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9 Jun, 8 tweets, 1 min read
The probability of your ascension in the workplace is maximised when initiatives on equality are imposed.


Because the competitive landscape becomes less intense.

Good for individuals like you.

Bad for the longevity of any company.
The worlds largest banks, insurers, asset managers and financiers have taken immense efforts to hire female applicants, shifting the ratio to 58% in their favour.


Almost all remained at junior level while 75% of males dominated senior roles.
Every time companies hire on the basis of equality/diversity/inclusivity,

the applicant is unlikely to progress beyond junior level.

Because promotion primarily relies on contributions to the bottom line.

And that relies on competence.
In essence, what the equality agenda does,

is replace potential competent applicants that have the ability to replace you,

with incompetent applicants who merely fit a quota.
This is a problem if you’re a white male new applicant.

But a bonus if you’re already settled in a company.
Entry level female representation has risen from 10% to 45% within the aforementioned industries.

That’s a significant change.

But the senior level occupancy of female representatives has changed from 3% in ‘08, to 5.1% in 2018.

That’s a insignificant change.
To enter competitive landscapes takes more than just a gender swap.

It takes high level competence, cunning, disagreeableness, low neuroticism and speciality in diplomacy.

These are predominantly male traits.
The more a company turns its landscape into a cooperative environment, the more years it subtracts from its longevity & survival.

But competent individuals are given an opportunity to ascend and leverage their position to gain entry into companies less preoccupied with gender.

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9 Jun
Game theory and Zero-Sum games.

Strategies that shift power in your favour.

A thread.
Consider a market where there are only 2 companies.

Should Co. X cut prices to gain consumer market share?

It will depend how Co. Y will respond.

If Y matches prices, then it hurts X to cut prices, as market share will remain the same.

X must anticipate what Y will do.
Consider a workplace with two employees seeking a promotion from the employer that occupies the same position.

Does employee X have enough bargaining power to act first and get promoted?

If not, how much time does X have before Y acts?

X must investigate Y's position.
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3 Jun
It’s very easy to underperform once you reach a position of power.

Everything can be delegated through authority.

This is why many managers become incompetent.
When they start off, they do everything they can to attain management position.

But once they occupy the position, their competence slips off.


Because the allure of abusing your power is too strong.
Bosses/board members who appoint individuals into management position,

do so on the basis of past performance.

But they also assume the level of performance will be consistent into the future.

Poor assumption.
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2 Jun
If you want to get ahead,

your private life must seperate itself from your public life,

in all aspects of who you are.
Your intolerance towards others is what preserves your values and integrity.

But it’s also your intolerance that ruins your popularity.
To speak your mind and convey the beliefs you uphold is always a tactical error,

for most people will not share your values,

and so they’ll secretly despise you.
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25 May
Reasons why you’re not moving up the dominance hierarchy,

in no particular order;

You lack competence.

You’re not good at anything significant enough for society (the people within your sphere of influence) to benefit from.

A good metric to use is “how many people are reliant on you?”

If you died now, how many people would suffer as a result?
No one respects you.

Either because you’re behind on character development,

or, relating back to above,

you’re incompetent.
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21 May
If you’re a health professional, you would understand that you could get crucified when making a mistake.

You’re always being held to perfection.

And you can’t escape it.

This is called involuntary transformation by force.
So many in the health industry hate their job for this very reason.

That all it takes is one error, one typo, for the wrong type of patient to raise hell on you.

Every day, this possibility is there.

Having one bad day is all it takes for you to be done.
Very few actually embrace this extreme demand of perfection.

Very few embrace the fact that they occupy a position in which if they made a mistake,

people could die.
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16 May
The overlap between narcissists and self-determined men is very high.

Women have markers that immediately identify “high potential for success” in men.

The problem is that those markers exist in both narcissists with no potential, and self-determined men with high potential.
So a responsibility women have for their own self-preservation, is to not rely too heavily on those markers.

And they have to cross-examine men in areas that have NOTHING to do with success.
Areas that have nothing to do with success BUT separates good men from narcissists;

- Looks after family
- Does not announce good deeds
- Helps the helpless
- Does not ridicule others in public
- Upholds high integrity by default
- Honest/Loyal by default
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