WILD: the @AusFedPolice & @FBI secretly ran a backdoored encrypted phone service.. for criminals.

Got thousands of users around globe

Now charges are starting to drop. THREAD

Report by @josephfcox: vice.com/en/article/akg… ImageImageImageImage
2/ A confidential human source on @FBI payroll since 2018... gifted them a nascent encrypted communications company aimed at criminal customers.

The FBI then baked in a backdoor, which sent a decryption key alongside each "encrypted" message... and began distribution. ImageImage
@FBI 3/ Trust is hard when you are a criminal.. so #trojanshield used known distributors...to get it rolling.

They even called their early project a "beta test"

Fascinating details: @FBI & @AusFedPolice coordination & MLATs to underpin this... plus a cooperating third country. ImageImageImage
4/ Ultimately, #Trojanshield's utterly-backdoored chat program was on ~11,800 devices in 90 countries... and in the pockets of people connected to 300 Transnational Criminal Organizations (TCOs)

Highest user counts in:🇩🇪🇳🇱🇪🇸🇦🇺🇷🇸 Image
5/ Observation: typically you have to balance the value of disrupting criminal infrastructure with...the attendant loss of visibility.

Apparently not so here: Enforcement actions against other criminal phone services drove users right into the arms of #trojanshield. Image
6/ Example in search warrant: Kilos of coke in the French diplomatic bag 💼

Diplomatic pouches are typically immune from search under Vienna Convention...

...but have been the subject of trafficking scandals, from Argentina to Ecuador & Russia.

Curious about backstory here... ImageImageImage
7/ The examples are the day-to-day of transnational criminality: Coke stashed among bananas..tuna...pineapples, and cash to move backwards.

The whole search warrant, uploaded by @josephfcox is worth a read.
assets.documentcloud.org/documents/2079… ImageImageImageImage
8/ The website for the backdoored Anom app was...fun.

- "Why does Anom no longer use a VPN?"
- We don't disclose where are servers are.. but promise they are outside Five Eyes jurisdiction.

Also, a cache suggests that they left parts of the site unfinished... ImageImageImageImage

• • •

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18 Jul
BREAKING: massive, global leak of the targets of NSO Group's Pegasus spyware. *huge deal.*

Forensic investigation by @AmnestyTech
in collaboration with @FbdnStories reporters.

We @citizenlab conducted peer review.

Here's an explainer THREAD.
washingtonpost.com/investigations… Image
2. Background: the already-notorious NSO Group makes mercenary spyware to silently & remotely hack iPhones & Androids.

Many of their government customers are authoritarians.

Most cannot resist the temptation to target their critics, reporters, human rights groups etc. Image
3. More about leaked numbers & targets in a sec, but first you need to know:

@AmnestyTech just released a report with technical analysis of NSO's infrastructure... & analysis validating w/forensics that some phones were infected with Pegasus.

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15 Jul
🚨MAJOR REPORT in collaboration with @MsftSecIntel
exposing spyware company Candiru.

Websites serving their spyware include fake #BlackLivesMatter & fake human rights groups.

Targets: journalists, human rights defenders, around world.


Report: citizenlab.ca/2021/07/hookin…
2. We @citizenlab identified a Candiru-infected, politically active individual in Western Europe.

We extracted the infection & worked with @MsftSecIntel who found two Windows 0-day exploits CVE-2021-31979 and CVE-2021-33771.

@Microsoft has now patched.
3. The @MsftSecIntel team found over 100 victims of Candiru (SOURGUM) malware, which they call *Devil's Tongue*.

Targets include:
- Academics
- Human rights activists
- Journalists
- Politicians
- Dissidents
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10 Jul
NOW #Oathkeepers leader Elmer Steward Rhodes is strolling the halls of CPAC...with an official event pass.

He didn't enjoy being spotted, and apparently got in reporter @ZTPetrizzo's face...yelling obscenities.

Story: salon.com/2021/07/09/ste…
The #Oathkeepers leader schmoozing with the GOP establishment at CPAC tells everything you need to know about the state of the Republican Party today.
Speculation: CPAC organizers don't like the bad press that the #Oathkeepers leader brings... but are afraid of blowback if they turn Elmer Stewart Rhodes away.

My takeaway? The GOP can't stand up to extremists.
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9 Jul
NEW: he breached the #Capitol with "PRESS" in big letters on his helmet & body armor.

But the FBI says Matt Purse wasn't a reporter.

Figures, since he was seen harassing *actual* journalists (Example: pic 3).

Charges against #MrExtraCreepy: justice.gov/usao-dc/case-m…
2. Matt Purse at the Capitol in his "PRESS" costume trying to intimidate and shout down a Danish reporter 👇
3. More: Matt Purse wearing his "PRESS" outfit trying to intimidate *another* reporter.

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12 Jun
Terrifying moment a man is restrained by passengers & crew near cockpit.

Based on multiple reports & a check of flight tracks, this appears to be @Delta Flight 1730 (LAX - ATL) which diverted to Oklahoma City.

Developing story, details unconfirmed.
Flight track for @Delta 1730 (Los Angeles - Atlanta) showing the diversion to Oklahoma City (OKC).
One of the reports tweeted by a passenger is that the man was attempting to open a door during flight.

I find it reassuring to know pressurization of the aircraft and the design of the doors, makes it physically impossible to do that.
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11 Jun
BREAKING: serving @Chicago_Police officer Karol Chwiesiuk breached the #Capitol.

He bragged about it...even claimed he knocked someone out night before.

Later texted: "N*** Don't snitch".
2/ Narrator: in fact, Chwiesiuk s device location history snitched on him, before his texts could...

The complaint more or less tracks his every move from Chicago to the inside of the #Capitol.
3/ Interesting: complaint makes a point of showing an email Chwiesiuk got from Stop-the-Steal promoter Ali Alexander on January 5th telling people where to meet at the #Capitol #Jan6.
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