did genesis p-orridge ever actually use the word nonbinary while alive cuz I couldn't find it anywhere

the book's afterword & synopsis also uses they/them when every single direct quotation I can find says "call me he or she"
>‘Pandrogeny Project’ which saw Genesis and h/er second wife Lady Jaye Breyer undergo body modification to look like each other. After the modification they identified themselves as a single being named ‘Breyer P-Orridge’

how is this "becoming your true nonbinary self"
sounds to me like whoever published the memoir is trying to repackage a fascinatingly bizarre person into something else
tbh this is kind of the logical conclusion of academia calling everyone throughout history who ever supported gender equality a "feminist" b4 the word existed

not that identifying as a feminist is inherently wrong it's just wanting to put everyone under a specific umbrella
it's like calling homosexuality in ancient greece "LGBTQIA+"

• • •

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9 Jun
wow, turns out the Megalo Box writer didn't use the niche Japanese term for "toxic masculinity" after all & frog-kun did in fact "localize" his interview! shocking that I'm right yet again! megalobox2news.tumblr.com/post/653419141…
almost like these people had a giant fucking "the chuds are at it again" meltdown even after an OPEN FEMINIST asked what he said in Japanese & refused to share the original Japanese text because they were hiding something! absolutely unprecedented news!
100% sure they're gonna say "the curse of the word masculinity = toxic masculinity" but 1. toxic masculinity is a term with more ideological baggage & implications 2. Japan already has a (niche, but well-established enough for NHK to use it) direct translation which he didn't use
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8 Jun
what a good movie
great storyboarding
there's been so many fire dragons in anime after harmageddon but this is a really really fun one
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10 May
really cool how Capcom being exposed to American diversity consultants means "no sexualization must go TOO FAR >:O" and every single game needs to be 100% equal, even though Japan was already doing fine with games/shows focused on "over"-sexualizing one gender
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6 Apr
Remember when Hayao Miyazaki not only made a manga praising proud Nazi tank ace Otto Carius & his WW2 German comrades, but also went out of his way to visit & hang out with the guy?
The manga, "Otto Carius: Tigers in the Mud", praises the man in a very personal manner & makes it clear its narration comes not from a "character narrator" but from Miyazaki himself - there are constant "bickering with the editor" gags, for example.
Military nerd Miyazaki praises the Soviet side too, of course, but the story's far from neutral; it's shown from a Nazi perspective & wants the reader to celebrate Carius & co's victories, even omitting "unpleasant" events from otherwise feel-good moments. Very cutesy art too.
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6 Apr
what is it about monster-based kids' anime in particular that makes everyone on the english-language internet (and even shit like translated pixiv tags) embrace the american localization names for everyone and everything

pokemon? ok, it's nintendo. but why yugioh and digimon
Pixiv translates 城之内 克也 and 真崎 杏子 as "Joey Wheeler" and "Téa Gardner" that is incredibly fucking weird
what the fuck is this
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4 Apr
I can't figure out who the actual winner is in this Jump contest. The top one says "runner-up" medibang.com/contest/jumpun… Image
yeah not even picking a 1# is par for the course for Jump. look at those Kishimoto criticisms in the link, even to the technical winner lol. I love that Jump are still hardcore about this shit & don't just want to make kids feel good about themselves
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