1/11 16% was the tax rate for ultra wealthy, revealed by tax documents. propublica.org/article/the-se…
2/11 When you see people opposing fair rates of taxation for them and officials objecting despite the fact it would help their constituents, prod a little more around that, instead of repeating what we are told. You have nothing to lose by exploring the idea.
3/11 Fairly taxing those who accumulated extreme wealth through poor treatment and underpayment of employees is not socialism. If you're arguing that, I would explore how you came to use a "thought-stopping" technique, which is not a natural response to real conversation.
4/11 A natural human response would be to inquire more. When we don't and that thought-stopping catch phrase both misuses a term and goes against the interest of the person saying it, exploring if it's a learned response seems reasonable.
5/11 Ask why your representatives are in private calls planning to deprive you of free will through clever influence efforts. newyorker.com/news/news-desk…
6/11 Consider whether our societal decline has something to do with the pseudoscientific theory of trickle-down economics, which today is little more than plausible deniability. That's when America's decline began, while other nations continued improving. Image
8/11 If you're looking around America and pointing at others struggling but not worried about abject wealth extraction, you have to wonder how a person got there. You don't get there with reason. Image
9/11 Does it make sense that we took on a net economic decline in exchange for trillions more in debt in 2017? That's what Penn Wharton projects. Image
10/11 If you believe it's going to help you and me, you did not get that idea from reason. budgetmodel.wharton.upenn.edu/issues/2018/4/…

• • •

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10 Jun
It's disquieting how the disinformation campaign against Fauci resembles the one against Biden before the election. Tapes of Biden were leaked with nothing damning and yet they were portrayed as a "smoking gun." Same with Fauci. Pic of prominent names in #FauciEmails discussion. Image
1/ Let's examine some of the names. Their names do not necessarily indicated unethical or nefarious behavior. This is merely to provide context.
2/ Raoult Didier is the author of the HCQ study that excluded patients who had poor outcomes or who died, switched endpoints and ended early, and published in a journal where a study author is the editor. novel-science.com/origins-of-sna…
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10 Jun
1/ Criticism must come from within, so I am calling this out for the manipulative disinformation that it is. It says that the equality act will harm the unborn. That is false. I have looked at data as far back as 1500, mainly from 1800 to the present. Image
2/ You provoke fear in the public so that they carry out your political will and it is an abject abuse of power. The "global gag order" supported by the Catholic church and Christians flooded religious groups with funding. Many of these groups violate their tax-exempt Image
3/ status by interfering with local politics on-site, like HLI in the Philippines and South America. Headlines from disinformation outlets tell people how terrible it is that we repealed the Mexico City policy and you justify it at great length. IT INCREASED ABORTIONS BY 40% Image
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9 Jun
1/6 The @WSJopinion featured the provocatively titled article, The Science Suggests a Wuhan Lab Leak, which is so poor I struggle to believe it was accidental. Two weeks ago WSJ also ran a story about sick lab workers, but we knew that months ago. Why now?
2/6 This report was released on Jan 15th, so reporting on it four months later is bizarre. Perhaps not related, but a co-author of the op-ed is a scientist who received generous funding from the Kochs before ending his climate science denialism in '12. 2017-2021.state.gov/fact-sheet-act…
3/6 Then there was the Fox article. Another bombastic title. Fauci loses all credibility--something that is subjective, but I decided to read the emails. I read every single one. Trust me. I have seen damning emails, just not among his. Image
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6 Jun
1/ Some details to consider while we are talking about Elon, Bolivia, and Lithium. murphy.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/…
2/ The emails reveal the Justice Department’s involvement in the Bolivian coup regime’s criminal investigation into alleged voter fraud, which has not previously been reported.
3/ In an unofficial tally, Morales led Mesa by 7.9 points, giving the opposition hope for a second round. But when the official count was released, Morales had won by 10.6 points. There would be no runoff. Without evidence, the opposition immediately leveled fraud charges.
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3 Jun
1/12 I want to highlight a problematic title from Fox on Fauci’s emails: “Fauci emails spark flood of backlash: 'Needs to stop playing games'”

Games? The emails are largely a testament to one man’s unfailing patience even as those, who could not distinguish viruses as different
2/12 as a guinea pig is from a rat, undermined his expertise. The article fails to support its claim quoting, “It seems like he was very troubled early on that there was gain of function. He's like ‘What, is gain of function still going on? I thought we paused it.'
3/12 Here we see an elected official’s fondness for a theory that has no basis in reality--that coronavirus is a manmade virus--padded by a source of information trusted by millions of Americans. The unethical, misportrayal will further weaken public trust...
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24 May
1/44 There appears to be some intentional disinformation surrounding the coronavirus. A lab leak is not out of the question; everyone agrees more investigation is needed. Still, the virus shows no signs of manipulation.
2/44 The man-made virus story was dead-on-arrival back in January of 2020.

Why then do we have senators taking time to ask about funding to a lab that could easily be looked up some other time?
3/44 Especially when we know it feeds into conspiracy theories that are currently tearing apart families around the country.

It also stoked a disinformation arms race last year that likely hurt the US. atlanticcouncil.org/weaponized-cov…
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