.@RepSeanMaloney made a lot of sense w/ @SRuhle today. Let’s say Republicans got the Senate back w/ no filibuster. What might they try to do?
- Permit unlimited assault weapons sales?
- Make all abortion illegal with no rape or incest exceptions?
- Cancel Americans’ healthcare?
Would they move to privatize Medicare and Social Security, which they’ve ruminated about for decades? Basically handing your retirement over to the same Wall Street casinos who tanked the economy in 2007-2008? Sorry grandma, your retirement account lost value. Your balance is $0.
Presumably they’d want to cut billionaire & corporate tax rates to zero or near zero and maybe pass a consumption tax to shift most or all of the tax burden to the middle class & the poor. The name of the game is: make the working scrubs pay; let the leisure class enjoy their $.
I mean that’s the core of the Beltway Republican agenda, no? The culture war stuff is just grist to keep the white working class base engaged and distracted by constant rage. That’s why people like Mitch and Lindsey suck up to Trump. He does the shiny rage keys stuff for them.
But here’s the problem. If Beltway Republicans actually tried to enact their presumed real agenda by passing bills like I’ve described through the House and the Senate, in the very next election — voter suppression or no voter suppression — they’d get run out of office on a rail.
The problem with Republican “ideas” such as they are is that they’re deeply unpopular. That’s why they have to use sneaky shite like voter suppression & minority rule tactics to enact them. When that agenda is described straight up, the vast majority of Americans are a “hell no.”
Ask yourself: why when Republicans had control of the entire congress did they not enact this stuff? Especially the one that keeps so much of their right wing Christian base in the party despite the grossness of men like Trump? Why didn’t they outright ban abortion?? Seriously.
Why are they tinkering around with it in the states and hoping the SCOTUS will do the dirty work for them?? Because they know they’d be punished by the electorate if they just went ahead and did what they claim they believe in. Republicans want their Gilead at a discount.
They did go about as far as they’ve ever gone to delete taxes on the rich and corporations in 2017 (and BTW they did it via reconciliation, Joe Manchin) and before that they passive-aggressively let the assault weapons ban die. But even with control, they couldn’t delete the ACA.
Republicans are increasingly hostile to democracy, not just because they can’t win the popular vote in presidential elections, but also because a freely voting, universally registered electorate in their states would punish them if they ever openly enacted their agenda.
And if true majority rule was allowed in this country, most people would vote for
- Gun reform
- Universal healthcare
- Wall Street reform
- Switching to green energy/away from climate-choking gas and coal
- Women’s bodily liberty
And all sorts of other stuff Republican despise.
Don’t take it from me, take it from this data: nymag.com/intelligencer/…
And this data: vox.com/policy-and-pol…
Meanwhile, the current Republican agenda is all culture wars, all the time. And there is a reason why: the stuff that the corporate overlords want done is deeply unpopular, which is why they feel the need to shrink the electorate to a bare minimum. nymag.com/intelligencer/…

• • •

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10 Jun
That presumes he’s even going to run for re-election, as opposed to say, running for WV governor instead, or joining a corporate board or becoming a fossil fuels lobbyist or something else. The question is, what does he want? That’s how you figure out who has what leverage…
And don’t tell me he wants “bipartisanship” or the Senate to be like in the olden days when 100 old white guys cut deals across the aisle over cigars and brandy. The latter might be true but so what. What does he want NOW?
Also miss me with “he wants what his constituents in rural, ruby red West Virginia want, because the data suggests otherwise…
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1 Jun
Biden on the Tulsa massacre: "we do ourselves no favors, pretending that none of this happened. ... We can't just learn what we want to know, but what we should know ... the good, the bad ...everything. That's what great nations do. They come to terms with their dark sides."
More Biden: 'in silence, wounds deepen."
Biden attacking the zero-sum thinking of too many Americans who have held all the power and who believe that "if I hold you down, I lift myself up. If you get a job, I lose my job." No truer words, or more succinct explanation of much of American racial and ethnic history.
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31 May
The notion of “American exceptionalism” necessitates a heroic narrative specifically about the country’s European “pilgrim” colonizers and founders. If they and the white Americans who followed are not uniquely and consistently heroic, the whole narrative falls apart.
That’s why the 1619 Project and @nhannahjones are viewed by traditionalist historians and “white normative objectivity” journalists as so dangerous. The project disrupts the heroic narrative and forces us to confront the villainy and piracy involved in this country’s founding.
With that as a new starting point, we’re forced to question everything that a very whitewashed and sanitized “traditional” history has told us; especially about Black people, who have faced far more violent and long-lasting resistance to equality than we have ever been told.
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31 May
On Memorial Day, we learn that the "Oath Keepers" and disgraced ex-General Michael Flynn, actively desire a military coup in the United States like the one that happened in Myanmar, in order to install Donald Trump as the leader of a white nationalist military junta. Perfect.
Oh, and they and the "proud boys" and various other extremist nuckleheads also may have had the support of at least some Republicans in Congress. And Republicans are trying REALLY HARD to suppress public knowledge of these events or an investigation, though a bunch of cops died.
Republicans REALLY REALLY want us to stop talking about this. They want to bury the 1/6 insurrection like their fellow travelers buried the Tulsa massacre and the one in Elaine, Arkansas and Rosewood and all the others. Welp. Instead, we're gonna talk about it EVERY DAMNED DAY.
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31 May
Hard on this Memorial Day not to think about those Black World War I veterans who fought to defend Greenwood before the Tulsa government summoned vigilantes and sent in ground & aerial troops to murder them, their families and neighbors and put the survivors in internment camps.
And the fact that this atrocity took place the day after Memorial Day in 1921 with Black veterans gathering to stop one of the flood of lynchings that made Hell of the years after the war, from the “red summer” of 1919 on, seems especially poignant... tulsaworld.com/tulsa-race-mas…
And the irony isn’t lost that Memorial Day itself began as a commemoration by Black Americans of the Union troops — white and Black — who died fighting to end the blight of American slavery; and that it began in slavery’s cradle: South Carolina... wjla.com/features/7news…
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31 May
Tulsa Burning is another Stanley Nelson masterpiece and a chilling reminder of how terrifyingly common it was for Black people to be lynched by January 6-style mobs in America. Just breathtakingly common and accepted in polite white society. And we still have no anti-lynching law
No wonder right wingers are fighting so hard to bury accurate American history. The routine brutality of it would be hard to explain if fully told, and it would be tough to maintain the myths about why inequality, police brutality and other ills persist.
The Black citizens of Greenwood were held in internment camps. INTERNMENT CAMPS. A generation before the same thing was done to Japanese Americans. The Blacks were punished for THEIR community being ransacked and burned and 300 murdered. I’m just sick watching this.
Read 4 tweets

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