Because when that episode aired it was making fun of conservative Christian groups that wanted to ban media they viewed as problematic.

They ultimately lost that culture war and the woke left took over. It’s amazing how little of the dogmatic rhetoric has changed though.
Culture wars have always existed in the U.S., just in different forms.

Progressives for example mostly wanted to ban alcohol during Prohibition because they viewed it as a societal vice.

There’s always going to be some group that wants to appoint itself as the morality police.
The U.S. on paper has the best free speech laws in the world, but there are plenty on both sides who would be perfectly happy to ban speech that offends their sensibilities.

I’ve actually found it rare to meet someone who supports the concept of full free speech in real life.

• • •

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7 Jun
Interesting perspective. Japanese people I've talked to who've been to North Korea actually said they were treated well due to cultural similarities.

The rest though does much what I've heard about Zainichi Koreans in the DPRK. Their discrimination doesn't come as a surprise.
The Zainichi Koreans who moved to the DPRK on the false promises of a "socialist paradise" were appalled by what they saw.

While they faced discrimination, the money they got from relatives in Japan gave them better lives than the average North Korean.…
Perhaps the saddest victims of this event were the thousands of Japanese wives who followed their Zainichi Korean spouses to North Korea.

Most didn't speak, read, or write Korean and only a handful were ever able to return to Japan.…
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21 Apr
Rewatched “Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters,” one of the greatest biopics of all time and arguably Hollywood’s best portrayal of Japanese culture.

It’s a fitting tribute to the life and literary work of Yukio Mishima, but unfortunately still remains unreleased in Japan.
Ken Takakura was originally meant to play Mishima, but backlash from right-wing groups forced him to abandon the part.

Instead, Ken Ogata landed the role. While I would’ve liked to see Takakura, Ogata does a fantastic job and truly embodies the man in a believable way.
Despite being written, directed, and produced by Americans, Mishima was shot in Japan, used Japanese actors, and is completely in Japanese.

The cinematography and colors are absolutely stunning, while there are countless recreations of Mishima’s own photos and actions.
Read 6 tweets
26 Mar
As opposed to other FPS games which don’t have the player committing war crimes every two minutes?

Six Days in Fallujah isn’t even out yet. People are losing their minds over a game they don’t even know the contents of.

This is a headline Jack Thompson would’ve loved.
Whatever happened to media that challenged our sensibilities and dared to go into controversial territory?

Six Days in Fallujah could completely fail in that regard, but it should be judged once we actually know how it handles the subject.
Video games have tackled tons of wars and they never attracted the same kind of controversy as Fallujah.

At the end of the day, it’s fiction. I don’t see the point of being morally outraged when we know that violence in games doesn’t translate to real-world violence.
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25 Aug 20
Compare Wikipedia’s long and winding lead section for “Nazism” that explicitly (and rightfully) condemns it as evil versus the neutral and brief tone it ascribes to the “Communism” article. This is why the average person only recoils in disgust towards one of these ideologies.
It shouldn’t be acceptable to be a Nazi or communist in polite society. Communist countries in sheer numbers have a higher collective body count than Nazi Germany. But both are wretched worldviews that belong in the dustbin of history and deserve nothing but derision.
My American and British friends often ask me why I’m so anti-communist. It reminds me that there’s a noticeable difference between those like me who have family that survived regimes like Maoist China and those that don’t have that background.
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11 Aug 20
Recently re-read Laura Hillenbrand’s “Unbroken” and re-watched the subsequent film adaptation directed by Angelina Jolie. It‘s a biography of Louis Zamperini, a man who had one of the most harrowing and moving stories of WWII. Long thread about him and POWs of Japan.
Louis Zamperini was born on January 26, 1917 into an Italian immigrant family. Raised in Torrance, California, his early life was marked by juvenile delinquency. His older brother Pete, however, convinced him to train for his high school’s track team which kicked off his success.
Louis excelled at running, making the mile in 4 minutes, 21.2 seconds. His success awarded him a scholarship to USC, and he made the 1936 Berlin Olympics. His final lap of the 5000m race done in 56 seconds even caught the attention of Adolf Hitler whom Louis briefly met.
Read 24 tweets
4 Jul 20
The Kyoto Aquarium has a flowchart illustrating the complicated romantic relationships and breakups between their penguins.
Penguin drama actually isn't totally unexpected. They're known to be vicious animals who cheat on their partners and steal other's children. So basically, your average day in Los Angeles.…
Found the high resolution version for anyone interested.
Read 4 tweets

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