In this THREAD I will be discussing the #Chakras in our Physical Body.

I will be covering information on

- Balanced Chakras
- Unbalanced Chakras
- How to Heal & Balance Chakras
- Affirmations for each Chakra
- Crystals for each Chakra

Hope this will help. 🙏🏽

#Healing #5D
The first Chakra is the Root Chakra. It is located at the Base of our Spine. It represents Earth Element & is Red in color.

Unbalanced Root Chakra symptoms - Anger, Victim Mentality, Fearful, Ungrounded, Addictive patterns, Toxic Co-Dependency, Inability to cope with life.
Balanced Root Chakra makes a person Grounded, Stable, Secure, Connected to Nature, Nurturing, Courageous, Self Sufficient, Patient, Instinctual.

People with Balanced Root Chakra serve others but also take responsibility for themselves. They have strong survival skills & stamina.
Ways to Heal & Balance Root

Via Music - C note (LAM), Tribal Music, Rhythmic or Shamanic Beats.

You can practice Tribal Dancing, Drumming, take Massages, Walk in Nature, Walk Barefoot, practice Iyengar Yoga.

Red & Black, some brown Crystals heal the Root Chakra.
Affirmations for Root -

I am Grounded & connected to my roots.

I let go of my past, my fears, my worries.

I am Stable & Secure.
Physical Ailments -

Digestive issues,
Pain in legs, feet, knees, hips, sciatica,
eating disorders,
immune system problems, prostrate issue.
Mental Ailments -

low self esteem,
phobias & addictions, indecisiveness,
feeling of not belonging.
Other issues -

Quality of Life is low,
Financial instability,
Strain on relationships,
Issues of hunger, shelter.
The second Chakra is Sacral. It represents the element of Water & is Orange in color.

With an unbalanced Sacral 1 becomes overly critical & punishes themselves, lack creativity. Also problems with Sexual issues (rejecting or excessive sex), overly self sacrificing of own needs.
With a Balanced Sacral one experiences Abundance, Sensuality, Joy, Physical Wellness. A person feels good about themselves & knows they deserve good, they feel intimate with self & others, they have a healthy sexual life. They enjoy creative pursuits.
To Heal & Balance Sacral Practice Yoga, Dancing, get Deep Tissue Massage.

Music - D Note (VAM), Flow with the Beat of the Music.

Orange crystals are perfect for Sacral Chakra healing.
Affirmations for Sacral -

I feel good about my body.

I embrace & celebrate my sexuality.

Creativity flows freely through me.
Physical ailments of Sacral -

Urinary Issues,
Menstrual Problems,
Gynecological Issues,
Lower Back Pain,
Kidney Issues.

Other issues are issues with Intimacy, the lack of sense of purpose.
Mental Ailments -

Guilt & Shame
Emotional Imbalance
Creative Blocks
Over Eating
Detached or Too Attached
Emotional Outbursts
The Third Chakra is Solar Plexus. Its element is Fire, & color is Yellow.

With an Unbalanced Solar a person is subservient, always & too eager to please others, seeks approval, is too needy, & experiences inner restlessness.
With a Balanced or Open Solar Plexus a person has confidence, inner strength, determination, sense of identity, personal power, free will. A person is purposeful, a warrior with self-worth & self-awareness.
To Heal or Balance Solar Plexus one can Hike, Bike, Do Ab exercises, Practice Yoga, Qigong.

Via Music - E Note (RAM pronounced as Rum), empowering & stimulating music.

Yellow & Brown crystals work really well with healing Solar Plexus.
Affirmations for Solar Plexus -

I am Powerful, Strong & Confident.

I am Enough, just as I am.

I am aligned with my Life Purpose.
Physical Ailments associated with Solar Plexus -

Poor Health
Liver Problems
Glycemic issues (blood sugar)
Issue with Spleen, Gallbladder
Poor Digestion
Mental Ailments -

Low Confidence, Self-Esteem
Lack of Motivation
Lack of Purpose
Decision making issues
Lack of mental balance
Quality of life with unbalanced solar plexus makes one feel stuck. One doubts that they cannot have a good future & they constantly feel like they don’t have what they want.
Fourth chakra is the Heart Chakra. Its represented by Air Element & its color is Green.

An Unbalanced Heart Chakra represents conditional love, challenges receiving love, lack of self love, indifference, need for recognition.
A person with a Balanced Heart Chakra practices Unity Consciousness, they love unconditionally, feel love, peace, are generous, compassionate, innocent, radiate warmth, are sincere, giving, forgiving, a healer. They live in harmony with themselves.
To heal or balance heart chakra you can practice Meditation, Yoga, Contemplation, Letting Go, Emotional Release Therapy.

Via Music - F Note (YAM pronounced as Yum), Classical music, New Age music, Meditation music.

Green & Pink Crystals can be used to heal Heart Chakra
Affirmations for Heart Chakra -

I accept & love myself & others, unconditionally.

I forgive those who hurt me, I also forgive myself.

I am open to loving, healthy & nurturing relationships.
Physical Ailments for Heart Chakra -

Heart related Issue
Respiratory problems
Chronic Fatigue
Upper Back Pain

Mental Ailments -

Fifth Chakra is Throat Chakra. Its represented by Ether or Sound & Sky Blue Color.

Unbalanced Throat Chakra makes a person too shy, too quiet, too introverted or overly extroverted. They suppress their expressions, have difficulty setting boundaries & saying no, fear judgement.
With a Balanced Throat Chakra one expresses their Truth with confidence, a good communicator, expressive, practice self expression easily like laughing, talking, singing, crying. A person is creative, Sets boundaries & says No & has a strong willpower.
To Balance or Open Throat Chakra one can practice singing, chanting, Deep Breathing, Laughter Therapy, Yoga, Sighing.

Via Music - G Note (Ham pronounced as Hum), Meditative music.

Blue stones work really well with Throat Chakra.
Affirmations for Throat Chakra -

I can say No when it is necessary.

I express myself with clarity & freely.

I listen to my intuition.
Physical Ailments -

Sore Throat
Thyroid issues
Dental issues
Neck Pain, Stiffness
Swollen Glands
Voice Problems
Unknown Fevers
Mental Ailments -

Inability to say No
Trouble finding words or expressing
Quiet or Loud
Confused about Self
Other issues include being involved in low vibrational things - gossiping, speaking out of turn, behavior issues, dishonest, too self centered or ignore self, taken advantage of or taking advantage of others, lack of creativity.
Sixth Chakra is Third Eye Chakra. It represents Ether & Light elements. The color is Indigo.

With an Unbalanced Third Eye one can be too intellectual or logical or completely lack logical reasoning, too judgemental or too conscious, very rigid, confused, reject spirituality.
With a Balanced Third Eye one is wise, intuitive, knowledgeable, imaginative, clairvoyant, has wisdom & faith in higher power or source, perceptive, psychic, practices mindfulness, discernment.
To Balance, Open or Heal Third Eye you can Meditate, Practice Mindfulness, Tai Chi, Yoga, Go out in the Sun.

Via Music - A Note (Om)

Indigo Blue, Dark Blue or Violet Crystals work well with Third Eye Chakra
Affirmations for Third Eye -

I live in the Present.

I am open to receiving messages & wisdom from my Ancestors, Angels, Guides.

I am connected to my Intuition.
Physical Ailments associated with Third Eye -

Ear Issues
Vision Problems, Hearing Problems

Some other issues are struggling through life & having relationship struggles
Mental Ailments -

Poor Decision Making
Memory Problems
Learning Problems
Mental Fog
Self Doubt
Last Chakra is the Crown Chakra. Its represented by the element of Ether & Thought. The color associated with it is White & Violet.

Unbalanced Crown makes a person arrogant, egoist, separate from all, aloof. A person experiences lack of calm & is too set in their ways.
A person with a Balanced Crown is a Guru or Teacher. They have beauty, grace. They are selfless, calm, enlightened, blissful, understanding. They practice stillness, silence. Feel connected to all & believe in Oneness of All. Understand Divine Intervention & connected to Source.
Ways to Balance, Heal Crown is practicing Yoga, Connecting with Nature, Universe, Self, Practicing Stillness.

Via Music - B Note (Om)

White, Violet & Rainbow color Crystals work best with Crown Chakra
Affirmations for Crown -

I understand deeper truth & connection.

I am protected & guided at all times.

I listen to the wisdom of the Universe.
Physical Ailments of Crown Chakra -

Psychological Disorders
Neurological Disorders
Nerve Pain

Other issues are self destructive & self sabotaging behaviors, bad life choices, poor relationships with others, self, Divine.
Mental Ailments -

Inability to connect with self, others, Divine
Feeling Lost
Lack of Direction.
Hoping this information will jump start you into action. Be mindful of your own lives & patterns of behavior.

Of course no one is perfect, but by acting towards our highest good & that of others we can make changes that can help us grow & evolve.
Evolution is a must. Our intentions & actions determines our fate.

We have Free Will & we must try to make the best use of it to achieve our Life Purpose.

Effort is up to us, result is up to the Universe.

Good Luck.

✨Love 🙏🏽 Light✨
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Thank you 🙏🏽

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2 Image
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