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8 Jun, 17 tweets, 2 min read
I've decided to invent a new calendar
it fixes the months-of-different-lengths problem: all months are the same length.

How? Simple. All months are 1 day long.
so the year is just 365 months long.
or 366 month long, on leap years.
you might say "isn't this just the Julian date?"
The Julian date is a calendar that's one month long, but that month is 365/366 days long.
That's obviously completely different.
new calendar
the year is 1 month
1 day
1 hour
1 minute
1 second long
seconds are just waaaaay longer
this also does mean that the second is longer on leap years
my alternate solution is to define the second as whatever length is required for the unix timestamp to be 1
that means the second is currently 1,623,181,713 Old Seconds long.
another bad calendar idea: months are the same lengths, days are the same lengths, seconds are the same lengths, but the year is one week long
so Saturday starts on November 9th and continues until December 31st.

Bad news for any christians, though, because you're gonna spend the first part of the year in church until February 21st
but if you hate mondays, they're now February 22nd through April 14th
worst option:
the year is one month long, one day long, that day is 8760 hours long, and it's a MONDAY
there are no weekends
there are no holidays
there are no tomorrows
and there are no yesterdays
there's only today, and it sucks
I like how a lot of them are trying to be close to the actual time, a couple are right but a time zone or two out, a few are just not turned on, and then there's some that aren't trying at all.

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10 Jun
Opening up a snowball USB microphone.
Fun fact: it's screwed and then TAPED together. Image
It's apparently an ICE-6327, or a P2FH31497A0 Image
So the main chip is a Cmedia CM6327A, which is a USB Mono ADC with USB interface.
This thing is designed to interface with an external EEPROM to get configuration info like product string and USB VID/PID, or you can have another microcontroller talk to it over i2c Image
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This is software for the videonics DirectED video editing device. The software loads from vhs tapes, and consists of a bunch of flashing black and white rectangles.
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I think my 3d printer's camera may be misaligned Image
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does anyone remember what year it is
because I apparently don't Image
I'm not an expert but I don't think floppy drives are supposed to sound like this
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9 Jun
I wonder if anyone has tried retrobriting new hardware.
It's rare but they do make new beige stuff.
Why not retrobrite it?
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I don't support this kind of trolling, so I'm not going to retweet this without commentary. This is fake, intended to make you go check and end up rickrolling yourself.

Which I do support, so...
Also when I typed "rickrolling" my keyboard didn't have it in the dictionary, so it suggested "rickroll ingredients"

Swype... Do you think the rickroll is like a California roll or a dinner roll?
Suggest the ingredients for a "Rick roll" sushi roll
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