It’s anxiety-inducing to have someone throw a fit about a short critical mention, tag you into his whiny thread, and try to badger, manipulate, and/or guilt you into dropping him from the article in question—while ignoring email replies from the editor to whom he sent a complaint
It has been a very strange day dealing with this wildly disproportionate reaction to my comments on Christians and Pride…
The person who complained to my editor, and me (via DM and Twitter replies), and to Twitter generally is mentioned briefly in this article. It’s not even “about” him. And now my anxiety is way up because he decided to spend the day playing the persecuted martyr
I told him via DM and replies that he needs to address his concerns through my editor. But he has ignored my editor’s emails and continued to try to rope me into his language games until finally blocking me a little while ago. The whole thing was almost surreal
Now I’m unblocked lol wut

• • •

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6 Jun
I’m quoted in @SamuelSokol’s excellent article in @haaretzcom contextualizing Christian Zionist Mike Evans’s antisemitic rant over Israeli election results:…
“Blaming Jews for their own suffering, casting it as part of God’s Providential plan, is a trope that can already be found in Christian Zionism decades before the Holocaust, and it’s come up before among the contemporary Christian Zionists that Trump surrounded himself with”
“As someone who grew up evangelical and was taught to view Israel as a place for fulfillment of Christian prophecy, I’ve long been aware of Christian Zionism’s erasure of Jewish experience.

“Evans’s spectacular meltdown makes that erasure obvious.”

#exvangelical #EmptyThePews
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5 Jun
Everything about this corruption and drama was predictable under the conditions of the success of the “conservative resurgence” that was complete by the early 90s, and that pushed all Jimmy Carter style Baptists out of leadership roles in the SBC.

#Exvangelical #EmptyThePews
That Paige Patterson, a leader of the right-wing putsch forced into early retirement due to his callous attitude toward bartered women and sexual abuse, is a behind-the-scenes leader in the anti-ERLC faction makes perfect sense. As does the fact the SBC is losing the youth
I get the sense of filial duty Russell Moore feels. It wasn’t quite dead for those of us born 10 or so years after him, but many have shaken it off, because unconditional loyalty to an institution or faith means complicity in inevitably rampant abuse…
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2 Jun
So, I know that evangelicals used to strategize to show up to Pride events to hand out water, etc., to create the impression that Christians are "nice," without changing any of their anti-LGBTQ theology.

Anyone know if this is still happening/widespread?

I'm not talking about LGBTQ-affirming churches, who have every right to be there. And I'm not talking about the angry street preachers; they're perfectly honest about who they are. I'm talking about sneaky evangelicals who don't want you to know their views till you're roped in
CC: @GuthrieGF, are you aware of this sort of thing?
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30 May
One reason so many vocal atheists are so dull and unoriginal is their complete inability to focus on social context and human behavior as opposed to “ideas” in the abstract. Even the most belief-focused religion (looking at you, Protestantism) is never really *only* about belief
To be human is to find that sometimes our values conflict with one another in a given situation, to lack the ability to be fully cognizant of all our motivations, to sometimes hold ideas that contradict one another or that might seem to be at odds with some of our behaviors
Further, to be human is to deal with all that in the context of sentience as social animal, shaped by community, society, and politics.

There are complicated layers, and what someone believes about the existence of god(s) can have little to do with their actions in some areas
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29 May
One of the insights many have drawn from the Trump years is the relationship between individually abusive people and authoritarian politicians. The desire to dominate and control through manipulation and violence can be socially scaled up to the level of a community or government
The same cycles that play out in individuals’ relationships and families also operate at larger social scales. And one of the things I wish more people understood about this is that fundamentalism is the embodiment of a cycle of abuse in a religious social context
In the United States, fundamentalist Christianity of the type one finds among conservative, mostly white evangelicals, trad Catholics, and most Mormons plays an influential role in our politics. In that regard, it is no coincidence that abuse pervades these groups’ institutions
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26 May
By the same token, you don't defang the "You only left the faith to have sex!" line by trying to prove you're "purer" than that.

You defang it by embracing healthy sexuality and holding hardline Christians accountable for their unhealthy sexual paranoia…
Never try to "prove" anything to Christian apologists, who do not think of you as equal and thus are not engaging in good-faith dialogue. Instead, reject the entire framing of their arguments, and throw the real-world consequences of their harmful views in their faces
This isn't going to win them over. After all, they're arguing in bad faith. Unless they have a sudden moment of clarity and conviction (perhaps as a result of long private conversations with people they're close to), nothing is going to win them over…
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