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8 Jun, 40 tweets, 18 min read
Russian-spy hookers targeting tech leaders in Silicon Valley? 2018. Yes. Yes they were.

Keywords: Masha Drokova. Yuri Milner. mercurynews.com/2018/07/27/are…
Masha Drokova. Russian whore. Putin Boobs.
Before Masha Drokova was Jeffrey Epstein’s publicist she was Vladimir Putin’s publicist. Now she is in Silicon Valley where she has been funneling Kremlin money into American businesses for some years after Esther Dyson brought her to the US. I’m sure it’s fine
Clarification, I do not know where she is literally at this moment. I saw a tweet of hers a few weeks ago from Europe. She should remain outside of US borders, and stay there.
Lana Pozhidaeva and Masha Drokova’s sister Victoria Drokova. Both Lana and Masha worked for Jeffrey Epstein, and Masha worked for Vladimir Putin, she’s “Putin’s Kiss.” And Lana? One wonders.
Lana Pozhidaeva and her deceased former employer Jeffrey Epstein shared an atrorney, Darren Indyke
“Svetlana Pozhidaeva, a former Russian model whose father was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Red Army and who herself attended a Moscow university once described as an ‘incubator’ for the KGB. She later joined a model agency run by Jean-Luc Brunel.” dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7…
“Educated at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, known as a training ground for Russian diplomats and spies, she is the daughter of Yury Pozhidaev, 61, who rose to the rank of Lt. Col…buried in Russia’s most prestigious graveyard, Novodevichy, in Moscow.”
Anastasia Shvetsova partnered with Putin’s Kiss Masha Drokova - Epstein’s publicist in the US - and they were hanging out in Trump Tower in 2017 with TechCrunch’s Mike Butcher. Here’s Anastasia
Masha Drokova. Anastasia Shvetsova. Jeffrey Epstein. Vladimir Putin.
Masha Drokova. Anastasia Shvetsova. Jeffrey Epstein. Vladimir Putin.
She’s no beauty queen, but that’s not why Masha Drokova was chosen for her mission.
Not hard to buy a new face or new tits that get the job done.
Masha Drokova
Anastasia Shvetsova

Ben Goertzel

Jeffrey Epstein

John Brockman

Joe Rogan

Vladimir Putin
And who was Masha Drokova sent to America by?
If any of these Russian ladies had to schtup Singularity man with his taupe teeth, I’m gonna feel a frisson of empathy for about half a second. There it’s gone now
There’s a photo of Masha and Goertzel canoodling at a restaurant but I can’t find it. Cursed image, it’s better that you don’t have to see it. And wonder.
If anyone has it, I’ll add. I think it was on Masha’s Facebook or IG which is now private.
Here’s the deal, rich ugly nerds. Russian singles in your area with duffel bags full of rubles are never excited to meet you.
Anastasia Shvetsova
Masha Drokova
Rachel Wolfson
Jeffrey Epstein
Tim Draper
Arianna Huffington
Masha Drokova (center, Putin’s Kiss) and sister Victoria Drokova (R) with a third woman at left I cannot identify.
That’s Masha Drokova in the middle, Victoria her sister at right. Masha’s appearance has changed quite a bit since this photo in 2015.
Could that be Masha Prusso aka Mary Prusso on the left? Not sure.
Masha Prusakova, aka Mary Russo.
Masha Prusakova aka Mary Prusso
Mary Prusso sounds so much more American than Masha Prusakova. Part of Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global.
Anastasia Shvetsova, Masha Drokova (“Putin’s Kiss”) and Masha Prusakova aka Maria Prusakova aka Mary Prusso, and friends. “Dream Team.”
Anastasia Shvetsova, Robert Scoble, Ben Goertzel of SingularityNET
Also in this tangled web, Rachel Wolfson, @Rachelwolf00, who did PR for Jeffrey Epstein. Arianna Huffington had to delete Rachel’s blow job about Epstein bravely funding science. nytimes.com/2019/07/21/bus…
Rachel Wolfson, former publicist to Jeffrey Epstein who also worked with Tim Draper and Arianna Huffington.
Rachel Wolfson. Masha Drokova. Anastasia Shvetsova.

Common denominators include Jeffrey Epstein.
And @ariannahuff 🤝😎 Arianna my bitch you got some splaining to do 👋
It’s notable that the ladies who came from Russia changed their names to sound more American. A number of them did this. Multiple completely different names, not just one alternate name. Yes, there’s a story about my name too. My abuser made me take it on as a teen. What’s theirs

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7 Jun
The at times extreme pain I’ve been experiencing is now subsiding in waves, surgery recovery complications. The relief of pain that crescendoed without end for many months is like a delicious drug
I’m healing up. It’s so good.
For those new to social justice meemaw’s medical travails, 1 yr ago weird bloop in my eyelid. Misdiagnosed 5x, once as “serious” cancer (it wasn’t). Surgeries. Surprise “allergy” response from my body to dissolving stitches. Imagine a spider web of chile pepper inside your eyelid
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7 Jun
A small new bakery in a nearby southwest Utah town which is frequented by large families of the predominant faith is now doing challah on Fridays and I am so here for it. Friday services for that faith are rocking in another small town, and on Zoom. It’s good here.
old white supremacist crackers cooking meth in their trailers on BLM land with Molon Labe flags: the Jews shall not replace us

the Jews: actually don’t mind if we do
This is the Friday challah, the baker ran a bakery in Las Vegas and the Utah town is a mellower place to live. He is fully rocking and so is his challah. Not naming it because not everything is about promotion. Image
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6 Jun
Ms. @dionnewarwick playing on the radio, on a drive through Utah with my man and our 3 sweet senior dogs. This moment felt like her voice was beaming down from these skies, ricocheting off the red cliffs. 🙏✨🏜
It’s a real trip when you remember the next hit song from that very seventies composer Burt Bacharach and Hal David was…

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head. Very similar compositions.
The amazing @dionnewarwick, Dionne Warwick, "This Girl's In Love With You" on The Ed Sullivan Show on March 23, 1969. Source:
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6 Jun
Amateur astronomers sometimes discover new stars. Amateur investigators, some of them victims, sometimes discover new truths. My grandfather was an amateur astronomer. Einstein visited family home, grandpa built world’s first aluminum observatory & own telescopes. Photos exist
It was Einstein‘s first visit to US. Hosts asked who he wanted to meet, which heads of great universities & great men of science. Albert Einstein told them I want to meet with the amateurs. Like that uneducated Irish plumber who built an observatory out of aluminum.

My grandpa
@nytimes had just run a little oddity item about my grandfather, the Irish plumber only educated up to 3rd grade who built his own functioning observatory out of scraps from the new aluminum plant, and his telescopes from discarded glass. Albert Einstein was like, I dig it.
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5 Jun
To the male writer who mined my timeline for sources, sold a story based on my tweets, then told those sources I was Russia crazy & cognitively unstable: Eat my whole entire ass, then eat my other backup ass, then eat a 3rd fulsome ass I’ve reserved for this occasion. And like it
I want to apologize for this tweet because it contains two possible factual errors, one of which is he may or may not have sold the piece lol loser
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