I want to be very clear that I am accusing Dr. Sheldon B. Whitten-Vile and Dr. Ricardo D. Budjak of having committed criminal acts while employed by Kaiser Permanente of Northern California in December 2020 and January 2021.

#kp #kaiserpermanente #kpnorcal
I make these accusations of criminal acts knowing that if I were doing so with any question in my mind as to the truth and accuracy of my statements, I would be well within the realm of defamation and libel.
I speak truth. This tweet will not disappear.
If I had lied in my many attempts to report the crimes to law enforcement, then I myself would have been committing a crime. However, as I am telling the truth, I am absolutely in the clear saying that Sheldon B. Whitten-Vile and Ricardo D. Budjak have committed criminal acts.
In making these accusations I am relying upon personal, first hand, experience as the victim of kidnapping and false imprisonment at the hands of Kaiser Permanente.
I demand to know why both of those doctors have been forced to leave their employment with Kaiser Permanente subsequent to me reporting their criminal acts.

I demand it and will not stop demanding justice.
And the longer the Santa Rosa Police Department continues to shield and protect those two felonious individuals, the more my motivation grows to hold each and every involved employee of the Santa Rosa Police Department liable in their individual capacity.
You cannot imagine the litigious fury I will release upon that department the moment “qualified immunity” disappears. They would be collectively wise to stop shielding the criminal medical staff involved here immediately.

Cooperate and do your job, now.
If SRPD flips and gives up the goods on those corrupt, criminal, shrinks now (who have already lost their jobs at Kaiser Permanente), and my civil suit against Kaiser Permanente and co. would likely happen sooner rather than later.
If SRPD continue obstructing and delaying, the odds will continue to decrease that their own potential defense (“qualified immunity”) even exists in law when it becomes litigation time.
This is what “risk management” is all about.
This is how you crack organized criminal syndicates.
You make one group aware that their best odds of escaping unscathed is by doing something “right” which is diametrically opposed to the best interest of another conspiring group.
It’s like CERN’s Large Hadron Collider- smashing particles into each other is how you discover secrets of the Universe.

The best part is, unlike the “Prisoner’s Dilemma”, if neither side voluntarily cracks on the other- then both prisoners lose worse in the end.

Cooperate, now.
One more thing to keep front-of-mind:
If I knew enough to call this event on the goddamn nose, what chance does Kaiser Permanente have in the long run?
Think it over.

• • •

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This brings us to another very odd aspect of the situation.
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No firm has been willing to touch the matter of getting the basic records from local PD. Not even with me offering to put down a $10K retainer. (which I could pull together but, all things considered, would not be trivial for me)

It’s madness.
If police refuse to take a report, or investigate, or provide copies of the most basic reports involved in a situation, *and* no law firm is willing to aid in getting those records (despite my willingness to put down a considerable sum of cash ahead of time)—…
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Dr. Sheldon B. Whitten-Vile, who kidnapped me for 6 days under the claim that I am unable to feed myself, has a YouTube account.
He has a list of videos which are his "Favorites".
One of his favorites is an emphatic claim that the Trump-Russia investigation is a hoax.
The MF-er and his goons locked me in a psych ward for being "delusional", allegedly believing false things, and told a court I am unable to feed, cloth, or shelter myself.
Seriously. This quack needs to answer some goddam questions and explain himself right this goddam minute.
Kaiser Permanente,
You need to make this right.

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If you want to inform people about the landscape, try talking about how criminal ransomware gangs will now likely move away from the easily traceable bitcoin transactions and start using cryptocurrencies which do not disclose the amount of each transaction (e.g. Monero).
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