Dems want to make it easier for people to vote because higher turnout usually favors them.
Republicans want to make it harder for people to vote because higher turnout usually hurts them.
To justify their voter suppression, the GOP has manufactured an "election fraud crisis."
That's pretty much the story of US politics right now in one tweet. You'd think every politician in a nation premised upon the idea of popular sovereignty would want to make it easier for citizens to vote. Sadly, only one of our two parties now believes that.
The "election fraud" narrative is utter bullshit and every high ranking Republican knows it. But because they think all politics is just about power, they assume that Democratic attempts to expand access to the ballot are "really" just a power grab.
For some in the GOP their opposition to higher voter turnout flows out of a "principled" opposition to democracy. This is the "it's a republic not a democracy" crowd, whose lineage traces back to the John Birch Society who pioneered that talking point.
The excellent historian @Joshua_A_Tait covers that ground very well in this piece.…
But for most folks in the GOP base, they're not resting their political positions on a close reading of John C. Calhoun or Wilmore Kendall, they just believe the lies about "election fraud" they get fed nonstop inside their MAGA-affiliated media bubble.
Founds like James Madison recognized that "public opinion" must play an essential, legitimating role in US politics. Elections are one place where that "public opinion" manifests itself. The news media plays a key role in determining how informed and rational "public opinion" is.
It's not a coincidence that the current GOP is working hard to systematically undermine public trust in both our system of elections and our system of news media. Fair elections and accurate news reporting are a check on their power, and they know it.
A party that wants to keep citizens away from the ballot box, while undermining accurate reporting and funding propaganda outlets that knowingly lie, is a party that is unfit to play a major role in the politics of a constitutional democracy based on popular sovereignty.

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In the late 1960s, a guy who headed up the Christian Education Association and edited a "patriotic" magazine called "Common Sense," offered these "Patriotic Educational Materials" for sale. Sounds innocuous, but it most certainly was not. Image
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What if we talked less about people’s reactions to things, and more about the things themselves?
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We have at our disposal incredible forms of communication technology, and we overwhelmingly use it to generate outrage about something of little consequence that someone we don’t even know or care about said.
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It's impossible to articulate how deranged this Newsmax email is, and also how 100% unoriginal it is. FWIW, David Horowitz ("a Jewish author!" and mentor to Stephen MIller) has been a far-right ideologue since the 70s when he converted from being a far left ideologue. ImageImageImageImage
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A thread on Abbott's silly 1836 Project that established this basic, US History 101 point went viral yesterday. I know it shouldn't, but it shocks me that this came as news to many white people who live in Texas. Where the heck did they think "The State of Texas" came from?
I'm not being judgy. I had a terrible HS history education in the 80s that was only remedied because I was fortunate enough to go to college where I got a good history education. But how disorienting must it be to live in Texas and be taught nothing about the history of slavery?
It reminds me of an encounter I had soon after I moved to Oregon. I had an acquaintance ask me "who got to Oregon first, white people or Native Americans?" He was not putting me on, he was genuinely curious and thought I could help him out as a History teacher.
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I don’t know if this should make us feel better or worse, but this is what many commentators said about the GOP in the fall of 1964 after Barry Goldwater won the POTUS nomination.
One key difference between then and now is that in the 60s and 70s there were still a significant number of moderates in positions of influence inside the GOP, like Senator Mark Hatfield, a perennial contender for a VP spot.
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