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Conversations with a republican

Yours truly "I see you have a photo of yourself in a classroom, what do you teach"?

Republican response "I care about Dr Seuss and loved all his books and so did my children and children in the schools"
Yours truly again ↓
By the way, this column is serious, I'm trying to encourage people to actually speak to republicans and while trying to be as gentle as possible, still stick them with the realities.

Just have fun with it and since they all use the same talkies, have your answers ready

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6 Jun
Today in

Not our usual content

I'm not saying it's aliens but

Go ahead and explain these tool marks in the stones used to build the great pyramids. That's not not possible with a rock, a wedge and a copper chisel.

Now I'm not saying it's aliens but ;-) Image
Analysis points to a hollow bit of x width, using x amount of force and descending through the material at x distance per rotation. And it's not a bow drill or the scaring would show the direction of the cut reversing in a cyclical pattern.

OK so apparently my goofy sense of humor caught up to me.

Just to clarify, I love stuff we can't explain, I do not believe it was aliens.

I think the ancient Egyptians were likely a lot smarter than we generally give them credit for and we just have to figure it out.
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5 Jun
Here's a thought

We have ~ 630 million acres of public land
We cultivate ~ 800 m acres of private land
We use 80% of what we cultivate for either fuel or animal feed

Alter the subsidies that perpetuate that system
And we wouldn't have a climate crisis
Our plan doubles the amount of land we could rewild and by doing so, through responsible hunting, not only end the $85 billion in todays subsidies, but end up eating a wider verity of healthier food.
You think republicans recent efforts to rig the vote is new? It's not.

How many voting members of most western states wildlife commissions are REQUIRED to be either ranchers or hunters.
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29 May
Field work this time of year is always interesting, There's a really big Boar bear in the area, so I've been extra careful lately. Check engine light came on again ;-/ summer tires If I can but times are tight

If you get a chance, please donate today ;-)
,,,,,,, Image
Wolves balanced the predator distribution by reducing the coyote numbers, which increased the small prey numbers which increased the variety of small predators like the Fox and Badger. Image
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26 May
When I first saw Badger yesterday he was hunting up by the roadway and there were a few photographers and visitors gathering by the roadside. Image
He might have been about 50 yards out, so I stopped to see if I could get some good shots. This ones usually pretty good about posing for the camera.

The tail in the air is a warning tho, he wasn't happy with so many people watching him. Image
He came up within 25 yards and looked like he wanted to cross the road but there was a throng of people lining the roadside by then and he generally doesn't eat visitors. Image
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16 May
We don't have a lot of sea turtles in Yellowstone ;-) but, it's a small world, and we need to consider the entire environment.

So here goes.

There was once more biomass in sea turtles in just the Gulf of Mexico than there was in mammals over the entire continent of Africa.
Turns out Sea Turtles eat a lot of turtle grass, but if you really want to make friends with one, show them a Jellyfish, they live to eat jellyfish.

They're built for catching Moon Jellies which are fairly large.
To a turtle a plastic bag floating just under the surface looks like a Jelly, consequently about the same biomass in sea turtles as mammals on the continent of Africa died, eating plastic bags dumped into the Gulf

So what happens when you remove Sea Turtles from the environment
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13 May
Can we have a no finger pointing explainer on the middle east conflict, focussing on evictions, without loosing following?

My bet is there's a lot of people don't know the history

Sorry, comments will be turned off
I will do my absolute best to keep the language neutral
Hmmm apparently I can't turn comments off on a thread starting with a poll.

Oh well keep it polite people

In the mid 1890s a guy named Ted wrote a short called "Der Judenstaat" in which he encouraged the founding of a Jewish state through the purchase of land.
Jews from all over the world began purchasing land in "The Area" (for want of the most neutral term) and even as the Ottoman rulers at the time tried to curtail purchases, wealthy absentee land lords sold out at hyper inflated prices to Jewish groups regularly
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