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9 Jun, 7 tweets, 3 min read
1. This is an interesting TRUE case on freedom of Speech & a directly related case of multiple murders.. Anyone interested in FoE may follow closely & also watch the related videos.. The book "Hit Man: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors" was published by Paladin Press
2. The "Hitman" book explains in details how a "Hired assassin" should go about killing someone, what guns to use, what tactics & how to cover up tracks... It was a "Manual" for hired killers... nobody would have bothered... except something did happen...
3. On March 2, 1993 ... John Perry killed a woman (Mildred Horn), her young 12 year old bed-ridden son and his nurse at their Maryland apartment ... Perry was a Hired Killer for the woman's ex husband Lawrence Horn...
4. Unable to solve the crime.. and suspecting the criminal had inter-state movements, the cops called in the FBI... they found .. that John Perry had followed the "Hitman" book to the exact T in executing 3 people as a "Hired Gun" >>
5. The family of the deceased sued the publishers of the book "Hitman" for damages but the initial court did not agree... they dismissed the case and protected the 1st ammendment rights of the publisher... The book was not banned & the publisher was not held liable to anything..
6. In an appeals court.. the judge agreed to a Jury trial.. but the case of the "Hitman" book never went to trial as the publisher settled with the family for a large amount & withdrew further circulation of the book... END OF STORY! > "Deliberate Intent"
The Hitman book was never banned (although the publisher withdrew circulation)... even the court would not have banned it... the court would have at the most awarded damages if it found the book liable for a "hired-gun" murder... @goyalsanjeev .. You cannot ban things in the US

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9 Jun
1/2 You are painting a wrong picture.. the US is not a 3rd world country like Nigeria or India.. the Prez CANNOT ban anything.. unless theres an imminent violent threat to the US.. How can he ban or take action against Twitter... He certainly cant ban it..
2/2 At the most Twitter can be taken to court for its restrictive practices or monopolistic practices... the US Govt or Congress cannot ban any platform or media... the US President is not all that powerful within the US... @goyalsanjeev
FYI @goyalsanjeev even a "Guide" on how to commit Pedophile crimes & escape the law was not banned in the US.. Amazon was selling the book... it removed the book only due to public outrage... but the US CANNOT ban any book, speech or media... abcnews.go.com/Technology/ama…
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8 Jun
1/2 .. If youre in a small/medium business or retail other than pharma/med then prepare for 2 years of drought... No matter the "Sape" whether V Sape or C Sape... Youre going to face dire straits for the next 18 months even if Pandemic disappears... Take this as sound counsel..
2/2.. Behind the noises of vaccine & covid.... banks are facing phenomenal bad debts... and, predictably, @nsitharaman @ianuragthakur @NarendraModi will not talk about economy or job losses... Your business survival is in danger... Conserve all you can..
Grocery margins are very tiny to start afresh for someone... But selling home-made in decent quantities can be reasonably profitable...
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8 Jun
1/3.. I dont see what the big problem is... @ArvindKejriwal has already announced a solution to this complex issue... On Odd days.. people will be asked to turn up at govt centres for Free vaccination.. Even days at Pvt hospitals.. How does that work?
2/3 Let me explain @sujakrao PHCs will work ONLY for 75% of the Odd day working hours & pvt hospitals work for only 25% of the even day hours.. Thus... balance of 75%-25% will be maintained... But there is only problem left.. Which will be odd & even days?
3/3 Since we must have equal no of odd and even days.. one day in the week has to be treated as Vaccine holiday... Thus... Friday.. which is a Namaz day for all govt workers and ministers will be treated as holidays... Is me kaunsa bada problem hai itna?
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8 Jun
I fully appreciate Yeddiyurappa & dont support his hounding by the BJP top mgmt or rebels... but I do believe by mid or end 2022... he must find a successor & make way... hes already 78... cant go on forever... There must be some "Yute" of his ideology..
Nadda and Santhosh and Sickulars.. thats why Yeddy should choose an acceptable nominee of his ideology as I mentioned.... Nadda and Santosh have no class..
If Karunanidhi is your "Standard" for anything... I suggest you change your standards urgently...
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8 Jun
1. #VaccineCaper Heres the chronology of events... For the education of @navikakumar, #BhajanMandlis & assorted gulpers who think @narendramodi made some Himalayan climb by his vaccine caper on June 7.... It is absolutely NOTHING of that sort...
2. From Jan.11 when the Vaccine plan was announced... @narendramodi made the first bogus estimate that we will vaccinate 30cr people in a "few" months... that figure is still not achieved in 6 months starting on Jan.16 #VaccineCaper .. Throw any number in the wind.. who cares.. Image
3. #VaccineCaper In the period after Jan.16, Modi, Shah & entire BJP gang threw caution to the winds & went electioneering in 5 states.. esp in Bengal.. They were so obsessed with Bengal that they forgot all about Covid and Vaccine... and didnt bother...
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7 Jun
1/3.. I never understand this whining... So what if someone blocks on you Twitter? Is your freedom curbed? Does your salary stop?.. What exactly is the big problem to be whining about it and informing others about it?
2/3... You have as much right to speak, express and shout as much as someone has the right to block you... just like turning off the TV when Modi speaks... No one is obligated to listen to you or read your tweets... @am_kalki
3/3... Never extend a debate/argument for very long on Twitter unless its a friend for a long time.. Otherwise... play the serve and volley game.. Stupid baseline rallies on Twitter are for idiots.. If some idiot argues that long.. block & move on...
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