Ignore price for a moment and just stop to admire how massive this is.
This was the stuff that Bitcoiners had always dreamed and memed about.

"Poor nations might as well adopt BTC since they have nothing else going for them with their own currency."

This was always a far out reality and was occasionally laughed at back in 2017.
As we can all get caught up in fixating on wealth creation and price. We need to stop and appreciate what Satoshi's gift was.

The freedom of choice.

The freedom to circumvent all the institutions and intermediaries that get paid to tell you that there is no alternative.
These institutions by far the most established and powerful in the US, still have reach far beyond it's border.

BTC, whether you like it or not, is the purest form of monetary expression.

YOU choose what you do with YOUR money, and nobody can stop you. 1 block every 10 minutes

• • •

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More from @ThinkingUSD

5 Jun
So funny that it's taken normies so long to realize this.

Hey maybe billionaires that have no idea you exist and envision you as simply as utility at best and a waste of oxygen at worst perhaps do not have your best interests at heart?
These billionaires have massive PR teams and media connections at their disposal and maintain and carefully craft an image that they release in small portions to the masses in order to get you to actually believe buffett is some friendly old grandpa who eats mcdonalds everyday?
These people don't care about you and they never will, all they do is go about using their money to extend their influence and their worldview in order to maintain the current status quo and propagate a social/economic dynamic that will actively benefit them and their progeny.
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31 May
I’m a good trader, i’m a good investor and i’m pretty smart.

I do realize that I am not exceptional at any of these things.

What I am exceptional at is betting big on the right people. Sometimes that is myself but to a greater extent over the year it has been others.
Crypto has infinite possibilities and far too much ground to cover for any singular person. Expanding your reach through others is imperative for exponential success.
This is hard to understand with a smaller portfolio, but once you reach a certain level of capital it becomes obvious that maximum capital efficiency is impossible without external help.
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19 May
I don't make posts like this often but when I do it really does mean something.

Always remember it is only money.

I had a close friend take his life back in summer 2020 over a -1000BTC loss.

Please do not do anything stupid. You can and will bounce back.
I still think about him often, and I often get angry because of the selfishness of that decision

He took his life before seeing the fabled bull run we always talked about.
Life is an infinitely complex trade with multiple variables, you will make and lose many fortunes over the course of your lifetime.

If you think there is no answer and you will not recover please do get help.
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14 Mar 20
Everyone is giving their take on the BitMEX fiasco so I'll give my brief thoughts. 1/n
BitMEX is a matching engine, their business model is very simple, we match trades, assume no directional risk and profit from fees which go up when there is more volatility. This is pretty standard for most trading platforms except for one little difference.
When a position is liquidated or margin called on traditional platforms, firms do have recourse to pursue you for losses if those losses exceed your actual account balance. This is why you have to link a bank account and provide KYC info for regulated platforms.
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20 Apr 19
Thread Incoming:

Something I’ve grappled with is the surprising demand for paid group and trading education services. Anyone who has been trading for an extended period of time or comes from a finance background realizes that these are blatant scams.
While there might be qualified people who have actual professional experience, the majority are not.

Yet, especially in crypto and forex, these scams have consistent demand.


I’ll attempt to outline my thoughts and perhaps some reasoning behind these types of scams.
I’ve come to the conclusion that people would rather let someone else’s trades and “education” determine their trading outcomes rather than face the possibility of themselves being the sole reason for their failure.
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4 Sep 18

I've been giving a lot of thought to the recent 50% rise in Bitfinex shorts, large cash buying and the recent OkEX massive margin call.
A lot of inexperienced people have been theorizing that it's could be "whales": either cashing out, hedging or trading on insider knowledge. All of those are extremely unlikely in my opinion and I'll briefly explain why.
In a market as illiquid as $BTC, broadcasting a VERY noticeable net short position with a clearly defined entry makes you a clear target for large players who want to enter the market sitting on the sidelines in cash. We saw many OkEX #1 holders get hunted during the 2017 run.
Read 10 tweets

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