Here's a quick Body Language breakdown of Gerrit Cole's response

[[ THREAD ]]
OC the biggest red flag is that full stop when answering. This is a yes or no question. It's simple, it's direct. It REQUIRES a direct answer.

"I don't know how to answer that" That's virtually assuming guilt just by leaving the "yes" door open.
He tries to take it back as soon as possible. "I mean..."

But that lip pressing is his brain trying to 'fix' the answer.

Now, what do his eyes say?
First he looks to his left (older generation of players, remembering), then eyes to his right (creativity, making up his mind as he goes)

...up to this 'last' generation of players, when he looks down. Ashamed.
Impressive the amount of words to say nothing

A+ for effort
More lip pressing, tries to shrug off and leads the answer towards the PLAYERS and the FANS (obviously, away from him) still not being explicit.

It's a bit sad, really
And yes, talking in "WE" terms is trying to dilute the responsibility about the question / answer.

Sorry if this one was too obvious but there's always opportunity to learn.

Thanks for your RTs!

• • •

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8 Jun
You know what do I find STRANGE about body language?

Sometimes you'll stumble upon a seemingly innocuous clip that apparently doesn't give away much information.

But after you've seen the clip 10+ times and run through it frame by frame, clues start to... suddenly pop.
Pretty much like your mind goes through the clip the first couple times and says, "Meh, it's just two people talking"

Once you've ran through it enough times, your rational mind gets bored and it goes... sort of 'away'. Then the real magic begins.

You begin to really see...
But then there's that feeling of uneasiness.

You've seen the damn clip more than a dozen times. And the thirteenth time, sometimes new just... pops.

And it's so evident that you don't understand how did you miss it all the previous viewings.

You never get over that feeling...
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One Retweet, One lesson learned on my Youtube journey so far.

Disclaimer: this is not Youtube advice. Please consult your local psychiatrist before attempting any of these. Side effects can include disorientation, depression, anxiety, nausea, eye twitching and maniacal laughter.

"Youtube is a video repository". Wrong.

"Youtube is a search engine". Better, but still wrong.

Youtube is pretty much like a massive TV station.

To have a shot at it, you have to treat it just like that. You will have a 'show' there, like the real deal.

Act like it.

How do you act like having a 'show' at a TV station, or in this case, Youtube?

It's like pitching a show idea to executives. It has to 'make sense' or be focused in something.

But in Youtube there are no executives. You're the one in charge.

Full accountability.
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[ Body Language signals of Madeleine McCann's missing-person case - THREAD ]

Madeleine McCann disappeared on the evening of May 3, 2007 from her bed in a holiday apartment at a resort in Portugal. She was 3 years old.

This is what I've seen so far:
Before we start, remember that you can download 100+ of my Body Language Secret Tips in a free PDF, here:
Madeleine's disappearance has involved from the local Portuguese Police, to Scotland Yard and Interpol.

Her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, became suspects less than three months after she went missing... and there are lots of theories about their actions.
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[ Body Language signals of @Oprah's interview of #Harry and #Meghan ]

Oprah Winfrey's interviewed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle about... well, everything about their relationship with the British monarchy to their life in the US.

This is what I've seen so far: Image
Before we start, just a reminder that my current Body Language full course is at a special discount.

You're just a click away from unlocking your mind reading abilities just by looking how people talk with their bodies:…
This is just a picture of the interview and it already has a lot of info about their body dynamics.

Notice how Harry's body is tense, leaning forward. This is not a confident posture, while Meghan seems relaxed and in command. ImageImage
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13 Oct 20
There's a face height / width ratio that implies the masculinity of a face.

More masculine faces have a higher ratio (Like Brad Pitt in the picture). Usually this higher face ratio implies general physical prowess.

You know, the hunting type. That's why it's so attractive. Image
It's... pretty much common sense that series where the protagonist has more brains than brawling abilities, their face ratio would be lower, like Adrien Brody's in the previous tweet.

That's when you can opt out and do a completely different thing, like... Image
...Rami Malek, who can be an awkward hacker anon BUT at the same time has a face masculinity ratio similar to Brad Pitt's.

That's how you present a character like someone harmless and insecure but suggest, just by their face features, that he can be a dangerous man. Image
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28 Aug 20
[ How to unlock the SPECIAL SKILLS you already have: ]

It’s hard to forget Liam Neeson’s legendary words in the movie “Taken”: “I don’t have money. But what I do have is a very particular set of skills”.

Cartoonist Scott Adams shares that description… and guess what? you too:
Adams started cartooning while working at what we would assume a very boring job.

After being repeatedly passed over for promotion, his frustration piled up.

“The day you realize that your efforts and rewards are not related, it really frees up your calendar”, he’d say.
But ‘free up your calendar’ is an euphemism, as he had to draw his cartoons at 4:00 am.

Think of him as a @jockowillink doppelganger with pencil and paper screaming “IMPOSE YOUR DRAWING” in the wee hours.

I know this sounds like your regular hustle story but there’s a catch.
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