I don't think we talk enough about the intersection of mental illness, the internet, and extremism. In other words, there's a lot of people who, when having a crisis, turn to the internet and fill whatever hole exists in their life with the extremism they find there.
This can be garden variety incel, conspiracy theory, stolen election stuff. But I also think it's about kids that think they're communists, or girls that think they're not cis because they went too far down a rabbit hole that equated being mad at misogyny with being transgender.
It's me, I'm girls. I had a depressive episode in law school and the discourse was so extreme that it had me looking up hormonal therapies because I had bad self-esteem and was mad at gender expectations in interviewing.

I'm just a cis feminist with anxiety and depression, lol.
Anyway, this is a reminder to take care of yourself and avoid places on the internet that seem too insular, require you to buy in to group think, and extremely intolerant of dissent.
I'm really hesitant to share something like that because there's this weird thing in the discourse where cis people can't question the concept of gender and doing so is co-opting being trans for attention.

Believe me, I don't want any attention drawn to my depressive episodes.
Mostly, the hesitation is over being honest that the human psyche is fragile and depression can hijack you so completely you'll believe things you later find shameful, embarrassing, and absurd when you're in a better headspace.
If my mostly-controlled depression can have any niche discussion of gender make me question mine in a period of irrationally low self-esteem, imagine what much more insidious extremism can do to someone much less self-aware who isn't managing their mental illness at all.

• • •

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10 Jun
Having a mandatory draft for all citizens, even hot girls, is propaganda and war crimes.
Only men and ugly women can conduct warfare and provide military services.
The existence of hot Israeli women is a Jewish conspiracy.
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8 Jun
I think people who pretend internet hate mobs aren't a real thing haven't ever been faced any amount of wildly disproportionate public shaming or the fear thereof. They're the sort of people that think they fart rainbows and nothing short of murder will ever catch up with them.
So, in other words, cis-hetero Christian white men. When the world endlessly forgives you for actually serious moral failings, you assume everyone else is also treated fairly. That's not the case, and never has been.
I offered mild takes like "antisemitism is bad and I don't hate Israel" and "Biden isn't putting kids in cages" on this website, and two separate people took the time to look up where I work and call my employer to inform everyone of my supposed "racism."
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1 Jun
Y'all aren't ready to talk about how "white people are responsible for all evil in the world" is just as infantilizing and racist as a white savior complex, and it shows.
Are white people the explanation for why you think something good/bad happened? Are all the other people in the equation just spectators/victims of the good/bad thing white people did?

Your theory is racist.
If you look at any historical atrocity, there's almost always third parties benefitting from it or enabling it by allowing it to happen. The bad actor will elevate that neutrality (or membership in the oppressed class) as evidence that the acts are good (or not happening).
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1 Jun
Fun fact: you can't sue a parent corp in a federal court if it doesn't have any ties to the state you sued it in. Owning a subsidiary based in that state and listing it on their SEC filings doesn't count. So they get can commit securities fraud and you can't sue them. 🤗
Or your parent corp can take over another corp and use it to commit fraud. The shareholders don't have standing to sue the parent corp directly (thanks Roberts!). They have to sue the parent corp thru the smaller corp, who will just give the recovery to the big corp.
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24 May
Remember when Democrats after 9/11 made great pains to condemn antisemitism while denouncing Islamophobia?

Right, they didn't. Because Islamophobia was rampant, antisemitism was not.

They're doing the opposite now because they don't care about Jews.
By condemning a kind of bigotry that has not increased in the same breath as one that has, they're signalling to their supporters that Jews are not allowed to have grievances unless we subordinate them to other concerns.
Their remarks here should be read in conjunction with their opposition to Biden's promise to replenish the Iron Dome.

They think Jews are too "white" to be oppressed, and the only oppression Jews may therefore have grievances with is when it results in our genocide.
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6 Mar
This day of Twitter meltdowns shows that a great deal of what is broken about politics in America is the undemocratic and archaic rules of the Senate and an anti-intellectual press that stirs up controversy rather than informing the public of the contours of their government.
What happened today to pass this bill has everything to do with the complex rules that dictate how a fundamentally flawed institution like the Senate works and very little to do with the fundamental evil or righteousness of individual actors.
But the details of budget reconciliation isn't very good press. It doesn't sell ad clicks. What does is the creation of a childish story where the American people are the downtrodden masses and the evil king is some Senators that can't magically break all the rules.
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