The millennials are the most sad generation ever. And it's actually perplexing considering this is the generation that literally has the best life can offer in terms of comfort. So why is this generation sad? Let's break it down into 4 categories...

You've got a whole generation raised in dysfunctional families - either the father is absent (divorce or just left) or the father is there but only in name (domineering mom/ so called 50/50 relationships)
Add to this bad parenting strategies, you got parents who instilled entitlement in their kids.

•they were told they were special ALL the time
•they were told they can have anything they want in life, just cause they want it
•participation medals
•no boundaries between parent & child - raised like friends - resulting in no discipline
•no punishment - corporal punishment is a crime now

Take all that instilled in a young mind & you end up with a grown up entitled idiot
Now they're thrust into the real world & they find out everything their parents told them was garbage

•he/she discovers they're not special
•he/she discovers they can't have anything they want jus cause they want it - YOU MUST WORK REALLY HARD
•he/she discovers in real life they're losers & winners - this is hard for a kid who was given participation medals
•he/she discovers they're CONSEQUENCES in real life unlike their parents who never punished them...

Somehow it should have improved our life for the better, but it's the actual opposite. The privilege of having everything at the click of a button. The SOCIAL MEDIA generation, good at filtering their flaws...
Scientifically it has been proven engagement on social media releases a chemical reaction called DOPAMINE. This chemical reaction makes you feel happy. For example, you're bored, you pick up your phone, text 5 people "hi" & when they respond you feel happy...
This dopamine is the same chemical reaction found in alcohol, drugs, porn, gambling. In other words, back in the previous generations you had people depending on drugs or alcohol to "cope" with stress, now it's social media & smartphones...
This is highly addictive. And we all know addictions lead to depression.

•likes on pic/post/tweet are low = STRESS
•followers list stagnant = STRESS
•people unfollowing = STRESS
•harsh comments from strangers = STRESS
•other kids flexing = STRESS
Already you can see, this is a generation no longer in touch with reality. Everything is filtered. They can't form real deep meaningful relationships. You've got people who confuse followers for friends. Attention for respect. That's a fucking disaster...

The instant gratification generation.

You want to buy something - order it online

You want to watch something - turn on Netflix (you don't even have to wait for the week to week release of episodes, it's all there at once)

You want a date - go on Tinder
What you got now is a generation that's never learned PATIENCE - that's why they find the real word STRESSFUL

•a generation not happy at their work places, why? - the promotion or impact they thought they'd have isn't happening in an INSTANT - either they complain daily or quit
•a generation not happy in relationships, why? - they were sold the Disney fairytale, the happily ever after. Harsh reality, a successful healthy rlshp requires hard work every day, it's not an instant thing. So either they cheat or quit searching for that instant gratification

The political correct & highly capitalistic environment is the final blow to these already socially disabled generation. The leaders only care about the votes not voters. The corporations only the profits not the workers. Boom💥
PC (political correctness) has led to an entitled generation that depends on victimhood to feel special. You've got a generation that's living a danger free life but somehow they find something to cry about just so they can get attention. And the politicians ENDORSE it...
Then the greedy corporations, they don't really give a F about the mental health of their workers, only profits. So they slave away 5 days a week for a paycheck, just watching days pass by. By definition this is a zombie, the walking dead.









• • •

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10 Jun

In a healthy relationship between a man & a woman there's no such thing as 50/50. Women are attracted to strength, his desirability lies in DOMINANCE. Because the true core of a woman's sexuality is SUBMISSION. She doesn't want you to be her "ally" but leader...
When the man is an "ally", that 50/50 nonsense, society may applaud him but her hindbrain despises it. The more she begins to doubt his masculinity & leadership. She will begin to feel unsafe & assume the masculine gender role herself (make decisions, think logically, lead, etc.)
And you will naturally begin playing the female gender role (indecisive, complacent, emotional & approval seeking). That's when all the attraction evaporates, the disrespect begins & a woman's loyalty & love doesn't exist when she doesn't respect you...
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8 Jun
Instagram is the reason why many of y'all are depressed

It has made you competitive, you've forgotten about being content

It's the thief of joy

The more appealing one's Instagram page is, the worse your internal reality

Attention is poor substitute for happiness
It has become a source of validation

And many will go to any lengths to get the validation

If outside validation is your source of nourishment you will be in hunger for the rest of your life
Confidence from external validation is a house of cards built on sand

•when you depend on people to build you up, they'll have the same power to break you down

Confidence from internal validation is a steel tower built on stone

•you don't need anyone to approve your worth
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7 Jun

Reason why women are so entitled & expect men to serve them is because they're fully aware that men have been raised by moms that have prepped them for the role. Especially considering the increase in single mothers..
..we've got a whole generation of men groomed to be simps. Single moms raise their sons to be the kind of men they wished they would come "save" them. From birth till adulthood, men are programmed by their mothers & mainstream media to conform to social definitions & norms...
Oblivious to the fact that it's women who construct these norms, with their needs in mind. Women have evolved to prioritize their own survival. Women have an adamant code that prioritizes womanhood over all men including their sons, brothers, fathers & husbands...
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7 Jun

If you admire me or any of the red pill guys - greatly appreciated

If you idolize me or any of the red pill guys - very wrong

Idolization is BETA mentality. A beta male has a FAN mentality.

Here on this page I see comrades I don't need fans...
Apply this mentality to even sports figures or celebrities. Admire them but don't idolize them

A beta male who idolizes let's say Cristiano Ronaldo will spend hours online debating he's better than Messi

He will get emotional over anything said about CR7 even not sport related
He applies this fan mentality even on his personal life.

If he's in a relationship, this is the guy who ends up getting a tattoo of his girlfriend, change his username to include that of his girlfriend, his pro pic includes his girlfriend

He becomes his woman's FAN not MAN
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On one occasion, Stalin the dictator called for a live chicken & proceeded to use it to make an unforgettable point before some of his henchmen. Forcefully clutching the chicken in one hand, with the other he began to systematically pluck out its feathers...
As the chicken struggled in vain to escape, he continued with the painful denuding until the bird was completely stripped. “Now you watch,” Stalin said as he placed the chicken on the floor & walked away with some bread crumbs in his hand...
Incredibly, the fear-crazed chicken hobbled toward him & clung to the legs of his trousers. Stalin threw a handful of grain to the bird & it began to follow him around the room, he turned to his dumbfounded colleagues & said quietly, “This is the way to rule the people...
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6 Jun

There's a lingering debate on whether she should visit you in the first meeting. Know this, if she's madly into you, even just mildly, she will come to your place. They insist on dates with men they aren't into...
When she's refusing to come over to your crib & insisting a date at a restaurant, interest is low to zero. She's either hoping you back off or she gets some freebies at the same time update her Instagram...
Don't be manipulated by this talk about "safety" on some "I can't just visit a stranger blah blah". She has visited men she hasn't met before. Not once. Not twice. Not thrice. For a guy she's really curious about, her interest will overpower her safety concerns...
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