This is completely unethical. How on earth are we 'trialling' LFDs with poor sensitivity as replacement for isolation (when even the MHRA has come out against this) - in the midst of spread of a highly transmissible & more severe variant? 🧵
While Singapore and US move to protect children recognising that these variants spread rapidly among these groups, and may affect them more, our government is deliberately exposing them, staff members and families to risk - why on earth?
We need to know how these trials were ethically approved - given the MHRA made a clear statement that use of LFDs in this way was 'stretching' what these tests had been authorised for. Govts own modelling shows that with equal adherence, LFDs always result in more cases
Exposing children to a new variant that's spreading fast at a point infection rates in children are the highest in all age groups and rising is beyond negligent. How many more children will get long COVID? How many family members, and staff will get ill? Doesn't the govt care?
Given the govt doesn't even have arrangements for insurance and liability for a study that is basically experimenting on exposing children & their families to a novel virus- there's no other way to put it.

• • •

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10 Jun
'schools don't drive transmission' is the new 'COVID-19 isn't airborne'

This OpEd cites a 2 page Dec UNICEF, that cites a few reviews that only examine biased symptom-based case studies. No mention of the many less biased studies across hundreds of countries that show otherwise
If you don't think substantial transmission happens in schools and then back into the community, why do you then support mitigations in schools? Isn't that in itself a contradictory stance? I agree with keeping schools open with safety measures. But denying evidence doesn't help.
These are the same narratives that many countries use to suggest that mitigations aren't needed because there isn't much of a risk. Ultimately, it's this denial that leads to school closures. The paradox of stating you want schools to be open while denying the reason they close.
Read 4 tweets
10 Jun
Is Hancock actually suggesting in his testimony that he was advised that it was *safer* for people to be discharged to care homes without testing? That clinical advisors felt it was safer for people to isolate in care homes (where isolation just isn't possible) than in hospital?
"I've got out of bed every morning with the view & the attitude that my is to I could do everything I could to protect lives"... "I've tried to do this with honesty, integrity"...
Absolutely astonishing.…
Hunt asking Hancock why we stopped community testing on 12th March. Hancock says that this was down to PHE for lack of capacity for testing. Interesting, given this was presented very clearly by Jenny Harries as an evidence-based policy, rather than due to capacity limitations.
Read 23 tweets
9 Jun
Completely shocking & negligent if true.
From @NafeezAhmed at @BylineTimes
“PHE’s original advice was that people shouldn’t be released from homes and hospitals without being tested”
"Health Minister Helen Whately – leaned on PHE” to alter the advice"…
This is precisely why we need public health organisations to be able to stand independently from govt. Govt shouldn't lean on public health bodies on decisions that involve public health- doing this can cost lives. In this case it looks like PHE may have been overruled.
We already know govt leaned on PHE to block release data on delta variant in schools. It's unacceptable for govt to interfere with PHE advice and puts lives at risk. If govt did indeed alter PHE guidance on care homes, they must be held to account.…
Read 5 tweets
8 Jun
Astonishing. MP Clive Efford asked a PQ on 15th May about 'aggregate cases of delta variant prior to 10th May when the decision on removing masks in schools was made' @NickGibb response delayed by 3 wks doesn't even remotely answer this question!🧵…
It's phenomenal ministers feel they can fudge this. Nowhere in the links or data provided are there 'number of aggregate cases of B.1.617.2 linked to schools' - which was the question asked. Rather only data on outbreaks was provided (an outbreak could be 2 students or a 100!)
Why on earth won't the govt & PHE release these data? Amazingly, a 66-page report on the delta variant doesn't even provide an age-breakdown of cases!! Why? This is unacceptable. @NickGibbUK must respond and answer the question that was asked. @allthecitizens @carolecadwalla
Read 4 tweets
8 Jun
PHE have a duty to release the data that it suppressed at no. 10's behest. We know that PHE delayed release of data on variants on the 5th until following the election - and then suppressed key data around cases linked with schools on the 13th. We still don't have this data.🧵
PHE now have a legal pre-action letter against them because they have not responded to repeated requests from unions How can we scrutinise govts response on schools or see if they're following the data, if the data aren't being released? Children are going to school without masks
Data suppression has real risks - who will be responsible if children get infected, end up with long COVID, face educational disruption & if family members get ill - due to govt negligence? Due to suppression of data that could've been used to scrutinise these policies.
Read 5 tweets
8 Jun
This is shameful. @CarolineLucas asking Hancock with all evidence provided - why they won't commit to re-instating masks, & supporting ventilation in schools given rapid spread of delta & high no. of cases in schools. The gaslighting on the response is phenomenal. 🧵
First, anyone following the data on this knows for a fact that we *do not need any more data* to tell us that opening up further on 21st June would be a disaster. SAGE advised on the 13th May that even opening up on 17th May would lead to a 3rd wave at or larger than the 2nd.
They explicitly stated back then that the dangers of overacting were far less than the dangers of moving ahead without caution. Since then, not only did we open up further, but the only data we've accrued shows us that the worst case modelling scenarios by SAGE are most likely
Read 6 tweets

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