I hate anime culture
Japan banned the production and sale of child porn in 1999 (!) and only made possession illegal in 2014 (!!!). And this was only after years of international pressure. So they were unwilling.
Japan was known as an “international hub for the production/trafficking of child porn” according to the 2013 U.S. Department of State’s human-rights report. In 2012, the police reported investigations involving 1,264 child victims featured in porn - a 98% increase from the 2011.
The 2014 law did not include the banning of anime and manga that feature explicit scenes of children, after lawyers and publishers argued that censoring the materials would curb 'free speech'.
So, with the new law in effect, there was a huge surge in anime and manga. It's so normalized that you can buy it anywhere. At train stations, reputable books stores, anywhere! We're talking about graphic drawings of child rape. And a lot of them!
Then anime culture started infecting the west. It started off as the acceptable, child-friendly type, but has now morphed into the adult variety. With that, there's a huge adult anime cosplay scene, specifically pornographic material.
And we come almost full loop: we have real-life cosplay of anime/manga. And girls who look and act underage tend to be very, very popular. Here is one girl, over 18, who has an OF with thousands of subscribers. She looks like a little kid.
To a degree, we've allowed pedophile rape culture to become normalized. It's a slippery slope. If pseudo-child porn is legally and socially acceptable, and even profitable, then what comes next?
Fans of this material will state that there are no victims, everyone is of legal age, and the anime/manga is not real. True, there is no direct victims, but they are promoting and normalizing child abuse.
And because these are comics and cartoons, their main audience is children and young adults who will grow to think of this as acceptable. If that's not grooming then I don't know what is!
Child abuse is clearly abhorrent and ruins countless lives. For there to be a legally and socially acceptable face to it is unacceptable. A simple law banning any sexually suggestive material that implies anyone, real or imagined, to be under the age of 18 would stop this.
Also put big tech on the stand for not doing enough to stop this material proliferating on their sites and social networks. They're currently untouchable. Repealing Section 230 would fix this: cbsnews.com/news/what-is-s…
But lawmakers wont repeal it because it's potentially bad for business.

Yes, curbing pedophilia is bad for business and profit margins. Which means people are currently making money off pedophilia. Like PornHub, who often refuse to remove child rape videos.
We need a new civil rights movement that changes all of this, on a scale not seen since the 50's and 60's. not this woke 2020 bullshit. Massive boycotts and protests against these child abuse enablers. I'm ready for a fight. Are you?
I first visited Tokyo just a few years after this new law (I had no idea about it) and got a shock when, at a busy book store, they had on display a photography book of naked young girls. How did they bypass the new laws? By drawing a line over the vagina to censor it. Like this:
We're talking right on the front cover. Inside a busy book store. On display for everyone to see. That's how mainstream and socially acceptable this material is in Japan. That was a culture shock for sure!
Then, when visiting Akihabara, the electronic district, they had a 9 floor porn store with one floor dedicated to schoolgirl porn. An entire floor for schoolgirl porn, though the legal kind. And used schoolgirl panties. And dolls. Pretty much everything you can and can't imagine.
On the trains at night, the recycle bins would overflow with manga so a lot were left on the seats. Most of it involved, again, kids and schoolgirl sex. Some had actual photo spreads of real schoolgirls in tight gym gear or swimsuits, full cameltoe on show. 👀
These magazines were sold everywhere, like 7/11 and such. Manga/Internet cafes will full of them. Speaking of which, we would visit these cafes to check our email and the browser histories were 💀. 2channel, which 4chan ripped off, was popular.
First time we visited, a guy in the row in front of me was clearly looking at porn. When he left, the 2 female staff came over and snooped on his history. It was naked kids. They just giggled. 🤯
In the train stations, and on trains, they had posters warning against molesting or raping schoolgirls. Some trains had female-only carriages. Female friends would often get spied on when showering on using the toilet. Rape is a popular porn genre there.
A female friend took me to a giant bookstore near her apartment. I found a 'hidden; door near the back that led to the 2nd half of the store, all dedicated to porn. We're talking the size of a Target, just for porn. She had no idea!
That's where we saw used school panties for sale for the first time. Sealed in a plastic box, with a polaroid of the schoolgirl wearing them as proof. The ages varied from 12-17. 12!!!
Being female in Japan must be a nightmare, but being a white female there is even more dangerous. I heard stories of women having erections rubbed against them on packed trains. Finding jizz stains on the back of their pants. Being followed.
Some women had to literally run home from the train station if they worked until late night, because they would be followed. One dude parked his car outside their apartment complex and would jerk off as they walked by.
They would fear using public restrooms because of all the hidden camera porn that was popular. They would be aggressively followed by yakuza pimps trying to get them to work at local strip clubs. Non-stop harassment.
Speaking of rape being popular in Japan, IMDB, for some fucking reason, has a handy list of the best mainstream Japanese rape movies: imdb.com/search/title/?…
With such lovely titles as:

- Rape Climax!
- Rape
- Subway Serial Rape
- Dark Love: Rape
- Erotic Campus: Rape Reception
- Wives' Rape Mansion
- Abnormal Rape

And hundreds more.
Long story short, don't visit Japan alone as a female. And maybe try not to be female in Japan at all!

Did you know incest is legal in Japan? thedailybeast.com/in-japan-rape-…
Bestiality is also legal in Japan. While I was visiting, we were looking through an antique store and it had, of course, a porn section. They had a video of a woman having sex with a horse. They blurred out the human genitals but not a woman sucking off a horse!
I was only there for 10 days. I mainly went to take photographs and experience traditional Japanese culture, like temples and such. I was not expecting so much porn and sex everywhere! It really wasn't much fun, more shocking than anything.
So anyway, ban anime and manga and arrest anyone who likes it.

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