Had a chat with a highly indignant sister, apparently she had started playing cards with Ma to help cheer her up and it took lots of patience because Ma didnt know rules but turns out Ma actually knew the rules very well and has cleaned Sis out and Sis is claiming she was frauded
The history of cards & feuds in this family is something else too: my mother learnt to play from her mother who learnt from her husband and at one point the family held an intervention to prevent them from being bridge partners to save the marriage(not really, but it was INTENSE)
One time my grandparents took part in a bridge tournament and lost in the quarter or semi finals and according to both of them it was the others fault and then they went home separately from the tournament because they were not speaking.
Well, I guess I'm talking about this topic now so might as well keep going, because those feuds of theirs kept going for DAYS after their card fights, like you always knew they had lost somewhere because they were both being SUPER formal and polite to each other
I suppose someone should have taken it seriously at some point but nobody ever did? It was this running gag & it was hilarious, everyone had a blast except them & it went on till my Gramps passed.

Then Gran insisted till she died that he was best hubs & they'd never even fought

• • •

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9 Jun
Ok, let's try and do this:

The mass of the moon (M) is approx 7.3476× 10^22 kilograms.

The heaviest melon on earth is the cantaloupe, record holder was 30.47 kg. Let's take 2/3rd of that and round down to 20.

We now have the mass of a melon (m)= 30 kg. 1/n
Next we need to know the force required to change the moon's course. This could mean a number of things, from out of solar system to 1" movt.
We want a whole lot or very little because we don't want it coming down to Earth. Literally.

Let's assume Case 2, minimum change .
We now get into a whole bunch of very nasty maths that is beyond my pay grade but luckily the internet is the gift that keeps on giving(like my BIL, maybe we should call him Modem) & a hero has blazed trails we can repurpose. Scroll to the bottom of final thread for the link.
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9 Jun
Part of me wants Biden to announce the establishment of an Ether Force now
Look, we all know t's a terrible idea, you don't have to say it, but COME ON YOU KNOW IT WOULD BE A TRIP
Also the next President can save tons of money by just repurposing all their old letterheads and business cards and all and adding an N in front for when they announce their own creation of the Nether Force
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9 Jun
Clickbait, I thought. It is not clickbait.

This man really just asked if a forest official could change the moon's orbit for him to prevent solar flares. On camera as part of a Congressional hearing, I don't even have a response. neither did the forest official, her face lmfaao
They should bring in Tejaswi Surya to cross examine her and make sure she is answering truth and clean
"Well, if you can figure out a way to make that change, you let me know."

"Yes, Congressman. Would you also like the Earth towed to the very centre of the galaxy? That we we'll be right in the middle and very important. Its the best place to be. What say?"
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9 Jun
these US healthcare insurance companies are to healthcare what cancer cells are to a body- exist to serve a purpose but instead are completely out of control, obsessed with their own growth to the detriment of everything else upto & including death of those they supposedly serve
"supposedly" is doing a lot of work here because US healthcare insurance serves US healthcare executives and that's the whole list of people whose health and welfare it gives a shit about right there
Lets take a look at what a United exec's theory of how insurance should work is:
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4 Jun
Only 2010-2018 LeBron can save this Lakers team now
holy shit don't tell me its actually happening
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2 Jun
If you think your story is too weird and won't sell, just remember that at one time in the 1990s the literal most expensive Bollywood movie ever made had a whole B plot about how Amitabh Bacchan's mother was a dolphin.
The dolphin also helped when he was fighting baddies and outnumbered FYI
He takes his dates to meet his mother the dolphin and her reaction lets him know how good a decision the date was.

I am not making this up.
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