Sometimes detransitioners and those sympathetic to us will suggest (tongue-in-cheek, of course) that we should be added to the alphabet soup (LGBTQD+) or that we should be added to the now atrocious looking pride flag.

But here's what I really want for detransitioners.

I don't want to be an ingredient in the alphabet soup and I don't want to further bastardize a flag that once stood for same-sex pride.

Detransitioners don't need to be part of an initialism or flag, we need our healthcare providers to provide us with healthcare. That's it.

I don't want “detrans pride.”

I want detransitioners to receive the proper care that we're so often denied.

I want healthcare providers to provide for us, not cast their eyes down awkwardly as they ponder whether or not treating us is problematic or transphobic.

I want detransitioners to feel that they can talk about their experiences without fear of receiving unfounded accusations or threats.

I want detransitioners to feel they can go to their doctors and not feel humiliated of shamed for no longer being trans.

Keep your dishonest platitudes ("acceptance without exception")

Keep your new, ugly flag (seriously, what have you done to the pride flag?)

All I want for detransitioners is proper healthcare, and to be able to speak without receiving a tsunami of hostility.

That's it.


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When I told my doctors and therapists that I hated being a woman and wanted to become a man, they agreed that was a good decision.

They never thought to ask me why I hated being a woman and they didn't tell me there was nothing wrong with being a woman. 1/8
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They led me to believe that I could, indeed, have a male body. That that was attainable. 2/8
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Can Trans women experience misogyny?

I've seen this question being debated on here and I find it interesting. So, I'd like to give my two cents on it.

Yes, I believe trans women can experience misogyny.

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Let's think of a trans woman. She's young, conventionally attractive and passes as a woman. If a man harasses her, he's assuming he's harassing a female – how is that not misogyny?

The harasser is bothering her because he believes she's a woman, because she looks like one. Her being a biological male isn't known to the harasser and certainly doesn't change the fact that she is being sexually harassed.

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On the vilification of detransitioners:

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“Don't tell detrans stories, because evil “cis” people."

"Don't tell detrans stories, because evil TERFs."

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