Legend of the Lionheart King - MAHARANA SANGRAM SINGH

Born into the Sisodiya Clan of Rajputs on 12 April 1482, Maharana Sangram Singh was more popularly known as Rana Sanga.
After the death of Rana Raimal(1473-1508),there was an intense fight for the throne of Mewar.
Rana Raimal's eldest son had direct claim on the throne.However,owing to his insecurities Prithviraj blinded Rana Sanga's one eye&forced him to leave Chittor.Rana Sanga took refuge in Ajmer.After Prithviraj died, he rose to power &ascended the throne in 1508.
During his reign,Mewar was surrounded by Malwa Sultanate from South.At the same time Muzafar Shah was the Sultan of Gujarat. In North,Delhi Sultanate threatened the borders of Rajputana under the rule of Ibrahim Lodhi.Lodhis rose to power in1451 under Bahlol Lodhi.
Due to expansionist policy of Sultans, Mewar was threatened from 3 sides.Anticipating the threat from Sultans,Rana Sanga decided to unite the Rajputs&rise back to glory. In 1514 Battle of Idar,Rana Sanga won northern territory of Gujarat.Gujarat's Sultan Muzaffar Shah made an...
...attempt to reclaim his territory in 1517-18 but was defeated both times.Rana Sanga then strictly focussed on uniting Rajputs of the whole Rajputana.The diplomatic leadership of Rana Sanga helped Rajputana to dominate central India.
Ibrahim Lodhi on the other hand, ascended...
...the throne of Delhi in 1517CE. However,he was too much worried about the rising power of Rajputs and hence decided to invade Mewar in 1518CE. The Battle of Khatoli happened &resulted in a total disaster for the Sultan of Delhi. Army of Ibrahim Lodhi suffered huge losses and...
...the Rajputs pushed them all the way to Agra.Rana Sanga,to his misfortune lost his one arm &one leg in the Battle.
In 1519,Ibrahim Lodhi tried his luck again&attacked Mewar from two fronts.Although they were better prepared this time but still the outnumbered Rajputs managed...
...to defeat Lodhi in all his might.Soon after this Battle of Dholpur, the Rajputs were able to control the North of Malwa.
Rana Sanga was now more focussed to subjugate the Malwa Sultanate. It was the time when Rana Sanga had already lost his one arm,one leg & an eye.
His body had more than 80 wounds all over, it was lacerated and wounded but his ambitions were equally strong and invincible.To free his Motherland from the Alien rule was his sole ambition.
Malwa & Mewar collided fiercely in the Battle of Gagron in 1519 & the Sultan...
...of Malwa Mahmud Khilji 2 was defeated&captured by the Rajputs.
There was an attack on the Southern Frontiers of Rajputana in 1520CE by the Sultan of Gujarat,Malik Hussain.This was very effectively countered by Rana Sanga's army who chased the Sultan all the way to Ahmedabad,..
..where he had no choice but to surrender in front of Rana Sanga.
Meanwhile,a storm from Kabul in the form of Zahiruddin Muhammad Babar was knocking at door of Ibrahim Lodhi.Babar was the founder of Mughal Empire in India who captured Kabul in 1504&raided many Indian territories.
His dream was to rule from Delhi. Mughal Army under leadership of Babar marched all the way to Panipat where a fierce&horrific battle happened&Ibrahim Lodhi was defeated.
After the Battle of Panipat 1526, Babar established the Mughal Empire in India&it was end of Lodhi Dynasty.
After capturing Delhi, Babar decided to attack Rana Sanga as soon as possible b'coz he knew that he faced an immediate threat from him. In 1526-1527, a two month long battle between the army of Babar and Rajputs under Rana Sanga took place in the fields of Bayana.
Mughals were finally defeated &were pushed back to Agra.Rana Sanga however,did not wipe out his enemy this time as he did against Malwa&Gujarat,for which he had to pay the heavy price later.He was certain that after this defeat Babar would not dare to attack him but he was wrong.
On the dreadful day of 16 March 1527CE, the revived forces of Babar declared an offensive against the United forces of Rajputana under Rana Sanga. Both sides suffered huge losses but the Mughals were well prepared this time.The Battle of Khanwa was the most fierce battle ...
...that Rana Sanga faught during his reign. He got brutally injured and fell unconscious on the ground when his men somehow brought him to safety. B'coz of this the Battle resulted in a huge victory for Babar. This was the first and last defeat of Rana Sanga.
The Lionheart King of Mewar fell in the Battle of Khanwa fighting for his Motherland.
It is said that the great King who faught more than half of his battles with only one eye, one foot and one hand could not recover from the injuries he suffered in the Battle of Khanwa.
The braveheart son of Mother India attained Martyrdom on 30 Jan 1528CE leaving behind a legacy full of courage, sacrifice and patriotism for the generations to cherish.
Rana Sanga was one of the bravest and strongest Indian Kings to have ever lived. He not only defeated his...
...enemies but accomplished something that was even more than that ie 'Rajput Unity'.

The Legend of Maharana Sangram Singh and the stories of his indomitable valour didn't catch the attention of Modern Historians though.

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गरुड़ पुराण के अनुसार हमारे कर्मों का फल हमें हमारे जीवन-काल में तो मिलता ही है परंतु मृत्यु के बाद भी अच्छे बुरे कार्यों का उनके अनुसार फल मिलता है। इस कारण इस पुराण में निहित ज्ञान को प्राप्त करने के लिए घर के किसी सदस्य की मृत्यु के बाद का समय निर्धारित किया गया है...
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30 May
क्यों भृंगी ऋषि को दिया था माता पार्वती ने शाप और कैसे मिले थे उन्हें तीन पैर ?

भोलेनाथ के गणों में भृंगी का विशेष स्थान है। पौराणिक कथाओं में एक कथा ऐसी मिलती है जहां शिवजी के परम भक्त भृंगी ने माता पार्वती और भोलेनाथ को अलग समझा तो उन्हें कैसे शाप भोगना पड़ा?
भृंगी महादेव के गणों में विशेष स्थान रखते हैं।कहते हैं जहां शिव होंगे वहां गणेश, नंदी,भृंगी,वीरभद्र का वास स्वयं ही होगा। भोलेनाथ और माता पार्वती के साथ उनके ये गण हमेशा साथ चलते हैं।भृंगी की खास बात ये है कि उनके तीन पैर हैं। शिव विवाह के लिये चली बारात में उनका विवरण मिलता है।
भृंगी ऋषि महान शिवभक्त थे। भोलेनाथ के प्रती उनका प्रेम अनन्य था। उन्होने स्वप्न में भी कभी महादेव के बिना किसी का ध्यान नहीं किया। यहां तक कि वह देवी पार्वती को भी शिवजी से अलग मानते थे।
उनके मन में हमेशा 'शिवस्य चरणं केवलं ' का ही भाव रहता था।
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