couldn't shoot straight. oregonlive.com/politics/2021/…
The video of Nearman instructing the OR State Capitol invaders how to reach him was filmed by a guy who then livestreamed the event on Facebook. Here's a link I posted on Dec 21, and it's still up.
I've long been curious about this livestreamer. He streams virtually every far right event in Oregon. I know because his feed is usually the one I use to see what's going on. He was in Salem recently, for example, for the Proud Boys rally in town.
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4 Jun
Not surprised, but they’re just letting their theocratic white nationalist freak flag fly today. Remember that the editor and founder of this site is married to Meghan McCain.
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