1) Let's go down the rabbit🐇hole🕳️once again but this time we will look into: The Long, Strange History of Bill Gates (Billy G) Population Control

Did you know that Billy G has been systematically trying to depopulate the world in third world countries? Of course you do but
2) what people may not know are all of the mechanisms he used for his evil schemes. Why even look at what Henry Kissinger had to say about depopulation of third world countries...it is a shame that certain elitist think this way that people of poverty mean nothing to them 😢😢
3) Billy G really likes helping people from poor countries get vaccinated. But many are saying his motives may not be all that pure. In fact, many believe that this globalist, along with the UN, is conducting a massive depopulation effort thru vaccinating women 14 thru 49.
4) People on the left love to talk about how the right are racists and hate poor countries. But, it would seem that this is all just a cover-up for what the globalist leading the “progressive” left are actually doing themselves. Distract the world away from what [They] are doing.
5) So what started in Kenya to vaccinate these women seemed harmless enough but a small lab in Kenya found the tetanus vaccine laced with hCG - human chorionic gonadotrophin hormone (hCG) that has anti-fertility activity. It produces antibodies against hCG to prevent pregnancy.
6) The same Tetanus vaccines if you recall in my previous thread were used in Philippines, Nicaragua and Mexico. Who was involved in funding these genocidal projects? None other than Billy G and what was even more alarming is that males were excluded from these vaccinations.
7) So if you think that it is only Billy G monster...think again. Melinda G even though she is coming across as the victim in their divorce due to Billie's activities with JE; she is quoted as saying, "resistance to vaccinations makes me angry" and in the case of Kenya,
8) downright “infuriating”. Evil doesn't seem to fall too far from the tree. The Kenyans being close to 50% Catholic with the help of the local Catholic Church and a small group called, The Rebecca Project went to war with the small pharmaceutical company that manufactured the
9) tetanus vaccine laced with hCG funded by Billy G and supported by the [WH0]. The evidence was clear that over 500K women became infertile in 2016 due the hCG but that wasn't the 1st go around with The Rebecca Project and Billy G. The Rebecca Project was also involved in
10) the 2010 Navrongo project partially funded by the Billy G had tested the contraceptive Depo-Provera on unsuspecting villagers in the remote region of Navrongo, as part of an illicit “population experiment.” Other battles that they took on like in 2011, for instance,
11) HIV-positive women in southern Africa had been pressured into sterilization procedures by local health care entities. The Rebecca Project also released a thinly-sourced report titled “Non-Consensual Research in Africa: The Outsourcing of Tuskegee,”
12) outlining what it claimed was a series of unethical U.S.-backed medical experiments in Africa. And many more instances where this small company would not back down even when they received death threats. Their relentless work on the tetanus vaccine issue along with the
13) support of the local Catholic Church saw an end to the small pharmaceutical shutting down their tetanus vaccine manufacturing...A win for the women and a major blow to Billy G and the globalists but now we are facing a major push to vaccinate Africa and the world. So we need
14) more companies like the Rebecca Project to fight against tyrants because right now, we have no idea what is actually in the RONA vaccines and especially those funded by Gates as you can see IMO history is definitely repeating itself but this time its global.

• • •

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10 Jun
1) Ok down the 🐇🕳️we go as we take a look at the atrocities that were done to Africans by pharma in what they call "Medical Research."

Unethical drug trials have occurred in many African countries. Human subjects are typically
impoverished, undereducated, and lack full
2) understanding of their rights as participants in medical research. Physicians systematically mislead African into believing they are accessing routine medical services. However, patients are never informed of their actual participation in research and/or are not provided with
3) detailed informed consent forms. American drug and research companies work thru the African government's approval to to inform patients that they are getting free health care thru the gov or health ministries. So the research and drug companies pay ten times more the salary
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7 Jun
1) Ok so earlier I posted that the FDA approved a new drug for Alzheimer's called aducanumab by Biogen. So why the reversal by the FDA? FDA had previously voted against this drug approval. This situation is sounding eerily familiar to AZT approval.
2) In the report above, the FDA states, "aducanumab consistently and very convincingly reduced the level of amyloid plaques in the brain in both studies. A reduction in those plaques is reasonably likely to predict important benefits to patients."

June 7th, 2021
3) However, a report on November 6th, 2020 reports The Peripheral and Central Nervous System Drugs Advisory Committee voted 1-8, with two members voting “uncertain” that the phase 3 study 302—the phase 3 study provides
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7 Jun
1) The other day, I posted a thread on the Skoll Foundation and Nancy Messonnier (link below) that discussed how this unknown company is slowing becoming a private CDC-like company @Johnheretohelp plz comment

Today, we look into the small partners

2) So my first question is, "Why is the focus mainly on Africa? Why do [They] keep pushing their agenda on the great people of Africa? Is it to truly rid the world of impoverished countries? Wait don't answer that just yet.

So within the African CDC there are several

3) small partners that I want to look into and so we start with Village Reach(VR) (villagereach.org). An organization while on the surface seems harmless but upon further review, VR is seemingly the hub of global health deliveries with new innovations such as:
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5 Jun
So down the 🐇🕳️ we go on Skoll Foundation and see what they are up to considering the newly retired Nancy Messonnier, former CDC Director of NCIRD will be heading up their Health and Pandemic Department come June 1st @Johnheretohelp


First a little history on Nancy Messonnier. She worked at the CDC as Director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD) but prior to that she began with the CDC in 1995 as an epidemic intelligence service officer. Hmm 🤔🤔

Messonnier is a product of the military wing of the CDC, with a history of working in the areas of biological weapons and mass vaccination programs in Africa. The entire CDC is essentially a military operation, and CDC officials wear full blown military uniforms

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